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Best WordPress BuddyPress Themes, Online Community Builders

November 23, 2018
WordPress BuddyPress Themes

Buddypress is the number one plug in for community building with WordPress. Buddypress has been around for about a decade and it’s still going strong in part because of all the amazing WordPress Buddypress themes that you can find. There are hundreds and hundreds of Buddypress themes out there but finding the right one can be a challenge which is why we’ve created this collection. We found the cream of the crop of Buddypress themes and that’s all you’re going to see in this collection.

These Buddypress themes can help you build a community based on a common interest, your local city, a sports team or anything else that brings people together. Whether your site is large or small, an intranet or extranet site for your business or something else entirely, these Buddypress themes can really help your website succeed. These themes also work with bbPress so you can set up an online forum to connect with your readers. We think these Buddypress themes are the absolute best but if you see something out there that we haven’t included please let us know in the comments below.


Divi WordPress Business Themes

Considering Divi is among the most powerful and flexible themes anywhere, it’s no surprise that many people are using this premium theme to help build an online community by using BuddyPress.  BuddyPress and Divi go hand in hand and with those tools, you have everything you need to build an amazing website.  BuddyPress allows you to create a social network and that’s pretty cool by itself, but when you pair BuddyPress with a theme as flexible and multi-purpose as Divi, it raised the stakes even more.  Whether you want to create a sort of Facebook clone or develop an environment where businesses and coworkers can collaborate on projects, you want to create a message board on any sort of topic, this combination is a powerful one.

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BuddyApp WordPress BuddyPress Theme

When you’re looking for a fantastic BuddyPress theme, responsive design is a key factor.  Considering the rise of handheld devices, allowing people to access your site on smart phones or tablets is critical.  No matter what sort of private community you’re constructing, BuddyApp can make it look amazing.  For intranet or extranet sites, social media style website, online forums and more, that mobile friendly environment can mean the difference between success and failure.  BuddyApp is a very popular BuddyPress template, probably one of the most successful on ThemeForest, with over 1800 sales and counting.  This theme comes with an HTML landing page, it’s got all the features you could possibly want and it’s very flexible in terms of design.  BuddyApp is certainly a theme worth considering.

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Boss 2.0

BuddyBoss 2.0 community building buddypress WordPress theme

This theme is Boss 2.0, created by BuddyBoss, a theme developer that specializes in creating BuddyPress themes.  Their credentials are amazing.  This is their best selling theme and it’s full of quality code, plenty of options, a responsive design and it’s easy to use.  This theme employs a modern, stylish design to give a great user experience.  The Boss 2.0 theme delivers a ton of positive user experiences.  With the Boss theme, you can add membership levels, put content behind paywalls, folks can connect with each other and more.  I love the fact that BuddyBoss also offers custom development services.  If you want to create a really customized look for your site and add even more features, this is a great option and it’s reasonably priced too.

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Fildisi WordPress Corporate Business Theme

Fildisi is a WordPress BuddyPress theme that’s sweeping the nation.  No matter what the subject at hand, people love to gather to make connections.  It’s not magic, it’s human nature.  With the Fildisi theme, you get a beautiful result every time out.  This theme has multiple blog and portfolio layouts, so people can create content that fits with their style.  There are multiple post formats, WooComerce support and that’s part of what makes this such a successful multipurpose WordPress theme.  With gorgeous flat style and tons of features, video tutorials, powerful options and plugin support to rival any theme on the market, this Fildisi theme is well worth consideration.

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VideoRev WordPress Video and Magazine Theme

For video magazines, news blogs and portfolios centered around video, VideoRev is a well liked theme.  Things get even more interesting when you consider that this theme is also BuddyPress compatible.  With BuddyPress, you can create an online community centered around videos.  There’s so much video out there and tons more uploaded ever minute, the market is massive.  If you want to grab a share of traffic, and money, a theme like VideoRev can make it happen.  When you add the community building functionality, you’ll get people to start making connections.  As that happens, they’ll develop a real affinity for your website and that means brand loyalty.  Returning traffic is important and this theme, along with BuddyPress and bbPress, can really make the most of your time, effort and money.

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NewsPaper, Premium Quality WordPress News Magazine

NewsPaper 9, WordPress AdSense Theme for Magazines

With over 50 amazing and stylish, modern and clean designs, this WordPress theme has all the features you need to make a high-quality buddypress compatible website. Perfectly integrated with Instagram and bbpress, not to mention woocommerce, this SEO friendly WordPress theme is great for community building and blogging. There are over 50 different unique demo Styles, each one can be imported with just a few clicks. Publishing content has never been simpler. With buddypress, you’ll be able to build a community center to round any topic of your choosing. There are tons of reasons to select this theme. There are countless different post an article Styles, a new generation of click to create page building, plenty of other features and compatibility that make it among the very best buddypress compatible themes around. If you’re not a coder, no problem, you’ll never need to touch a line of code to make a fantastic website with the layout, colors and fonts, not to mention features, that you want.

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Gwangi WordPress Dating and Social Network Theme

Gwangi is a relatively new BuddyPress ready theme, but it’s already proven to be quite popular. This template is primarily built as a dating or matchmaking community theme, allowing you to set up a site like Plenty of Fish or Zoosk, eHarmony or match.com. Whatever your preference is, this template has the flexibility and style to make it happen. So far, over 250 people have downloaded this template and they have given it a 4.93 average rating. That’s one of the highest for any dating website, or buddypress theme for that matter. This template also offers bbPress support, the feature set is large and continues to grow, customization is a snap and this template is a really refreshing one, it has no bloated page builder included. Everything is built with widgets and I think that that makes for a particularly fast loading and highly effective website.

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Soledad WordPress Highly Rated Magazine Theme

Soledad is WordPress theme with a staggering 3,500 different homepage demo Styles. It’s one of the biggest and most popular WordPress themes, and it happens to be a BuddyPress compatible theme, which allows you to build yourself and online community. No matter what the subject matter, Soledad has a look that is perfect for you. There are plenty of different community styles, so if you’re building an online community for a charity or non-profit, a fashion blog, food or lifestyle blog or a community based on some other mutual interest, this theme allows you to construct a beautiful and responsive website where people can connect with one another. If you’d like to set up an online forum, simply install bbPress and you’ll be connecting with your readers in no time flat.

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Weston ultimate Minimalist Style WordPress Theme

Weston is WordPress theme that bills itself as the ultimate out WordPress theme. I’d be shocked if this team isn’t one of the better buddypress Reddy themes out there. It’s powerful and succinct, stylish and has abundant features to make for a wonderful website. Weston comes with wpbakery page builder, that gives you the functionality and flexibility to design a site that fits your needs. It’s a painless experience to craft a webpage that is perfect for just what you want, thanks to you I’m outs of content blocks and very simple customization process. The result is a handsome and effective web template, no matter what your niche.

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Woffice, Intranet WordPress Theme

Woffice is a really unique theme, offering intranet capabilities to Buddypress, so you can manage projects, have your team members and employees create their own pages, membership directories, calendar of events, Slack notifications and more.  But Woffice is also bbPress ready, so you have that functionality as well.  BuddyPress and bbPress is an utterly zero cost combination, totally open source wordpress plugin that will allow you to design a social networking community utilizing WordPress, including impressive features such as group members, sending message, friendships and likes, activity streams, messaging, member profiles, activity streams and a whole bunch more. There are actually a whole lot of magnificent bbPress and BuddyPress themes to pick from, but this choice really effective. Though BuddyPress was made to work great on the vast majority of WordPress themes, it is really smart to select a theme that was specifically built with BuddPress in mind.  That’s Woffice.

This Woffice theme is a fully responsive as well as trendy social network WordPress BuddyPress theme allowing you to produce your own social network web site in seconds. You can access many settings like share work, ideas, concepts and information, build specialized collections, follow other users, check out statistics and so much more.  Works with bbPress, LearnDash, Gravity Forms, Visual COmposer rt Media and more.  Pretty sweet assembly of tools.

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