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SetWood Clean WordPress Blog and eCommerce Theme

Setwood Blog and Shop WordPress Theme

Setwood is a clean and simple WordPress blog theme that has an attractive style, user-friendly admin panel and it’s a great way to present all sorts of content.

Setwood is a clean and user focused WordPress theme that is a Blog and Shop combined. The same is lightweight in terms of its code, but power packs in terms of features. With this theme, you’ll be able to create and edit just about anything you see on the page. Perfect for fashion blogs, travel blogs, food and lifestyle blogs, personal journals and online blogs about all sorts of Niche topics, set Woods clean and engaging style is the perfect choice for creating a minimal style blog that readers will go wild for. The steam works perfectly with woocommerce, it’s SEO optimized and Incredibly user-friendly. I feel that with a theme like set would, you will certainly have a beautiful and highly functional website almost immediately. There’s plenty to love about the same and it really has very few drawbacks that I can see.

Here’s the home page.

Setwood clean and minimalist WordPress blog and magazine

Setwood would make a great WordPress food blog theme and I’ve also included it in our collection of WordPress travel blog themes.

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Contentberg, WordPress Blog and Content Marketing Theme

Contentberg WordPress Theme

This theme is called Contentberg, it’s a wonderful theme that helps make your content as readable and beautiful as can be.  When you’re blogging, you know that content is king.  That’s the old chestnut, but it’s absolutely as true now as it ever was.

Using a simple, minimal theme is often a great idea, it can reduce the number of distractions, helping to keep your readers engaged with your posts and pages.  This theme is a complete package for bloggers, for writers and content marketers alike.  The design is simple, that much is clear, but the features are there.  With a theme like Contentberg, you can do anything you set your mind to.  Thanks Eminem.

You have tons of control over your website and there’s almost nothing that can’t be accomplished.  That’s basically what I just said, but I’ll say it again.

This theme is perfectly compatible with Gutenberg, the newest way to build amazing websites.  Embrace the future!  Gutenberg may have had some growing pains early, but the developers are working hard to improve the user experience every day.

Here’s the look of the Contentberg WordPress theme.

Contentberg - Blog & Content Marketing Theme

For a limited time, this theme is priced at $29, which is a huge bargain.  I’d pounce all over that if I was interested in a new theme.  This theme makes it very easy to build a homepage, you can drag and drop pre-made widgets right where you want them, or you could use the advanced page builder, if you feel comfortable with that process.

Hey, do you prefer WP Bakery’s Page Builder plugin?  That works just as well and there are tons of features that work really well with that plugin.

For more themes like this one, themes that mean business, check out our collection of business themes.

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Lettuce, Organic Food Store WordPress Theme

Lettuce WordPress Theme

This theme has a curious name, it’s Lettuce.  What does that have to do with anything?  I’m not sure, but you’ve got to call it something, so I guess Lettuce is about as good as anything.  Lettuce may not taste like much, but the WordPress theme called Lettuce is a delicious theme that packs in tons of great features, a clean and attractive style and a really user-friendly theme options panel.

Before I forget, let’s have a look at this delightful, responsive and WooCommerce ready theme that’s built for organic food stores.

Lettuce Organic Food & Eco Products WordPress Theme

So, that’s a bright and clean WordPress theme to be sure, it’s well crafted, powerful and easy to use.  The theme features an easy to manage back end that can help you develop an attractive and highly functional shop with ease.  Selling products with WooCommerce is a really straightforward process.  If you’ve never used WooCommerce, you really need to check out some of the options and addons.  It’s a fantastic way to build a store and you can have it set up in just a few minutes.

Colorful and modern, responsive and easy to use, Lettuce is great for natural food websites, farmer’s markets, healthy food blogs and green food stores.  For bakeries, for restaurants and more, this theme is well designed and integrates perfectly with WooCommerce.

So, that’s what we have to say about that.  If you agree or disagree, leave us a note in the comments.  Find any great themes in your web searches?  Well, let us know about that too!  Thanks for reading, we’ll be back soon with more amazing WordPress themes.

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Nels, Elegant, Exquisite WordPress WooCommerce Theme

Nels WordPress Theme

Nels is a brand new WordPress theme, released in September of 2018.  This is a clean eCommerce theme that can help make your products look absolutely amazing.  The design is simple, but it’s certainly not boring in the least.  Here’s a look at the front page of the Nels WordPress theme.

Nels - An Exquisite eCommerce WordPress Theme

No matter what kind of online shop you’re creating, Nels can help make your products look their best.  It’s like a nice set of clothing at a job interview, this theme can really help set the tone for your entire website.  The result is a very smart, attractive and well organized website that makes your content stand out.

In it’s first day on the market, Nels has sold a mind-boggling 54 times, which is a testament to the clean design and the reputation of the theme developer, PikartHouse.  PikartHouse is known for making some amazing themes that really work well for selling all sorts of products.

If you’d like to see some more themes that are similar to Nels, why not try this collection of themes, all about WooCommerce.  If you are one of the people who has already downloaded Nels, drop us a message, we’d love to hear about what this theme has to offer.  Is it easy to use?  Do you like the featues?  Let us know what you think about it.

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Filtered Simple, Classic, User Friendly WordPress Blog Theme

Filtered Classic WordPress Blog Theme

Simple and sort of old school, this theme is called Filtered.  Built by ThemeTrust a few years back, Filtered appears to still be going strong.  That said, this theme doesn’t really offer a ton of features.  For modern day websites, you may find that Filtered just doesn’t do enough to help you build a great looking, functional website.  If you’re looking for something cheap and a little different though, it could be a solid theme.

I’ve used several of ThemeTrust’s WordPress themes in the past and I find them to be easy to use, fast loading and functional enough.  This is a blog and portfolio theme, there is no support for eCommerce and no plan to add that functionality as far as I can tell.  Here’s a look at Filtered.

Filtered Classic WordPress Blog Theme

So, maybe it’s good enough, maybe not.  If you’d like to see some portfolio themes with more features, have a look at this collection we’ve built.  It’s got themes with more features, more flexibility and stunning designs.

Let us know if you’ve ever used Filtered and what you think about it.

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Creus, WordPress Financial Consulting WordPress Theme

Creus WordPress Theme

Creus is a team that was built for business websites, financial consulting companies and corporations that want a clean and simple looking WordPress theme with powerful features. For accountants, Consulting companies, finance companies, insurance sales, Investments and investing advisors, lone websites and more, Prius is a great-looking template that can give you a professional look that can help you develop trust with your audience. This is a rare theme in that it includes a Joomla version as well, I’m not sure if I should even mention that, I don’t really want to rank for any Joomla terms. I have nothing against you a lot, but I’m really more into WordPress.

Creus gives you a high-quality website in under 5 minutes. Using a drag and drop page builder, Blox in this case, you can create unique designs that are perfectly suited for your needs. Blox is a page builder that is a standalone plug-in, compatible with any WordPress theme, which helps to add flexibility to your designs.

I love a site that’s future proof.

You can be used to create plenty of different beautiful and gorgeous, fluid and responsive layout. I think that this theme could be a really solid one for helping you build a high-quality, corporate and business related website.

Oh yeah, here’s a look at the front page.  Keep in mind, you can switch out and customize almost everything you see.

Creus - Business and Financial Consulting WordPress Theme

If you’d like to see some more great looking business themes, check out this collection. I’m just certain that you are going to find something that you love. We do our best to find great looking themes and review them to ensure they are of high-quality.  The themes that we review are really fantastic, we don’t mess around with any junk, it’s all the high-quality stuff. I’m making it sound like drugs. I’m not trying to make it sound like drugs.

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Excitor, Business Consulting WordPress Theme

Exciter WordPress Theme

Excitor is a business Consulting WordPress theme, it claims to be flexible and creative and with a name like Excitor, I guess you might guess that it’s exciting? Well, I’ll say this much, with 8 sales in its first day on the market, I’m sure it’s developer is pretty excited about how well sales are going. BearsThemes is the developer behind this WordPress template and they have created a fluid and seamless, stylish and attractive, sophisticated and responsive WordPress theme that is intuitive and user-friendly.

This is a multi-purpose WordPress theme that is ideal for companies and creative agencies that offer business Consulting. If you are an investment advisor, a CPA or tax preparer, or if you got a corporate website that needs a new look got this theme could be a great fit. It’s all about business, whether you choose the widescreen or box layouts, you’ll get a great looking website fast. There are plenty of different layouts to choose from and each one of them looks outstanding on all devices, thanks to the perfect responsive design.

Here’s a glimpse of the front page of Excitor, this is a clean, full screen image, it’s got prominently placed social networking icons, the navigation menu is very clean and corporate and style as well. I think this is a nice looking theme overall.

Excitor Business Consulting WordPress Themes

If you’d like to see some more great looking WordPress business themes, our full collection is a great place to start. We’ve got themes from all over the Internet, each one of them is high quality and easy to use. We only pick themes with the best features, the best Styles and the best support. I sort of have a feeling that Excitor will end up making that list sooner rather than later, but I’d like to see how the reviews end up overall. Sometimes things have issues at the beginning, then they get them squared away, so I don’t want to jump the gun on adding this theme to our business themes collection too fast. If they still have some bugs to work out, I prefer not to recommend it until they are completely worked out.

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Inteco, WordPress Architecture and Interior Design Theme

Ineco WordPress Theme

I’m always really excited when GoodLayers releases a new WordPress theme, so I was really excited to see that Inteco, an interior design and architecture WordPress theme, was created by GoodLayers. These guys do a fantastic job with all of their themes, they are well built, stylish and the code is always top quality.

This theme was built on the GoodLayers page builder, one of the most powerful drag and drop content Builders out there. There are 19 different unique hairstyles, you can import any of the demo styles that you see with just a couple of clicks, including menu navigation, blog posts and content from the demo, portfolio posts, images from the demo site and you can even import the theme options. Widgets too!

Here’s a look at the front page.

Inteco Interior Design For Interior and Architecture WordPress Theme

This Inteco WordPress theme works great on all major devices, thanks to its responsive design. Like all themes by GoodLayers, the admin panel is quite extensive and it allows you to change the hairstyles, colors, create your very own custom skins, export custom page builder templates, turn on maintenance mode and plenty more. If you’d like, you can turn on automatic updates to keep your theme up-to-date at all times.

There are 14 different blog layouts, nine separate portfolio layouts, 6 Gallery layouts and 11 hover styles. This theme can really unleash the imagination. Another great feature, this template support woo Commerce, so you can set up shop online. I love a great-looking WooCommerce WordPress theme and this is one.

The real reason I am always excited to review a theme by this developer, I’ve personally use one of their themes in the past. I found that the level of support was really great and anytime I had a question, they got back to me very quickly. I think that I only had a couple of different issues over the two years that I use their Modernize WordPress theme, but, yeah, they were always very quick with help no matter what my issue was.

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Bratis, WordPress Digital Marketing Theme

For creative marketing companies, this theme could be what you’ve been searching for.

This theme, called Bratis, is a digital marketing theme, not to be confused with a Marketplace theme. That’s something completely different. This template is a powerful and easy-to-use, highly customizable WordPress theme for digital agencies, SEO companies, marketing firms and more. I’d really call it a multi-purpose theme, it was built with the newest bootstrap code, it’s got a beautiful responsive layout, a purpose oriented design and two different landing pages to help make a splash. There are a variety of blog layouts, calories, services and price tables and that’s some of the rundown of features.

Here’s what this Bratis WordPress template looks like on front page, this is just one of the two pre-made landing page styles.

Bratis, Clean, Flat WordPress Digital Agency Theme

Bratis as the king composer as it’s drag-and-drop page builder, it’s fast, intuitive and smart. This theme can make customization incredibly easy, not to mention fast. You’ll be publishing your first lay out within minutes of installation. There’s demo content included, so that makes Bratis ready to use, right out of the box. Just install via the FTP or upload to WordPress itself and after you activate your theme, you can load the demo content. Once the theme is built, just add your own content on the pre-designed pages. It’s incredibly simple to use and very straightforward.

I think that this theme could be worked with to promote applications and software, not to mention online services like SEO or blog links.  Google Likes or FacePlusses or whatever the kids have going on these days.  You really shouldn’t purchase back links though, I don’t really think it works anymore. I mean, I’m sure it does to a certain extent, but is it really worth it? This website, Templified here, I’m not going to purchase any back links ever, just to see how it works.

Well, that’s just about all I’ve got to say about this theme.

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Hero Minimal WordPress Portfolio Theme

Hero WordPress Minimalist Portfolio Theme

This theme is called Hero and it’s a fairly old theme at this point, I’m not sure how many folks will get much use out of it.

But hey, just because a theme is older doesn’t mean it’s useless.  A lot of themes from 4 or 5 years ago are better, since they don’t rely on things like Visual Composer to control things.  Visual Composer themes tend to be somewhat slow, the code base is sort of poor and the load times suffer because of that bloated code.

Here’s what Hero looks like on a typical web browser.

Hero Old School WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme

So, it’s a nice design, but yeah, just a little outdated.  I think with the right images, it could be a great pick for somebody.

If you’d like to see some newer themes that are similar in style and functionality as Hero, check out this theme collectionHere’s another one that might be of interest.

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Typer WordPress Blogging Theme for Writers

Typer WordPress Author Blog WordPress

Typer is a striking WordPress blogging theme that I think does everything that a high quality personal blog needs to be able to do. In terms of features, you get plenty of them. There’s built in Social sharing, responsive design that is translation ready, flexibility in terms of colors and fonts, there’s a parallax scrolling effect and, of course, you’ll be able to Brand your website to fit your company. This theme includes the very latest in short code technology, there are custom page types and this clean and crisp theme looks great too.

Typer WordPress Author Blog WordPress Theme

So, what do you think?  Is this theme worth the money?  I think so, but I’m almost certain this theme won’t be around much longer, despite it’s high rating on ThemeForest.  It just hasn’t sold enough to make it viable for the long term.  So, get it while it’s hot, know what I’m saying?

Update. Oops, looks like they’ve removed Typer from the ThemeForest website. That’s unfortunate, considering I think it really was a high-quality WordPress blog and magazine theme, but life goes on. We found plenty of other options for you to have a look at. No matter what, you will find these themes are high-quality, easy to adapt to any use and they are all fast living and truly premium themes. I think it’s very unfortunate that this template was removed, I really did like the built-in social sharing aspects of it, the clean typography, the responsive design and the ability to produce content-rich websites that looked as great as they functioned.

So if you’d like to take a look at some personal blog themes, check out this collection. As for the magazine theme aspect, we’ve got another collection that you might be intrigued by. These things are really well-designed, fast loading, well supported and can truly be considered a moment of the best themes on the internet.

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Paperback WordPress Digital Magazine Theme

Paperback WordPress magazine theme

One of the absolute best things about WordPress, the sheer number of great looking WordPress teams out there to choose from. There’s absolutely no excuse for having a dull, drab website. With thousands and thousands of different options, you can have an incredible website and it will be very reasonably priced, because WordPress themes are not particularly expensive. They’re a great way to get amazing looking website online fast. The theme like Paperback could be just what you need to effortlessly build amazing website.

Okay I’ve introduced this WordPress theme enough, let’s take a look at the front page. This is styled to be a technology blog or magazine home page, and I think it does a wonderful job of getting all the important information out there above the fold. There’s really not a fold on a website, but I sort of think of that as all the information that you see on screen as you first arrive at a website. Everything that you don’t see, the stuff you got to scroll down to get to you, I consider that to be below the fold. So, there’s a lot of information above the fold in this theme and it’s all very well organized.

Paperback WordPress theme to effortlessly publish beautiful, engaging content

Paperback has a perfect five star rating on over 600 sales. That’s a testament to the quality of this template, which happens to be one hundred percent GPL by the way, the user-friendliness, the beautiful and immersive content Styles, the images, the Galleries and more. There are multiple home page templates and several content Discovery features that make this a perfect WordPress magazine fan. You can adjust the colors, fonts, the layout and more. For content rich websites, typography and layout are crucial and this theme offers a wonderful Style and plenty of flexibility to help you build a high quality website quickly. Even if you’re not a designer yourself, Paperback has what it takes to allow you the ability to create just what you want.

To see more examples of themes like this one, try our collection of magazine themes.

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