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December 6, 2018

If absolutely nothing else is true about Aoki, you can rest assured that this theme *looks* incredible.  The images, the layouts, they’re all among the best of the best.  And you want to talk about a *ton* of striking demo pages, this has over a dozen at launch and they’re planning to add more in the near future.  This theme is guaranteed to be a big star.  It’s from the same developer as Stockholm, which is a massive hit, in the top 25 of all time sales, which is a very impressive feat. I expect this theme to do more of the same, though it’s probably unfair to expect it to land in the top 25 sellers ever.
I’ve decided to highlight some of these demo styles, hopefully you see something you love.  Check out some of these images.
Here’s the multipurpose creative demo look.  Big, bold typography, fun colors, simple design, it’s all in style right now.  Kind of a GQ looking style in my opinion.

Aoki Bold Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Aoki is going to be one of the best sellers in the next few months, I guarantee it.  the developer Select Themes has over 50000 sales so far on their 31 ThemeForest items, so that’s a pretty safe bet.

This is a creative agency splash page. For some reason, this one reminds me of Lifehacker.  Don’t ask why.
Aoki Creative Agency

Creative agencies can get a lot of use out of a theme like this, there are tons of demo styles available.  15 to be exact, though I expect that number to increase in the future.

A cool grid portfolio style, simple, minimalistic and well designed.
Horizontal Grid Portfolio – Aoki

This portfolio uses a nice horizontal layout to shine a light on your images, products or portfolio.  Show off a little, you’ve earned it!

Here’s the standard WordPress blog look.  Good for personal blogs, professional company blogs, lifestyle and travel, you get the picture.
Standard WordPress Blog Home – Aoki

Bloggingmade easy with Aoki. You don’t have to worry about whether anybody will pay attention to your posts with this bold, daring style. 

Another creative portfolio for freelance designers.
Creative Portfolio for a Freelancer Home – Aoki

Image choice means a lot, so you’d better pick some good ones. Your site will really explode with popularity if you can pull it off.  This layout is super cool, partially because that image is so striking.

This is a product showcase page, great for digital products or tech gadgets too.
Product Showcase – Aoki

Showcase that product or Saas with a brash, in your face design like Aoki.

Okay, one last look, the carousel portfolio.
Portfolio Carousel – Aoki

The carousel moves too fast for me, but you can easily slow it down in the theme options panel.  Lots can be changed and altered.

Okay, that’s enough eye candy for today, what’s the deal with the features?
Aoki offers a powerful admin interface, it’s incredibly customizable and there’s never any code knowledge required.  It’s practically magic!  One click gets your demo data imported to help you get this Retina ready, fully responsive theme set up quickly.  Three shakes of a lamb’s tail or whatever.
Aoki gives you a large number of pre-designed home pages and inner pages, which we’ve highlighted above.  Two premium plugins are given to you for no charge, Slider Revolution and Visual Composer.
There are multiple portfolio layouts, from Masonry and Pinterest style, to portfolio list galleries, all with different pagination styles and animations optional.  The list goes on and on.  In the future, we’ll be back to show Aoki in action around the web but so far, it’s too new and I can’t find anybody that’s using it in the wild!
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