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WordPress Themes

Kordex Studio Photography for WordPress

Kordex WordPress Theme

This is a gorgeous photo portfolio theme that has everything required to make a fantastic website.

Kordex is one of those themes that has a very distinct an impressive style. I absolutely love this template in terms of both its accentuation of your images and its presentation of your text. The balance it strikes is perfect, well-designed and impactful. This theme uses the Elementor page builder to allow you to build a professional and attractive website from the ground up. Beginners and experts alike have reacted very well to the Elementor page builder since it is so easy to use yet packs up real punch in terms of features that it can deliver. Photographers and Design Studios can really benefit from the professional slideshow features, full screen image galleries, lazy load images and more. This theme offers filterable portfolios, photo proofing and client management features, there is a light box with a variety of transitions available to you as well as title and caption support.

Here’s a look at one of the homepage styles.

Kordex WordPress Photo Portfolio Theme

I love one feature here, for images with darker colors in the upper area of the image, the menu text color automatically adjusts to be white.  Same with light colors and dark text.

Kordex, Photography Portfolio with Multiple Layouts

This is a little bit of a different look for the home page, the title and text is a bit different.  Cool look.

Kordex Clean, Professional Portfolio Themes

Okay, that’s it for the Kordex photo studio theme.

If you are unable to settle on this particular theme for your photography portfolio needs, we have a fresh collection of glamorous templates that you might be interested in. We’ve taken a very unbiased stance and tried our very best to find some lovely and Unforgettable themes with extraordinary features. It’s more than just superficial looks though, the user experience that each of these templates delivers is mind-blowing. You can find themes that are absolutely perfect for almost any need in all of our collections.

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Justicia, Professional and Corporate Style Lawyer and Law Firm Theme

This theme is a professional and corporate style lawyer or Law Firm theme. With this template you can create a client focused website that delivers a great first impression. You know there’s a lot of competition out there for law firms, making the right first impression is critical. With nine different home pages, you get to select the one that works best for your company. No matter which layout you choose, you get a very elegant and stylish website. This theme has every featured necessary to create a great site. It’s highly customizable, there is one click import of demo content and an extensive admin interface to provide those little customization options that set your sight apart. You will never need to learn how to code to get Maximum Impact from this template. There are Parallax sections, Mega menu is fully supported and customizable Google Maps are also included.

Here’s what the developer says about Justicia.

Welcome to Justicia – a law theme that has everything for an amazing website! Packed with a collection of 9 homepages, and a fully-customizable inner pages, Justicia is designed for every lawyer and law firm. This modern theme also comes with a wide array of elements perfect for introducing law offices, presenting lawyers or showcasing legal services. Style your website to perfection with a large set of Justicia’s elements and plugins. But that’s not all! This theme brings a stunning shop, blog and portfolio layouts. Get Justicia today and create a professional law website with ease!

Pretty cool.  We’re still working on creating a solid collection of law firm themes, so stay tuned to see what we add to that collection when it goes live.

Here’s a look at the home page of the Justicia theme.

Justiicia WordPress Law Firm Theme

We’re still in the process of crafting a full collection of WordPress themes for law firms and lawyers, so check back here to find something great in the near future. We will be back shortly with or outstanding templates so keep us in mind when you are searching for the next theme for your project.

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Zella, Clean and Crisp WooCommerce/eCommerce Theme

Zella, Clean and Simple WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This theme is a very soothing design that I think should be perfect for a lot of online businesses. Within a luring style and a magnificently powerful Ajax shop, you’ll be able to set up but terrific website for telling your story and selling products. This theme is powerful, it is ripe for customization and Promises to be incredibly accessible to even beginning users. You shouldn’t be disillusioned when attempting to customize your website, even if you happen to be a relative greenhorn at designing or editing WordPress themes.

It’s astonishing how many templates are Arcane, difficult to use and downright disagreeable. This theme certainly does not fall into any of those traps, it is perfect for beginners. It can be sort of a whirlwind when setting up a business so anything that you can do to streamline the process is very important. I think that are graceful and classic template like this one could be just what you need to establish a winning brand.

Here’s the Zella theme’s description, as told by the creator of this lovely and simple WordPress theme.

ZELLA is a Creative and Innovative eCommerce WordPress Theme that is highly customizable, easy to use and fully responsive. This exquisite and intuitive theme is carefully developed and includes all the necessary tools and settings that will help you create a professional looking and trustworthy website.  Easy to use, awesome and powerful. You will be able to build your website in a snap without coding knowledge. Are you ready to get it for now?

Okay, there you go.  Straight and to the point.

Now, onto the visuals.  Keep in mind, there are several other home page styles from which you can choose, you’re not limited to just this one.

Zella - WooCommerce AJAX WordPress Theme - RTL support

This is a creative and exciting WordPress theme with five different homepage styles to choose from. This is a radiant design for men and women alike, it’s anything but average, it delivers an enchanting and magical user experience. This theme is reminiscent of a lot of different simple and minimal style templates, so you may want to check out our full collection of those themes to see more templates that are similar to this. Not all of them offer WooCommerce support, which is a bit of a shame.

If you’re bewildered by seeing uninteresting themes or having a difficult time picking out which templates have been skillfully designed, you can check out one of our Collections and be guaranteed to have a high-quality template. The themes in our collections are substantive and have an ocean of features that are really simple to use. A well-designed theme should be unambiguous in terms of getting the most out of it and that’s what we strive to achieve when building are collections of templates. So, that’s about all for now, we will be back soon with more amazing stuff to help you make a wonderful website.

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Industify, WordPress Industrial Business Theme

Industify WordPress Theme

If you are looking to break away from the pack in your business or industry, a great-looking WordPress theme can be just the ticket. You’ll want a remarkable theme that is responsive and put your best foot forward. You certainly don’t want an Unbecoming theme that isn’t attractive or up-to-date with the newest code. to make your pages really shine, you need a theme that works perfectly with your content to put it in the best light possible. I think that this team accomplishes that and more.

This template gives you a drag and drop page builder, Elementor in this case, there is sticky navigation, custom widget areas and the design itself is Pixel Perfect. You don’t have to worry about your website looking good on all devices, that is taken care of with the perfectly responsive design. With your download package you will receive an XML file with demo content and well structured, clean and fully commented code. There are full width and boxed layouts and this template is compatible with many popular plugins. I think that this template is the full package for any sort of industrial business.

For those of you who’d like to hear from the theme’s developer, this is what they have to say about the Industify theme.

Industify is built for ALL types of Industry. Whether it’s Aerospace Industry, Agriculture, Chemical Industry, Computer Industry, Construction Industry, Defense Industry, Education Industry, Energy Industry, Food Industry, Manufacturing and etc.

The layout looks beautiful at any size, be it a laptop screen, iPad, iPhone, Android Mobile or tablets. Plus, the theme includes plenty of customization options that allows you to change the visual style of any elements without touching to single line of codes.

I’d say that makes a lot of sense.  No typos either, which is a huge bonus!

Here’s the front page, it’s a typography driven intro to your website and I think it’s pretty functional.

Industry Industify Industry WordPress Theme

To see another selection of business themes, have a look at our full Roundup of the best. We’ve got dozens of great templates with creative designs and full features. You’ll have your website purring like a kitten in no time flat with one of these adorable and imaginative templates. It can be a little bit heartbreaking to purchase a WordPress theme and find that it is not fully supported or well-documented, which is why we have taken the time to select only the best premium quality themes for our collections. If you see something in our collection, you can be guaranteed that it will be an indispensable part of building your business going forward.

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Meltony, Minimalist Elementor Powered WordPress Theme

Meltony WordPress Theme

Meltony is a clean multi-purpose theme for WordPress that utilizes one of my favorite drag and drop page builder plugins, Elementor. Element or has hundreds of different content blocks that you can add and rearrange to create a website that is exactly what you are visualizing in your mind. You got a full package of widgets and they are included for free. There are even Advanced widgets like Google Maps, a carousel for images and posts and plenty of others.

You get counters, progress bars, social icons, dividers and spacers and more. Pretty much anything that you can imagine you might want to help build a page that you can be proud of, it’s included. You’ll never need to learn how to code with Elementor as your page builder plugin, it is perfect for beginners and more seasoned WordPress users as well. You’ll get a fully responsive design and element or loads your website with functionality.

Jet elements is included, that allows you to have all the benefits of Elemental Wars vast knowledge base of building websites. Jet elements makes it simple and effective to create your own homepage or inner page. Google fonts is integrated, there are outstanding plugins included and this well-documented theme is also fully supported by the developer.

Here is what rock themes has to say about there highly rated and popular minimalist theme.

Create a modern minimalistic website using Meltony Minimal Multipurpose WordPress theme. It will help represent your services, projects, portfolio or products in a creative way thanks to its useful plugins, widgets and loads of layouts. With this Minimal Multipurpose theme you will emphasize your advantages and attract more clients. You will be able to create various kinds of content, add custom modules to your website and apply attractive styles with JetElements plugin for Elementor Page builder. With Meltony you will strengthen your commercial side of your website. WooCommerce Package plugin packed with multiple functional widgets will let you built creative layouts for your online store. You will find WooCommerce Compare & Wishlist plugin, which will allow comparing different products and creating wishlists. The theme includes Mega Menu and Photo Gallery plugins, with its help you will create original menus and add responsive galleries to your site. Your site will stand out with a clean and easy interface and eye-catching design of Meltony Minimal Multipurpose WordPress theme!

Here’s a look at the hype page, you’ll find this if you click on the ‘More Information’ button below.

Meltony, Simple, Minimal WordPress Theme

And here’s one look at the front page of Meltony WordPress theme.

Meltony - Minimal Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme

If this theme isn’t perfect for you, you shouldn’t fret too much. We’ve gathered up a large collection of glossy and well-engineered WordPress themes that juggle design and functionality with skill. We have not gathered up just a few measly themes, we’ve got a gigantic collection that is packed with carefully crafted and cool WordPress themes. With any of these themes, you’ll get a simple and classy layout with an obscene amount of features and functionality. To develop a great call to action to help make your website famous around the internet, you’ll need a great simple style that shows love to your readers. That’s what we’ve come to understand When selecting a themes for our collections so we’ve got all of the best tablets around. Not a single one of them is cluttered or muddled, each one is awesome and a turnkey way to create a Stein homepage.

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Blomma, Creative Portfolio Theme for Agencies

Blomma WordPress Theme

I had no idea what a Blomma is, so I looked it up.  Evidently it is a Swedish word for a flower. I’m not sure that that’s exactly what the developer was going for, but that’s okay. I don’t think that this theme reminds me much of a flower, it’s a simple and straightforward creative agency and portfolio theme. The design is anything but clumsy, it does a good job of juggling various layouts and positioning with simple to use customization options. I don’t mean to make. You too overconfident, but this theme makes it very simple to craft a website that does exactly what you needed to do. It’s a scintillating design that has a substantial amount of features that separate it from the competition. There is a wealth of customization options and the treatment of images and text is very clear and certainly not an afterthought.

I always like to let the themes developer take a crack at describing their WordPress template and I will do the very same thing with this Blomma theme. It’s a tidy and classy template that has a mountain of features to let you create a debonair and juicy web page.

Unleash your creativity with our dazzling portfolio theme – Blomma! Designed in modern style and packed with a superb collection of elements, Blomma shines in every detail! With its 15 stunning homepages and a beautiful set of fully customizable inner pages, this portfolio WordPress theme provides you with everything for an impressive creative portfolio. Present your design agency or introduce creative agency in a great style or showcase your graphic design works & branding services with Blomma’s set of portfolio lists and portfolio single templates. If you’re a designer, freelancer, or a creative of any other kind, search no more! Blomma will help you put a spotlight on your design and creative work with ease! Let’s create together!

And of course I would be remiss to not show you an actual sample of what the homepage might look like. I think that this design is certainly not an exotic or fragile, but it is flat and simple and very simpleton navigate. As far as style is concerned, this theme is quite modern, though it blends enough classic design features to make everyone happy.

Blomma - Creative Agency Portfolio Theme

If you’d like to see more well produced WordPress themes that are similar to this one, you might be interested in one of our collections. We’ve gathered up a ludicrous amount of different themes that have all passed the smell test. These themes are the bee’s knees so to speak. You won’t find it to be a mystery getting started with one of these templates, each one is devilishly simple to use and customize. If you should happen to run into issues with your theme, customizing or installing it to be specific, the theme developers all promise fast and friendly support. These developers certainly no they’re WordPress and you shouldn’t be worried about obstacles that are impossible to overcome if you purchase one of these templates.

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Bremond, WordPress MultiPurpose Business Consulting Theme

Bremond WordPress Theme

Here’s some neighborly advice, if you’re looking for a high-quality WordPress theme and you’ve been disgusted by some of the ill-advised options out there, you can rest easy with this WordPress theme. You don’t have to be jealous of your competition anymore, it’s possible to create an absorbing and magical website within just a few minutes of installation. This theme is a very agreeable one, it’s simple to use and simple to customize.

There are plenty of features and a tons of functionality that are included and this template has a massive amount of plugins that it is compatible with, allow you to had a supreme level of fine-tuning to your website. When visitors come to your page they will be greeted by a simple and flat design and the most inquisitive readers will certainly find what they want on your website thanks to the simple and straightforward navigation.

Here’s what the theme’s developer says to intro their theme.

Bremond is a premium WordPress theme with its design particularly regards to Training and Coaching as well as it enables you to build a wide variety of business websites.

Bremond features King Composer, one of the finest drag and drop page builders anywhere.  There’s demo content included, you can install any of the various demo styles with just a single click.  It’s like skipping ahead in the line to get a big headstart in building your website.  It’s an underrated feature, particularly for those of us who aren’t necessarily experts with WordPress or website building in general.

Bremond - Multipurpose Business Consulting WordPress Theme

To see some more solid business themes, we’ve built a collection that’s got some key differences between other collections out there.  We only select the very best themes anywhere, and we’re no stranger to great WordPress design.  If you select one of these themes, you’ll get a zesty, well-groomed WordPress theme that can inject new blood into your website.  The whole collection is a guarantee of quality, every theme there should be one to consider.  The sky is the limit in terms of your traffic, so take your time and select a great theme that can help make your website amazing.

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Presentup, WordPress Events and Celebrations Management Theme

PresentUp WordPress Theme

This is an adorable theme that explores new territory. It’s a glorious and righteous WordPress theme of the sparkling design and it has 47 Lamborghinis in its Lamborghini design account. Or something like that. I really do think that it’s a fun and fresh way to create a web page.

This template offers a wealth of features that make it one of the best events templates out there. It’s got events countdowns, tons of contact forms and more. If you are a voracious WordPress consumer, you may really make use of this template. That’s not just a rhetorical statement.

Presentup - Event Planner & Celebrations Management WordPress Theme

We are still working on Gathering up enough events themes to build a full collection but in the meantime, we do have some other templates that we highly recommend that could be useful to you.  Hopefully, you’ve found something helpful in this collection.  We’ll be back with more very soon.

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Larch, Simple, Minimal Multipurpose Theme

Larch WordPress Theme

This theme is called Larch, it’s a simple and minimal theme that works great for almost any purpose.

If you are looking for a theme to build a website or rebrand your old one, you’ll need a theme that is capable of as much as possible. That seems to be a pretty obvious statement, I don’t think it’s particularly profound. You want the theme that has tons of features, a great style and is easy to use. I think that this template fits the bill wonderfully. Hospitable and accessible and you won’t find any finicky features that are difficult to use.

Larch - Responsive Multipurpose WordPress Theme

We’ve spent the last few months identifying really absorbing and high-quality WordPress themes. In our search, we’ve run across plenty of different attractive minimal style WordPress themes with flawless design and a well-represented stable of features. I think that if you have a look at this collection, you will find plenty to Crow about. We only post the most popular and well-respected themes so you can join the growing group of people who have found one of these templates to be perfect for their website. Anyway, here’s a look at another collection of very similar themes to Larch.

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CouponSeek, WordPress Deals and Discounts Theme

CouponSeek WordPress Theme

This CouponSeek theme is a steady and well-coordinated template. It’s a complete package, a really hard to find thing these days. For eCommerce sites, you certainly won’t be stuck in the quicksand, this theme sets up rapidly and allows you to create your own place on the internet to sell products. It’s a perfect solution. The design is anything but jumbled, it’s a really valuable tool for building an e-commerce site. If you’re simply looking to exchange your old website for a new design, this theme has what it takes to make the transition smooth and error-free.

This is the theme developer’s description of the CouponSeek theme.

CouponSeek is a trendy and modern WordPress theme created with one purpose – to be your only choice for your deal, coupons and offers site. From affiliate offers to vendor commissions, we’ve got you covered, thanks to the WC Vendors plugin. Coming with WooCommerce support, so you can take full advantage of pricing and selling your deals.

So, now, onto the visuals.  Here’s the home page design.

CouponSeek - Deals & Discounts WordPress Theme

There’s no reason to be confused when looking for a great or Christian. We’ve developed a huge collection of amazing themes. We’re like a spy, searching through the internet to build our list of handsome and attractive WordPress themes. We’ve got a collection of themes similar to this one that you might be interested in.  For more multivendor themes, try this collection.

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Tur, WordPress Creative Professional Architecture Theme

Tur WordPress Theme

This theme is called TUR, it’s a creative WorPress theme for architecture companies.  With a completely responsive design, several different layouts to choose from, SEO optimization and the most powerful page builder anywhere, WP Bakery Page Builder, and tons of documentation, TUR is a theme that can help you grow your business.  This customizable and user-friendly theme is a great starter for building the right kind of website.

This theme has everything an architecture company needs to make the right first impression.  Here’s what the developer says about the theme they’ve created.

TUR features a clean, minimal and stylish design, perfect for all modern architect and interior design studios. A large collection of powerful shortcodes help you showcase your works, add team members, display your interior design projects, renovation process videos, post architectural and furniture design articles, show design stats, sell design, art products online. TUR will make your work look more impressive and attractive to viewers.

TUR is a niche-specific WordPress Theme especially made for Interior Design services, Dining Room, Exterior Design, Kitchen Design, Living Room Design, Master Bedroom Design, Cottage, etc. TUR help you to build beauty and modern website in no time. TUR has awesome design and bunch of features to make your website stand out of crowd. Get TUR now!

So, we’ve got to have a look at this theme now.

Tur - Architecture WordPress Theme

If you’d like to see some more themes for architecture, well, we’ve not quite finished building our collection just yet.  We’ll link to it from here when it’s completed though, so hopefully you can check back and find something great down the road.  That’s all for now!

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Kerio, Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Kerio WordPress Theme

This Kerio theme is a creative multi-purpose WordPress theme with a brilliant and clear design with a whole bunch of great features to make it useful. This template is well-documented and comes with great tech support, it’s actually 12 different websites in one. There are 12 separate demo Styles each with a user-friendly design and each can be installed with just one click. I think that the variety of homepage Styles is very nice and could be quite useful.

People have been giving this Kerio theme profuse praise for its nice-looking design and plentiful features. This template support woocommerce which is an elite e-commerce plugin for WordPress. With this theme you’ll have a coordinated look that introduces your products in an insightful and impartial way. You’ll really be making a statement as your visitors come to your site with the perfect responsive Style an enchanting development that has gone into the creation of this template.

Kerio A Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

If you’re scared of missing out on a really great WordPress theme, head over to our collection of multi-purpose templates. You’ll be shocked to see how many great themes we have gathered up. It’s like a chess match out there design WordPress themes and revealing them as well. You should not be concerned about running yourself ragged trying to find a good theme, we’ve already done all the hard work and gathered up some of the best templates around to save you time. There’s no use in Reinventing the wheel, these templates are absolutely the place to start to find a great new home page.

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