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Michel Clean, Stylish WordPress Blog and Magazine Theme

This theme is called Michel and it’s an elegant, sleek, clean and modern WordPress magazine and personal blog theme that is one of my favorites to come out recently.

WordPress themes like this one can really help your magazine or blog shine. It’s got a clean and contemporary design, it’s incredibly user-friendly and simple to manage your posts and stories. This team has a perfect five star rating on ThemeForest, which is no small feat, considering it’s been sold over 100 times. No one has found fault in anything that this template has to offer from the features to the coding, the support and flexibility as well.

I think that this theme is great for fashion magazines, travel blogs and any other website, perhaps a personal blogging site, where style and functionality are required in equal measure. This theme is very flexible, though the vanilla version of it is quite nice right out of the box, so you may find that you don’t really want to customize it much at all. But, I’ll leave that up to you, you know what you want and you know how to get it. You got it by purchasing a high-quality WordPress theme like this one. It’s pure class, it’s a great system for blogging and Publishing magazine style posts. It’s beautiful and best of all, it’s so user-friendly that it will be a real calming influence on everyone who visits your web page.

Here’s a look.

Michel WordPress Blog and Magazine Theme with Minimalist Style

If you’d like to see more examples of magazine templates, we’ve built a collection of premium themes that can’t be ignored.  Also, these blog themes could be another great source for similar WordPress themes to Michel.

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Coup, Clean, Full Screen WordPress Blog Theme

Coup, Clean, Full Screen WordPress Theme

Coup is a WordPress Theme by Themes Kingdom, and I always enjoy revealing their themes. These templates have a very nice and stylish layout, each one is packed with features and looks great on all devices, thanks to the perfect responsive design. If you want to get your message across in a simple and elegant way, a female like Coup could be just the ticket. There are multiple different layouts available to you, you can adjust the typography and color schemes, the admin panel is white label so that if you are a web developer, it’s quite simple to brand this theme the way you want to. Sometimes, theme developers are too eager to promote their own product, so it can look like you didn’t create the website yourself. Fortunately, Themes Kingdom avoids that issue.

Okay, I’ve introduced this theme just about enough, here’s a look at the front page. Very clean, very well laid out, it’s got a nice sense of balance and plenty of white space.

Coup WordPress Portfolio Theme

I mean, to be fair, you can’t tell how much white space there is from this image, it’s a full screen shot. Oh yeah, would you like to see more good-looking full screen WordPress themes? If so, we’ve got the collection for you. We’ve found dozens of amazing full screen templates and each one has been reviewed to ensure that it is of the highest quality possible.

All we do is find amazing WordPress themes and review them in our collections, that’s why we’re here. We want you to have easy access to incredibly high quality WordPress themes, and we keep adding new ones all the time. If you’ve found something on the Internet that you really love and it’s not in love or collections, why not drop us a line and we will promptly review it. We want or collections to be the absolute best and we can’t do it without your help, so please get in touch with us if you know of a great theme that deserves mention in any of our collections.

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Bluemoon, Gorgeous, Simple and Minimal WordPress Wedding Theme

Bluemoon, Clean, Simple WordPress Wedding Theme

This theme is called Bluemoon, it’s a modern and sleek, elegant and beautiful wedding theme for WordPress and it’s got a lot going for it.

Blue Moon is a Genesis framework child theme, which means you will have an incredibly fast living template that looks great on all devices, thanks to Genesis Frameworks native responsive design. This is a great way to get a custom looking WordPress website without having to pay a premium to have it designed. Blue Moon costs just $25, a very reasonable some, though you do have to have the Genesis framework to make it work.

Genesis child themes are always a great way to create an amazing looking website. In terms of customization options, there’s almost nothing that you can’t accomplish. Upload your own logo, choose a color scheme and one of the pre-made layout designs. No matter which one you select, your website is sure to look great. Blue moon has plenty of areas for custom widgets, those can help add new functionality anywhere on your page. Blue Moon also integrates with your favorite page builder plugins, so there’s absolutely nothing that you can’t do in terms of design and style. This theme is 100% GPL licensed, which is always a nice touch as well.

Here’s one of the six premade designs.

Bluemoon, Clean, Bright, Airy Wedding WordPress Theme

For more wedding photography themes, check out this collection.

We’ve tried our very best to select a wide range of wedding themes that are suitable for almost any purpose. Some are built to be photography themes, others to help give your wedding guests all the pertinent information they need to attend your wedding. No matter what you need, a great-looking wedding theme can help make your special day a little bit easier.

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Umda, Responsive and Creative WordPress Theme

Umda Creative WordPress Theme

Umda is a responsive WordPress theme that has a simple and elegant design that blends perfectly with all of the various features that any true premium quality theme has to offer.  This theme has dozens of pre-made styles, over 50 in total, and each of them can be installed with just a single click.  There are nearly 200 pre-designed page layouts too and 250 short codes included so you can add functions to your website that aren’t easily done by yourself.

The page builder is very advanced, the one click demo data import is a very important time saving device, the theme options panel is intuitive and beginner friendly, though more experienced WordPress users can really customize this theme to look just like you want it to look.

Here’s what the front page of one of the 50+ demo styles has to bring to the table.

Umda, Clean and Creative, Responsive WordPress Theme

Pretty sweet, right?

Umda has been meticulously crafted for the best possible user experience for both webmasters and visitors.  With clean Bootstrap 4.0 code, this theme loads up incredibly fast and thanks to it’s perfect responsive design, it looks amazing on all devices.

if you want to add a WooCommerce shop, Umda can handle it with style and grace.  This modern one page and multi-page theme is great for agencies, corporate website, creative portfolios and personal WordPress blogs, as well as online shops.  Who can benefit from a theme like Umda?  Well, I think video production companies, business consultants, photographers, yoga studios and fitness instructors, architecture firms, creative designers, tea shops or coffee shops and basically anyone else who wants a gorgeous, powerful and flexible website.

If Umda isn’t quite right for you, you might be interested in our collection of creative WordPress themes.  It’s a great resource for finding the absolute best themes on the internet.

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Bingo Multipurpose Magazine, Blog and eCommerce Theme

Bingo WordPress Multipurpose News, Magazine and Blog Theme

Bingo is a multi-purpose newspaper theme that also works great for magazines, blogs and eCommerce sites. This theme is really flexible, it’s got a responsive design and a clean look. I’m struck by have similar-looking this WordPress name is to another great thing that I like, extra by elegant themes. If you want a stand alone theme that is not based on a page builder like the Divi page builder, which is what extra is built on, I think that this is a good alternative. This team has incredible rating of 5 stars on ThemeForest, that’s with over 500 sales so far. It certainly on the highest rated magazine themes around.

Here’s a peek at the front page.

Bingo News, Magazine and Blog WordPress Theme with eCommerce

Bingo is clean, it’s AdSense ready, fully widgetized, well-documented and well supported by the themes developer. This template is going to set you back a little more than some, it costs $69. But considering all you got, I think that this theme is worth every penny. It’s 100% responsive, there’s a drag and drop page builder that is powerful, simple and fast. Just one click can import any of the demo sites that you see, there are plenty of amazing Ajax features to help really make your site look amazing.

Full support for WooCommerce means you can create a beautiful shot with the Bingo WordPress name and it’s SEO friendly as well. It doesn’t matter how good your website looks if people can’t find it, so I really appreciate an SEO optimized theme. Bingo is fast loading, supports multiple post layouts, including video, image gallery and audio posts. There are unlimited layouts, thanks to the built-in page builder.

If you’d like to see some warm magazine themes, check it into our collection. Bingo is just one of the thousands of different magazine themes out there, so you shouldn’t be limited to just this template. I think that variety is the spice of life, or so they say. Perhaps you will find something in that collection that you really adore, if it happens to not be Bingo.

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Kiddo Turf, WordPress Preschool Education Theme

Kiddo Turf WordPress Theme for Kids

Kiddo Turf

Kiddo Turf is gorgeous, it’s responsive and it’s ideal for kindergarten websites, blogs and daycare center websites. I think that this theme, which is totally responsive and retina ready by the way, is a fun and whimsical WordPress theme that kids and parents alike are going to love. This theme is very simple to manage, you’ll be able to adjust and adapt the look of your website with ease. There’s almost nothing in this template that can be adjusted. Built on the Fuse framework, this admin interface is a very powerful one. You can position images, adjust the image sizes, adjust a thumbnail positions, video positions and sizes as well. There’s almost nothing that can’t be accomplished with a great looking theme like Kiddo Turf.

Here’s the front page, as shown in the demo.  The final look of this theme can be adjusted quite a bit though, so you’re never going to be locked into this look.

KiddoTurf, WordPress Prechool, Kindergarten Education Theme

To see a complete collection of themes similar to KiddoTurf, you may want to have a look at this collection of kids themes.  We’ve done our very best to track down the best themes out there for children’s education, toys and gifts, daycare centers and more.  If you see a theme in any of our WordPress theme collections, you know it’s going to be a winner.  We’ll be back soon with more amazing WordPress themes for you to choose from.

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Persoh, Creative WordPress Portfolio and Blog Theme

Persoh WordPress Personal Blogging Theme

Persoh is a modern and fresh personal blog theme with a clean and flat style that’s eye catching.  The features are no less impressive, this theme was created with the very latest code, it’s perfectly responsive and supports all browsers.  Making use of Google fonts is always a great idea and Persoh does just that, handling the toughest typography issues with ease.  You want your website to look as good as it possibly can and this theme can make that happen.  For corporate websites, creative agencies and personal bloggers, a design like Persoh could be the right move when designing a new site or rebranding an old one.

Despite having been built on the Underscores framework, Persoh uses a drag and drop page builder to give it functionality.  It’s an interesting combination.  This theme is great for businesses who want a simple look for their page, for creative companies who don’t want the website’s design to overshadow their own work, for freelance artists, graphic designers and photographers too, not to mention personal bloggers.  I think this theme has what it takes to make almost everyone happy.

Here’s a look at the front page, it’s clean and simple, but not at all boring.

Persoh, Personal WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme

Well, if the Persoh WordPress theme (I keep typing person…d’oh!) isn’t right for you, you may want to have a look at some more options for personal blog sites.  Our collections are large and growing fast, we just keep on adding new stuff all the time to keep things fresh.  If you see something in that collection, don’t hesitate to purchase, it’s going to be a very high quality theme.  Or, perhaps you’d be more interested in our portfolio collection?  Either way, you’re going to get something that really makes your life easier.

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Ciloe, Feminine, Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Ciloe, Multipurpose Feminine WooCommerce Theme

Ciloe is a great looking eCommerce theme that harnesses the power of WooCommerce, or the shopping cart of your choice, to allow you to craft an amazing website for selling products.  Ciloe is powered by Ajax, which always has a lot of features to make your online shop exciting and inviting.  There are plenty of reasons to purchase the Ciloe WordPress theme, such as it’s responsive design, powerful and user friendly theme options, Ajax search functionality and the inclusion of several premium plugins to make your life a little bit easier.  Another outstanding feature that I really enjoy, the ‘bought together’ module, which shows what people often purchase with other products.  That can help drive additional sales as people may not have seen the product that is associated with their purchase.  It’s a really nice way to gently remind people of what you have to offer.

Ciloe is responsive, it loads up fast too, fluidly adapting to any screen resultion.  This theme delivers search results fast too, that’s what’s so great about the instant product search system. Ciloe makes use of the latest code standards to help your SEO efforts.  If you have a slow website, it can feel like you’re running through mud trying to get traffic to your site.  It’s a ranking factor, so a fast loading site really helps out in that regard.  For beginners, I highly recommend a user friendly and intuitive WordPress theme like Ciloe.

Here’s the front page of the Ciloe theme.

Ciloe, Feminine WooCommerce Themes

So, that’s what we have to say about Ciloe.  What do you think of it?  Is the style too simple?  Too feminine for your needs?  Not feminine enough?  If you’d like to look at some more options, check out our collection of WooCommerce themes.  You’re definitely going to find some amazing themes in there and we keep adding more every week.

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Byanca, Modern and Stylish Fashion Shop WooCommerce Theme

Byanca is a crystal clear, modern and elegant, feminine WooCommerce WordPress theme for fashion shops, clothing brands and lifestyle bloggers who have an eye toward the fashion industry.  This theme offers a really neat set of templates and predefined pages that really bring some attractive and unique layouts to the table.  There are stylish shop lists and product payouts, plenty of features to help make your clothing shop look great, it’s fluid and mobile friendly, so your customers can peruse your wares on their mobile devices.  With fast and friendly support, the Byanca theme is a really nice theme that you should certainly consider.  Tracking orders has never been easier, the sales pages are clean and crisp, the product layouts are really attractive too.

This theme is highly customizable, it’s got a powerful admin interface.  This theme works perfectly with WooCommerce, as I’ve mentioned before, and it comes with the YITH plugin to add more functionality to your WooCommerce installation.  Slider Revolution is included, as is Visual Composer.  There are plenty of product sorting features, filters, external products and more.

This theme has plenty of widgetized areas, tons of cool and functional shortcodes, plentiful galleries and portfolios, blog styles and more.  It’s almost too much to name.

Here’s one of the predefined front page styles.

Byanca, Modern Fashion WooCommerce Theme

If Byanca wasn’t right for your needs, you might want to have a look at our collection of WooCommerce themes.  We’ve collected a wide range of themes that may be of interest to you.  We’ve also got plenty of WordPress themes for women, that might also do the trick for you.   No matter what you select, you can be assured you’re getting a high quality theme that can help your website succeed.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this post, we’ll be back soon with more amazing WordPress themes to make everybody happy.

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Typenal, WordPress Portfolio Theme for Creative Websites

Typenal WordPress Creative Blogging and Portfolio Theme

Typenal is a creative portfolio and personal blog theme with three distinct, fresh home page designs, a modern feel and it’s great for beginners, since it requires no coding skill to make the most of what it has to offer.  Typenal supports WooCommerce, it’s got full support for WPBakery’s Page Builder plugin, the theme is completely responsive and child theme ready too.  The developer hasn’t had much to say about Typenal, so I’m sort of winging it here, checking out the demo site and hoping for the best.  This theme uses Bootstrap code, has demo content that you can install, there’s total control over the layout structure as well as header and footer areas.  Almost everything in this theme can be personalized, from the header to the footer and everything in between, which is great.  But let’s get real about something here…

I hesitated to review this theme, because I actually don’t love the style.  It’s fine, but it doesn’t blow me away, to be honest.  It’s just so different from what I’m used to.  The portfolio pages are really unique, the image doesn’t appear above the fold.  That’s really odd for a single portfolio page.  The blog too, it’s so wide, so spread out.  It’s really odd, maybe a bit disconcerting.  Maybe that’s a good thing, being so different?  I don’t know.  Ultimately, the decision will be made by the market.  If it’s good, people will buy it.

Here’s the front page of Typenal.

Typenal, Multi Concept Creative Portfolio Themes

If you’d like to see more great looking portfolio themes, try our collection.  It’s a great place to hunt for high quality WordPress themes at a very reasonable price.  Not that it’s much of a hunting process, it’s kind of like shooting fish in a barrel.  If you see a theme in any of our collections, it’s going to be a really strong theme.  Period.  Why do people say that, period.  You type the period.  Period.

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AdSense, WordPress Theme for Baby Blogs

AdSense Baby Blog WordPress Theme


Ad-Sense is more than just a baby blog, though that is one of the dynamic designs included with this download.  Check out the ‘more information’ link below to see all of the great looking demo sites you get if you should happen to choose this theme.  Oh yeah, so here’s a first glimpse into the Ad-Sense theme, what do you think of it?

AdSense WordPress Theme for Baby Blogs

MyThemeShop is the developer here and they always do a bang-up job of creating good looking, easy to use and premium quality themes.  Ad-Sense makes use of multiple advertising banner areas to help you monetize your website.  This fluid and responsive theme is translation ready, SEO optimized and also optimized for fast page load times.  If you want to earn money from advertisements on your blog, this theme is a great place to begin.

A lot of research goes into making sure folks see your advertisements, and Ad-Sense has been tested to ensure it’s among the very best themes at converting page views into actions.  You’re definitely going to see a spike in how many searches turn into sales or click-through events.

MyThemeShop has sold over 400,000 themes so far and counting, so they’re one of the most popular theme developers out there.

If you’d like to see more examples of magazine WordPress themes, have a look at our collection, it’s a wonderful place to start.  You’ll find dozens of amazing WordPress themes and we continue to add more as we find great ones.  Check it out.

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Tectxon WordPress Industrial and Manufacturing Theme

Tectxon WordPress Manufacturing Company Theme

For manufacturing companies, a great looking WordPress theme is a wonderful starting spot for building a successful online presence.  The Tectxon WordPress theme has a clean, corporate style and tons of features to make it a wonderful starting spot for building a manufacturing empire.

Here’s the beautiful, flat home page for Tectxon.

Tectxon WordPress Industrial Theme

This theme is designed for Industries, factories and the oil and natural gas business. I think that’s an incredibly, hyper specific Niche, but if that’s what you’re into, that’s what you’re into. This is a premium multipurpose team that is the perfect solution for manufacturing companies, factories, small, medium or large scale Industries, engineering sites and other businesses. This template has a unique and beautiful design that is suited for all sorts of Industry web presences, from blogs and projects, to testimonials and team pages.

The theme is 100% responsive and it’s been tested on all major browsers and devices. Based on the code * WordPress framework, this template offers a snazzy page builder as well as the slider Revolution plug-in. I think that the various layouts are incredible, they number in the twenties and there are hundreds of different settings that you can adjust to build the website of your dreams. It’s not magic, it’s all the power of drag-and-drop page building. There are several amazing blog options, as well as a multitude of different portfolio options to Showcase your recent projects. With a simple one-click installation process, you’ll be up and running in no time flat. All Things Considered, I think that this is a very cool theme and I really love the info stack layout, it’s worth checking out in the demo below.

Speaking of, here are some links.

Oh, before I forget, if you’re looking for a corporate business site, you might want to check out our full collection of business themes.

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