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Best Simple WordPress Themes, Clean, Efficient, Modern and Affordable

March 20, 2019
Simple WordPress Themes

Simple can be better.  At least when it comes to websites, a minimalist design might be exactly what your site needs to really draw in traffic and help keep them engaged.  Simple, minimal, modern and straightforward designs allow your content to shine through.  Whether you’re a blogger, a photographer, designer or a business, you can benefit from a simple web design that puts your content at the center of attention.  For some more specifics, we’ve built a collection of minimalist blog themes and another for minimal style portfolio themes too.

We’re really into minimalist WordPress themes, because they’re a fantastic way to create a bold, exciting and engaging website, without a lot of extra onscreen junk that distracts from the content.  And content is what it’s all about so a minimal theme works wonders to frame your content and show it in the best possible light.

For many, a minimalist design might be precisely what you need to really draw in traffic and help keep them engaged, since the content is always the star of the show.

When it comes to web design, simple, minimal, modern and straightforward designs allow your content to shine through.  If you’re a photographer, a blogger, you run your own business or maybe you’re a freelancer, anyone can benefit from a simple web design that puts your content at forefront of your site.  Oh, minimal themes also help with loading speeds, since the site only loads up what is absolutely necessary, which can actually help your site rank a little better.  This list of minimalist WordPress themes is constantly being updated and upgraded so check back often.

So, here we go, the best minimal WordPress themes around.

Oregon, Simple, Free WordPress Theme

Oregon WordPress Theme Templified

This theme is clean as a whistle and it’s called Oregon.  This is the first free theme offered by Templified and I think it’s a really good choice for anyone who needs a fast loading, easy to use theme that still has plenty of features to keep thinks interesting.  Oregon is WooCommerce ready, it’s great for blogs and portfolios and it’s really simple to set up and customize.  Everything is handled in the native WordPress theme customizer, so it’s really familiar for you if you have a little experience with WordPress.  Even if you don’t, well, it’s still really simple to use.  Just a few clicks and you can have your site set up to look just like the demo version.  So, grab yourself a download.  It’s free and free is a very good price.

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Monument Valley

Monument Valley, Simple, Reliable, Versatile WordPress Theme

Here we go, this is Monument Valley, an incredibly simple, beginner friendly WordPress theme that offers bigtime features, a GPL license and tons of simple to use tools to help make your website look and feel just like you want it to be.  This theme was coded to conform perfectly to the WordPress.org codex, following all of the latest best practices.  That can help it to feel familiar and highly usable.  It also does a great job of SEO, which isn’t surprising, because this theme is fast loading and lightweight.  With Monument Valley, you’ll have the ability to use any of the popular drag and drop page builders to help extend your website’s flexibility.  No coding is required when using any of these drag and drop page builders, they’re very intuitive to use and make it fun to make your website.  There are multiple demos, video support and plenty more.  Well with checking out this simple, functional theme.

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Maav Simple WordPress Theme

For agencies and creatives who want a super-simple way to present all of their creative work, a modern and minimalist platform for expressing that inner creativity, allowing said creative work to burst forth to the world, impressing everyone who lays eyes on those incredible creations, Maav might be a great choice.  This unique theme has it all, from ease of use to a massive amount of flexibility and I know a lot of folks really love it.  In fact, Maav has a perfect 5.0 rating on ThemeForest at the moment, though that could change at any moment.

Made by mThemesNet, Maav is a totally unique theme, Maav is fun, Maav is great for all sorts of projects, creative and otherwise.  I love the subtle curve to the front page image or video, it’s a nice little touch that helps differentiate the Maav theme from many others on the market.  Not everybody will agree, but it does give the site a slight different look than many others out there.

Maav offers one click setup, so you can begin the process of customization within moments of installing the theme.  There are three basic home layouts included, a minimal portfolio, a video header design and a basic agency site.  All three are outstanding ways to get your creative works out there for the world to enjoy.   There’s even a page builder to add tons of flexibility to your design layouts.  So whatever your website’s needs, they’re sure to be addressed by Maav.

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Awesome WordPress Minimalist Themes

The main goal of Graph Paper Press’ Awesome Theme is to create a minimalist website while still preserving the essential features needed to best showcase an artist’s portfolio. The Awesome Theme may suit photographers, videographers, illustrators, painters, graphic artists, and designers.

With the Awesome Theme, you are greeted with an uncluttered homepage that you can customize to your heart’s content. Each theme option have corresponding backend (or dashboard) options where you can add, change, or remove headers, menus, texts, backgrounds, and other design themes. The theme also boasts unlimited color options that you can mix and match depending on your site’s design. The theme’s main advantage is its built-in Slideshow feature where you can add on the homepage or on its own page.

The Awesome Theme supports various posting formats and makes it easier to post images and videos in their own galleries. Audio, links, and quote formats are also supported by the Awesome Theme.

Widgets for subscription forms, contact forms, images, blocks of texts, and other pieces of code can also be added on any area of your webpage running the Awesome Theme. As with all themes created by Graph Paper Press, the Awesome Theme has a mobile-friendly design, includes automatic updates for all active members, includes translation-ready .mo and .po files, and comes with html5 markup codes.

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Underwood WordPress minimalist Blog themes

Simple, modern, minimalist, those are three words I’d use to describe Underwood, a wonderful personal blog and WooCommerce theme from ThemeShift.  ThemeShift is known for well designed themes based on Bootstrap and Underwood absolutely knocks it out of the park.  The design is simple and effective, easy to use and flexible, modern and classic at the same time.  The support, documentation and code is absolutely top notch, which means you won’t run into problems integrating new features or while customizing your website.  With Underwood, you can create a website that looks just like you imagined and if you want a simple, classical looking theme that puts all the focus and attention on your content, this minimalist WordPress theme could be just what you’ve been searching for.

Underwood is a simple, clean and minimalist WordPress blog theme by ThemeShift. I’ve reviewed a handful of their themes and I really like their designs, classic and simple but with enough style to make your content look fresh. Incredibly versatile and well structured, bold and stylish, basic looking and powerful, that’s what Underwood brings to the table. The best minimal WordPress themes are a simple, fun and absolutely perfect way to get online with a WP webpage fast and that’s what Underwood aims to do. While any of these extraordinary top quality styles offer scores of advantages, I think Underwood does a particularly nice job of combining splendid support as you set the theme up, plain capability, first-rate style. Your business is extremely vital, your blog absolutely must be magnificent. Underwood is a WordPress minimalist theme that’s great for businesses, blogging or revealing your incredible portfolio.

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Collecto WordPress Minimalist Magazine Themes

Building a simple and attractive travel magazine theme? Want a minimalist option? Then consider Collecto.  Collecto is a beautiful, simple, smart and minimal portfolio, blog and magazine theme for WordPress.  This is something completely new and innovative, Collecto is a grid based newspaper inspired theme that is contemporary in style, yet timeless, since much of the design is so simple, it’s evocative of a previous time and place.  With Collecto, the dynamic grid is constantly adapting to the length and order of your content, so it looks professional and elegant on every device, no matter the size and shape of your images or the length of your posts.  You can even sticky posts on the front page, which causes them to take up two columns.  It’s a great, simple and elegant way to highlight your most important or newest articles.  For a minimalist theme, typography can be a very important consideration and Collecto offers over 800+ Google fonts, so you don’t have to settle for something that’s not quite right.

In the event that you’re setting up an uncomplicated and beautiful publication blog and you need to have a minimalist theme, you should think about the Collecto WordPress theme. Shaped by daily newspapers, Collecto is an avant-garde style for an incredibly old concept, a basic, professional and minimal style, remarkable typography and a flawless configuration that emphasizes your posts and offers it proficiently. It’s a timeless union and one that maybe you’ll cherish. With Collecto, you will get absolutely everything you might expect in a nice looking magazine theme, like responsive layout and extraordinary versatility in terms of colors and typography. In addition, you receive an absolutely nice function, the dynamic grid system, which makes Collecto kind of a full blown electronic magazine. It’s incredibly awesome to see that kind of thing.

If you’d like to see everything that Themes Kingdom has to offer, check out our review of the entire Themes Kingdom WordPress theme collection here.

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Simply Pro

Simply Pro WordPress Portfolio Theme

Simple clean WordPress themes like Simply Pro won’t overshadow your posts or pages. The style is beautiful and understated.  Simply Pro is a modern, minimalist and attractive WordPress theme, great for bloggers and with the kind of simple, clean and crisp design that Simply Pro provides, your content will look amazing.  What should you look for in a great minimalist WordPress theme?  Design is certainly one.  And since Simply Pro has some of the best design around, your posts, your images, they’re going to look absolutely amazing.  Simply Pro isn’t just a pretty face, this Genesis Framework child theme makes your site work perfectly on all devices with fluid, mobile ready and responsive layouts that are constantly updated to work with the latest and greatest version of WordPress.  That’s one of the real advantages of a Genesis child theme, the fact that it will never fall behind the constant updates to WordPress.  Always a good idea.  Simply Pro is one of my favorite Genesis child themes, because it’s so minimalist and yet, the style is a little different than many other themes.  It’s a nice combo.

Simply Pro is also a theme with just a hint of bold, feminine style.  you may be interested in these great feminine WordPress themes.  Simply Pro is a modern theme for bloggers who want a trendy and attractive, powerful and simple to use theme. With Simply Pro, you get a minimal style for your blog, the content is practically going to jump off the screen. Colors and fonts can be switched out with ease and the Genesis framework is what powers this theme, so it’s rock steady and stable, not to mention perfectly responsive.

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Dorsey Minimalist Blog, eCommerce and Portfolio theme

Dorsey is one of the best minimalist WordPress themes around today, simple and easy to use.  Why should you pick a simple WordPress theme like Dorsey here?  Well, if you aim to offer up the cleanest reading experience around, you could do a lot worse than a slick, simple, clean and crystal clear theme like this one.  The best WordPress minimalist themes all have a few things in common, beautiful, clean layouts with plenty of white space and not a lot of extra embellishments in the design.  Dorsey is no exception.  This WooCommerce ready blog and portfolio theme is bursting with simple, easy to navigate content.  Dorsey is very simple to set up, simple to customize and simple to use for both front and back end users.  Everybody can be happy with that experience.  Any kind of blog looks great on this responsive, retina ready theme and I think you’re going to love it.  Dorsey may be pretty simple to look at, but it’s got a lot going for it. This WooCommerce ready theme is great for blogging as well as showcasing your portfolio, which is a nice combination if you want to sell some products on the side. Whether you’re selling digital downloads or tangible goods, Dorsey can help achieve a look you like with the features you need. The price is a little higher than some themes at $100, but if this theme has the look you want, I suppose it’s worth the price, considering how solid the support and features are.

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Mona, Clean, Minimalistic, Simple Blog Theme for WordPress

Mona is a lovely looking, simply designed women’s WordPress blog theme with very clean, attractive typography that’s going to really wow your audience and a lot of features that make it look different than other feminine WP templates.  Whatever you’re blogging about, a mommy blog, women’s fashion, news or just your own personal experiences, Mona is a really slickly designed and popular theme for women.  Friendly, fun and professional, that’s how I’d describe this theme.  Mona is easy to customize, completely responsive and it’s even retina display ready, so you can rest assured that this theme will look fantastic on any size screen resolution or on any device.  Cool!  Mona includes 3 main layouts for your brand new front page.  Two of these designs are grid layouts, and then there’s the design pictured above, the classic layout.  I prefer that one, but the grid designs are cool too.  If you’re a beginner, Mona is there for you.  User experience and ease of use are at the forefront, so your personal blog page, magazine or online journal will look amazing with easy to customize style.

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Beautiful Pro

Beautiful Pro Minimalist WordPress Blog theme

Beautiful Pro is a minimalist theme for writers of all kinds, travel and lifestyle, personal and professional.  Beautiful Pro is a great looking, minimalist personal blog theme for WordPress, with ultra-clean lines, a well balanced layout and great typography.  That’s undoubtedly going to make for a wonderful user experience and it’s going to help readers to engage with your content, no matter the subject matter and no matter  whether it’s written material or images and videos.  This gorgeous child theme for the Genesis Framework is ultimately flexible, you can add custom features to give it nearly any functionality that you want it to have.  Responsive themes like Beautiful Pro make for great user experience on all devices too, since these responsive themes fluidly respond to the screen on which they’re being viewed.  That’s nice.  Oh yeah, since Genesis professional child themes are updated from the inside out, you’ll never have to worry about WordPress updates making your site look weird.  It’s all taken care of without even thinking about it, which means you can spend a lot more time creating content for your site, which is what blogging is all about.

Beautiful Pro is a stylish and attractive blog theme with a great style, clean layout, attractive typography and more. With Beautiful Pro, you get a rock solid framework to build the kind of website that attracts tons of attention. There are no extra embellishments to get in the way, the bright and sparkling style is plenty to help draw attention to your posts and pages, the canvas that is created with Beautiful Pro alows you to build a wonderful site that looks and behaves the way you want it to.

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Eclecticon, WordPress Minimalistic Portfolio Themes

All the modern features of WordPress but with a clean, simple style that doesn’t attract unwanted attention to your site’s design.  Looking for a simple, minimal and modern WordPress theme with all the features of more intricately designed themes?  Then have a look at Eclecticon, a blog theme from CSSIgniter.  Eclecticon is a responsive theme that focuses the reader’s attention on your work, whether it’s images or blog posts, not on the theme’s design itself.  That helps to make a great first impression.  The Eclecticon theme has a minimalistic layout and it’s completely responsive, loads up lightning fast and it’s SEO optimized too.  You’ll have complete control over all design aspects of your site with dozens of different options available in the theme customizer and it’s incredibly easy to use.  For a minimalist portfolio, you should definitely consider Eclecticon.

Eclecticon is a thoughtfully designed, simple and modern looking WordPress blog and portfolio theme. Built by CSSIgniter, this theme offers a bold black and white palette with clean navigation that really makes a wonderful first impression on your potential clients. The design, which is minimal in style, leaves the focus squarely on your images and text, so your viewers will really know what your site is about the first time they set eyes on it. The elements in this theme let the images and typography speak for themselves and as a responsive theme, it loads quickly and looks fantastic on each and every device we tried it on. CSSIgniter is known for their SEO optimized templates and this one is no exception. You have ultimate control over tweaking this theme to look exactly how you want it to look, with a lot of options for beginners and advanced users alike.

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Cre8or Clean Portfolio and WordPress Grid Theme

Cre8or, by Tesla Themes, is a simple, minimal, clean and clear portfolio theme, ideal for just about any sort of project.  With Visual Composer included, you’ll be able to craft a layout that perfectly fits your needs, assuming one of the five pre-made post layouts isn’t exactly what you need.  Cre8or is optimized for fast page load times, offers built-in shortcodes, it updated frequently and also provides extensive documentation to help get you started.  If you want a simple looking WordPress theme that’s easy to use but also incredibly flexible, this could be a perfect fit.

Tesla Themes has delivered another winning WordPress theme called Cre8or, a simple and beautiful portfolio theme that allows your content the right stage for a proper presentation. Cre8or is modern with amazing typography, it’s the right way to showcase any type of content, from personal projects to agency sites, videos or artistic collectives, this theme has what it takes to make your work look great on all devices. Blog and portfolio in one, this responsive theme has 5 different portfolio and single project layouts for maximizing your ability to create posts and projects that look just like you want them to look, with the types of features you need your projects to have.

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Amadeus Pro WordPress Minimal Style Theme

Amadeus Pro is a wonderfully simple blogging theme for WordPress, it’s a great theme to get started with since it’s simple for beginners to get the hang of.  (Of course, if you want a simple blog theme that also has the bonus of being free, you can try our Silverbow theme, and if you love what you see, you can download it absolutely free of cost.  It’s a solid theme too!)

But this is about Amadeus Pro, which is made by ThemeIsle.  This premium offering has a simple, typography centric design, one that makes your images look fantastic and helps market your ideas.  It’s a really strong all around blogging theme.

Amadeus is a clean, minimalist blog theme from ThemeIsle, who happen to be among my favorite theme developers. Why do I like them so much? Well, their themes are well designed with clean, perfectly validated code. If you’re going to start anywhere, start with the code. The design, the layout, that kind of stuff is easy to change, but a problem with the original code, that can stick with you. In the case of Amadeus, you’ve got nothing to worry about, it’s perfectly coded for fast loading times and perfect display on all devices. So, as for customization, Amadeus makes it very simple to adjust the look of your website. From colors to fonts, social media integration and even the basic layout, it’s all there in your theme options panel. Localization, custom theme widgets, browser compatibility, ThemeIsle has thought of everything. For all your minimalist needs, Amadeus is one to consider for sure.

More great blog themes can be found here.

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Hardy Multipurpose WordPress Blog Theme

This simple, clean one column WordPress theme has a style that doesn’t distract from your posts and pages, which is what minimalist design is all about.  This is Hardy, from ThemeTrust, and it’s one of my favorite one column themes around.  Simple doesn’t mean this theme scrimps on features though, it’s easy to create a website that looks precisely like you want it to look.  For blogs or portfolios, this one is a real winner.  If you’d like a bigger selection of personal WordPress blog themes, check out our full collection.

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Ariva WordPress Material Design Business Theme

Ariva is a simple, modern text based theme that’s just come on the market and I thought I’d pop it into our collection here.  While I’m not sure it’s completely minimal in style, a lot of people have asked me about text based ‘typography driven’ themes and so, here’s a great example of that.  Why do I say it’s not truly minimalist?  Well, it’s got a little hint of a shadow behind the text, which means it’s more of a material design theme.  (A full collection of those can be found here.)  Either way, Ariva is a theme with over a hundred different layouts included, there are nine featured sections, half a dozen simple header styles, and seven post layouts.  That gives you a lot of flexibility in designing your website.  Fast, fast, fast, that’s one of the benefits of a text based theme but it’s true that it won’t work for everyone out there.  Simple, stylish and professional, what more could you want?

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Flexible WordPress Portfolio Theme

Flexible WordPress Theme, Simple, Clean Design

A theme that is perfect for minimalists, Flexible is filled with the kind of features that you need to help your readers get to know more about your brand while still being able to protect your business. With a fully responsive design that works for both web and mobile browsers, it allows you to design your site with CSS and HTML without the fear that it wouldn’t look right in certain browsers or so. More so, Flexible also has the ePanel options panel that gives you better control of your website—or even websites, if you need more than one, and this would automatically appear once you decide to use this theme.

Flexible also offers various page templates that you can use to customize your website, examples of which are contacts, blog page, search page, sitemap, and the like. It also has built-in shortcodes that you can use to customize your site even if you are not knowledgeable in code! Plus, with complete localization, an easy-to-sort Ajax gallery, and unparalleled support—plus free access to updates, this theme has everything you need to complete your site and make it work. If simplicity and manageability are your priorities, then Flexible is the theme for you to try!

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Minicon, WordPress Minimal, Simple to use Theme

Minicon is a clean, basic and simple WordPress theme that is a creative solution to the problem of finding a theme that perfectly blends form and function.  Minicon is a creative theme with single page and multipage layouts available to you.  With this theme, you can rapidly set up a fantastic homepage for creative agencies, studios, portfolios and other sorts of creative sites.  Minicon was coded with the absolute freshest Bootstrap code for fast loading times and great display on all browsers and all screen sizes.  Minicon is simple to use and simple to customize.

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Base, basic, Simple, Clean WordPress Blog Theme

Base is a WordPress theme that is minimal in design, meaning the content is what matters most, the actual styling of the theme is quite simple and to the point. But that simple, modern style has a very important purpose, to make sure your readers are able to full concentrate on your content without distractions. That makes it easy for you to blog about what you want to and give a wonderful first impression on every single page or post on your site. Base includes an application Framework, a powerful and robust theme options framework and a boatload of options to help you customize your website.

Base is responsive, meaning it looks amazing on each and every device it was tested on, the images and layout seamlessly adapt to the screen size of your reader. That’s a nice effect and it’s almost mandatory to offer these days, with the prevalence of handheld devices like iPhones and Androids. Responsive websites tend to outrank similar sites that only offer fixed width layouts, all other factors being equal, so if you switch to a responsive them, you may actually see a ranking increase.  Custom widget areas, post formats and simply customized headers, text blocks, backgrounds and more, mean this theme is simple to use, powerful enough for any application and a smart way to help grow your business online.

Base was designed to be simple to customize via the use of child themes, so it will look incredible even if WordPress decides to change their code, it won’t break your site. That’s a wonderful features to help give you peace of mind.  All in all, Base is a great theme to use if you value creative flexibility and a wide range of easily customized features.

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