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Acerola Clean and Minimalist, Featured on ThemeForest

August 13, 2018
ACEROLA, Simple and Efficient way to show your portfolio

Acerola Best WordPress Minimalist themes

The Acerola WordPress theme was once featured on themeforest. That’s a pretty high honor and when you think about how few themes actually have been featured, it’s really pretty amazing. Since that time back in 2015, this Temple is only been downloaded 394 times. That’s not many considering how many times it probably was downloaded in those first few weeks. This template also only has a 4 star rating out of 5 on themeforest. That’s really not very good. 21% of purchase orders end up giving this name a one-star rating. 4 any theme, that’s not a great number. For one that was featured on themeforest, it’s even worse. With this template, you get a clean, white showcase for photography portfolios, creative work, animated videos, restaurants, shops and play more.

The more I look at this theme, the more I really can’t honestly recommend it. The reviews are really poor. People are calling out the themes developer for for support, there are evidently tons of different bugs with this theme. The overall consensus from purchasers is that the support has really gone downhill lately. There are plenty of different comments from many users who are all describing the same lack of responsiveness from the themes developer. All of that considered, I really can’t recommend this template anymore. It seems to have jumped the shark.

So, this minimalist WordPress theme is not a very good one and one I don’t recommend. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a ton of other options out there that are simple and efficient ways to create an amazing WordPress blog and portfolio. We’ve found many such themes in our travels around the internet and we hope that you will find a great one in her collection of WordPress minimalist themes. We keep adding to that collection everyday and hope to continue to add to it in the future. It’s a large and growing collection of the absolute best minimalist teams around.

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