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Best WordPress Education Themes, Learning Management, Online Courses

March 26, 2019
WordPress Education Themes

We’ve gathered up an amazing selection of the best WordPress education themes that the internet has to offer. These things are designed for online courses, continuing education, learning management systems, colleges, primary and secondary schools, universities and more.  We hope the variety of this collection gives you a lot to consider, hopefully you can find what you need.

If you want to build an amazing education theme, WordPress is probably the content management system that you want to use. If you’re here, I assume that you know all about the functionality and options that WordPress has to offer. It doesn’t matter whether you are a university president, a daycare center director, a tutor, a private teacher of any sort of knowledge, your company or institutions website needs to look professional. It’s a fact, the style of your site has a lot to do with how people judge your learning institution. If you have a professional, well-organized and feature filled website, people will react more positively to what you have to offer.

For online courses, training centers and other educational institutions these are the absolute best education WordPress themes that we have found. There are themes for creating and selling online courses, themes to let you create a website for a college, kindergarten, daycare center, private Tutoring company, schools and universities. This collection includes LMSs, educational events websites and online training courses of All Sorts. We hope that you find what you need in this collection and keep in mind we are continuously adding to it, so this is the absolute best resource for educational WordPress themes available.


LMS WordPress Learning Management System Theme

LMS is a learning management system, education and Powerful learning platform for online courses, lesson management, quiz systems, video hosting and more. This team has tons of features to make your education based website a massive success. It’s common knowledge that WordPress is the most popular and easy-to-use content management system and with a theme like LMS, you’ll be able to squeeze the most out of your hard work. If you’re involved in online education of any sort, this is a supreme theme that will be your pride and joy. With tons of features to help accentuate what it is you have to offer, LMS is one of the top choices for online classes, eLearning, lesson plans, study groups, tutoring and more.

There are plenty of Education Centric features like class listings, classes with purchase options, course outlines, registration pages, courses listings and enhance single course pages. There are multiple setups for online quizzes with plenty of different formats questions that help make the experience a positive one. I mean, really, nobody wants to be quizzed, but this theme makes it pretty fun and has enough helpful features to make it one of the best Education WordPress themes around.

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Grand College

Grand College, WordPress Theme for Education

Grand college is a simple and professional education theme that is one of the most popular ever released on themeforest. With well over 4,000 sales, this is a great thing for schools and universities, colleges and even businesses that want to engage in helping people learn. Learning is something that human beings never grow tired of and it’s very important to continue to learn all throughout your life. With a theme like Grande College, you’ll have every feature an option needed to produce a stylish and helpful online learning, education and digital classroom website. There are tons of great features that help make this theme one of a kind, there are plenty of unique footer layouts, blog Styles, testimonial Pages, custom post types, hundreds of Google fonts and a dragon drop page builder that helps you to achieve the look that you want your website to have. This theme was developed by good layers, among the very best WordPress theme developers around. I’ve personally used one of their themes in the past and found their support to be absolutely fantastic. I think this is Media, Fearless WordPress theme for Education that you will find to be quite helpful in setting up your online presence.

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Peekaboo WordPress Kids Education Theme

Peekaboo is a fully responsive education WordPress theme that is geared toward kindergartens and young primary school education. For daycare centers, schools and more, this feature field theme is one of the best available. It’s responsive and well-documented theme is great for children’s art programs, summer camps, preschools and kindergarten classes. Peekaboo offers woocommerce support, it’s perfectly responsive and has a ton of shortcodes that can help extend the functionality of WordPress. This theme has been downloaded over 5,000 times, making it among the most popular education WordPress themes ever made. There are thousands of schools and teachers that have trusted this team for their content, and you can as well. This is an advanced and fun WordPress theme for all sorts of education programs.

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Academy WordPress Education and Learning Management Theme

Academy is a learning management theme with a style all its own. This theme has all the features that a good education theme needs like extended user profiles, course rating systems, lesson attachments, lesson support systems, a built-in media player for tutorial videos, woocommerce and a whole bunch more. It’s impossible to find a theme with everything, but this WordPress theme comes very close. It seem as powerful options that are very easy to manage, you’ll be able to adjust colors and fonts at a whim. You can switch between different page layouts, create and edit contact form fields from the Native theme options panel. This responsive theme looks great on all devices, how many students in your website on their mobile devices. This theme is very well supported and with nearly 6,000 sales, it’s among the most popular Academy WordPress themes available.

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Eduma, Best Selling WordPress Education Theme

Eduma is an education WordPress theme that was made for educational websites, LMS sites, training centers, courses hubs, colleges and academies, kindergartens, schools and even universities. With a seamless lesson design, learnpress 3.0 support and brand new ivy league demos, this fast, scalable and Incredibly stable theme is lightweight, fast loading and delivers an awesome experience for all your students. Eduma has sold close to 15,000 times and I believe it may be the most popular education WordPress theme out there. For e-learning, learning management, teaching and training centers, University education and even primary schools, this theme has everything you need to achieve great success. In whatever online course they are taking. That’s exactly what offers.

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WPMLS, Learning, Collaboration, Education Theme

WPMLS, that’s a mouthful.  But, it’s also one of the best WordPress themes for online education ever made.  I absolutely love this theme. As a learning management system for online education, this template has plenty to offer. This mobile-friendly theme is great for continuing education, education training centers, corporate training websites, coaching centres, tutoring, colleges, universities, academies and schools of all sort. This is a full-service e-learning WordPress theme for course management, instructor and student management and plenty more. You can create and sell courses online and all of the features that this team offers make it one of the most stunning and popular education themes ever. It’s simply put, packed with features. The steam supports woocommerce, has tons of different options for Designing online courses and managing them, you can sell courses and a ton more. It’s really a full-service name and considering it’s been downloaded close to 20,000 times, it’s also an incredibly popular option for any sort of online education.

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iAcademy Online Learning and Education Theme

This theme is called iAcademy.  The iAcademy WordPress theme has so many features, I highly recommend it as an education WordPress theme and since received a perfect 5 star rating on ThemeForest, I guess I’m not the only one.  Let’s take a look at more of the iAcademy theme features. iAcademy has four user-friendly and practical course shortcodes, single course layouts with detailed showcase Pages, you can create quizzes and lectures quickly and easily with this team and everything is incredibly user-friendly.

There are a dozen distinct and beautiful homepage styles that can be customized to perfectly fit with your needs. This is a mobile-friendly theme and considering the importance of responsive, mobile first design, you’ll get all the benefits that come with thinking of your mobile users first and foremost. This theme is WooCommerce ready, offers in Advent calendar that allows you to display classes in a gorgeous calendar layout with search functionality. That can help make finding the specific courses much easier. This theme is also bbPress ready, that allows you to create an online community where students can help one another learn and communicate in a well-designed and beautiful online forum.

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Baby House

Baby House WordPress Theme for Kids Education

Baby house is a kids and preschool daycare WordPress theme that has all the functionality and flexibility you need to use it for more than its stated purpose. This bootstrap powered theme is well-documented and responsive, it’s great for child care centers, Creative Education programs for children, kindergartens, play schools and Preschool tutors. With a powerful page builder, you’ll have flexibility to change the layout to fit exactly what you need. There are two basic homepage layout Styles, both of them flat and colorful, appealing to children and their parents alike. There are 10 different page Styles included as well and this totally responsive theme looks great on all devices. Parents of young children are always on the go and saving them Time by having a properly displaying, fast loading website is always helpful. That can certainly help drive more business to your education program.

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Studeon Education Center, Training Courses WordPress Themes

Fresh and responsive, clean, stylish and modern, Studeon is a perfect solution for all sorts of Education establishments. If you need a website for a College, University, training firm, webinar Company, online tutorials, University or College, the Studeon  WordPress theme could be perfect. This theme is user-friendly for both student and teacher, it’s great for educational blogs and informational magazines. For learning events and graduate students, I really love the Elegant Style and flexible design of Studeon . This team has a perfect five star rating on themeforest, it’s widget ready, responsive and Incredibly well-documented. It’s even got a cool booking feature to help set up appointments, their online course descriptions and class schedules, online learning lesson plans and tons more. This is a full-featured theme that is well supported, well-documented and certainly one of the best education themes I’ve run across in last year.

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Kid’s Play

Kids Play WordPress Theme for Children

Kids Play is a WordPress theme perfect for preschools, day care centers, arts and craft classes, and other kid-related sites. This theme has a responsive design, allowing your site to be viewed in excellent quality through a variety of devices, hence, users can access it anytime, anywhere.

The theme is user friendly, as it allows you to easily create a website that would fit your desired purpose. It is fully customizable, allowing you to create cheerful and beautiful sliders, choose from different color options, customize your headers and footers, select your desired icons, and many other custom features. Drag and drop options when editing helps you structure your website with ease.

The theme comes with some pre-made layouts for children, making it more convenient for you to build your website. It provides an auto backup option, ensuring that your site’s data is kept safe. Kids Play supports the WPML WordPress plugin to let your site adapt to the different languages of your viewers. It is SEO optimized, which would guarantee excellent ranks for your site in search engine results. It is also retina ready, to give your site a sharper and crisper look. The theme’s one-click installation enables you to download and update the theme with ease.

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Eduhub WordPress Education and Online Learning Theme

Eduhub is a fun, colorful and creative WordPress education theme that I’d like you to consider. This seem has a cheerful and professional style, Vivid graphics and several different creative homepages that can seamlessly engage with parents and their young children. It’s template has a lot of cool, appealing effects when hovering over text, clicking on something as well as lewd animations. So, those features are fun, but what about the guts of this WordPress theme. Well, this well coated template offers WPBakery page builder plugin, WooCommerce support, slider Revolution, Mega menu and tons more. The same as mobile and responsive, fluid and dynamic and it supports right-to-left languages and multi-language support. This is a great way for any online learning center, Academy, school or daycare center to create a fantastic website that everyone of all ages will love.

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Basil, Art of Cooking WordPress Cooking Classes

Basil is WordPress and that was primarily designed for cooking classes and workshops. That may seem like it’s a bit too specific, but I think that it has the flexibility to work for plenty of different types of websites. Education is more important than ever and a lot of that education is happening online, so online cooking courses could be a real up and coming topic. This Basil WordPress theme works perfect for cooking schools, cooking workshops, for sharing recipes, cookbooks and even selling products. But, there’s no reason to limit Basil to just the food service industry, it’s clean and flexible enough to work for any online learning environment. There’s one click demo installation, this team is professionally designed and coded perfectly, it’s user-friendly and highly adaptable, certainly a great choice for online education courses.

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Magic Creche Respinsive, User-Friendly WordPress Education Theme

This Magicreche theme has a fun and kid-friendly Style that is colorful and well designed. It is responsive and retina ready, translation ready and Magicreche includes quite a number of short codes to help make your life easier when it comes to adding features and functions to your website. Built for preschools and other primary level education courses or programs, this bootstrap coated theme is all about education and events. Montessori schools, play schools, preschools and other sorts of programs will really get the most out of it. The theme options panel is very simple to use, there are multiple different sections that are built specifically for education websites that help to make the parents of potential students feel comfortable and safe. That’s a very important thing and I think this template does a great job of accomplishing the task.

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Carry Hill School

Carry Hill WordPress Education Theme for Primary Schools

Finding a really high quality kids education WordPress theme has been a bit of a challenge. It’s one Niche where a lot of the designs are not particularly good or the code is not up to the standards that we want to have.. Hill School avoids all of those issues. This responsive theme has a drag-and-drop page builder included, it has both full with and box layout, you can use any one of the hundreds of different Google fonts for typography and it just looks great overall. This template has all the features you need to build a great website for a school, kindergarten, craft classes aimed at children or something else entirely. There’s documentation and helpful videos to help get you started and the support from the developer has proven to be effective and friendly.

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Kids Voice School

Kids Voice WordPress Education Theme

This theme is called Kids Voice School. It’s a responsive WordPress theme with tons of admin features and a highly customizable slider up top. That’s a real attention-getter. This theme includes plenty of short codes and about a dozen different color schemes. There are custom widgets and the HTML and PSD files are also included. This is a beautiful design for children schools, child care and any arts and crafts website that you could possibly imagine. This thing has been recently updated to stay compatible with the newest versions of WordPress and the developer supports it with all their energy. This theme has been sold over two thousand times, quite a large number for an education theme. Well there are plenty of options out there for Education themes, this is certainly among the most popular and I think it is for a reason. It’s certainly worth considering if you want a fun and Whimsical Style for a younger audience.

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Happy Kids

HappyKids WordPress Theme for Primary Schooling

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Baby Kids

Baby Kids, Primary School Education Theme for WordPress

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MasterStudy Online Education and LMS WordPress Theme

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University WordPress Education an Online Training Theme

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