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Best WordPress Flat Themes, Simple, Clean and Modern

August 21, 2018
WordPress Flat Themes

We found a whole bunch of the best flat WordPress themes that we could find and that’s what this collection is going to be about. Flat WordPress themes are similar to minimalist themes and that they are clean in their design and very simple to look at. Flat themes don’t have any drop shadows, they generally use very basic layouts and the flat WordPress themes that we’ve chosen for this collection represent the absolute best that we could find.

Every single one of these flat themes are all responsive so they look great on any device including handheld and mobile devices. Some are eCommerce ready so you can set up a WooCommerce store on your website. Many of them offer portfolio options to Showcase images or projects that you’ve worked on. And all of them also offer attractive blog Solutions so that you can post to your heart’s content. After all that’s what WordPress is all about. So here they are the finest flat WordPress themes that we could find in 2018.


Ukiyo Flat WordPress Themes

The Ukiyo WordPress theme is a fresh and modern portfolio theme for agencies and Freelancers. The clean and flat style has proven to be very popular for many online creative agencies. The amount of flexibility that a flat WordPress theme can deliver is part of the reason why. It helps to make your projects, products and images look great. There’s no distractions from your content with a well-designed flat template. This responsive theme has plenty of different features to help make running your website easy. I think Ukiyo is certainly worth considering.

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Shutter WordPress Minimalist ThemeFuse Theme

This template is called Shutter, it’s a responses and flat WordPress portfolio and blog combination for photographers and designers. There are five different demo Styles included with this Phim. Each one is well thought out, well-designed and helps to make your images and posts look great. If you’re looking for a flat photography theme, this is one of the better ones on the market. This responsive template can be customized very easily and even transformed into something totally different. It’s all based on what you are websites needs are and shutter is able to help deliver on that promise.

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Eames Minimalist Blog, Portfolio and WooCommerce Theme

The Eames WordPress theme is another template created by made by minimal. With each and every one of the made by minimal themes, are clean and simple, modern an effective design. Each one of their themes is woocommerce ready and perfect for blogs and portfolio. If you want a very simple and flat design, one of the made by minimal themes might be a great fit. Each one of their templates is well supported and well-documented. And every one of their templates comes with a year of great support. Plenty of people have been satisfied with their purchase of one of these amazing, minimal style themes.

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Collecto WordPress Minimalist Magazine Themes

The Collecto WordPress theme was inspired by glossy, slick fashion magazines. This flat and well laid out template makes for a very impactful website that gets the point across. What’s the point you ask? The point is style. This template is great for magazines or blogs, it offers woocommerce support and with the cool, clean and sleek flat style that this theme offers, your content will never be overshadowed by Design Elements. That’s what a great flat and mineral theme is all about.

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Eero WordPress Minimalist Blog and Portfolio Theme

The Eero WordPress theme completely clean and stylish at the same time. It’s tough to have a theme. That is any simpler than the Eero theme. There’s really nothing left to take away from this template, otherwise you would be left with a blank page. Nobody wants that. Eero is a template that was created by minimal, a theme developer that has been around for a few years now. They do a great job with all of their minimalist templates and they have ensured that each one is perfectly responsive, works with woocommerce and is incredibly stylish.

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Cre8or WordPress Minimalist portfolio Themes

Cre8or  is a beautiful flat eCommerce theme from Tesla Themes. This response is beauty has incredible typography and a fine attention to detail. When you want to present your content in the most professional way, I think it flat style WordPress theme is often a really good choice. Flat themes 10 to present content with little to no distraction and that gets and keeps people’s attention better than themes with a lot of ornate designs. That’s just my opinion, but a lot of other people feel the same way. Cre8or uses fun and funky typography to highlight your posts and products and the responsive design looks great on every device tested. This is a high-quality theme that you can purchase with confidence.

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Milo Minimalist WordPress Multipurpose Themes

This template is called Milo and it’s yet another great flat and simple template from made by minimal. Made by minimal creates nothing but beautiful, woocommerce ready, responses and well-styled WordPress themes. Milo is a flat, beautiful theme for both blog and portfolio. If you’d like to add an online shop, you can simply install woocommerce and you’ll be ready to go in no time. With the flat style of this theme, there’s no distractions from your content. Your products, posts and pages, not to mention your images, will practically jump off the screen. They will be the center of attention.

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Amio Clean, White Space Filled WordPress minimal theme

Amio is a clean multipurpose WordPress theme with a flat design that suitable for just about any type of blog or business. You can create a gorgeous flat portfolio, and agency website, a freelance portfolio and plenty more. This Amio WordPress theme was released in January of 2017 and since then it’s gotten a perfect rating of 5 stars. It’s only sold 150 times, but it’s still great that nobody has just like this thing. This woocommerce ready theme has a very minimalist Style that is also flat in nature. It can perfectly frame your creative work with no distractions.

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CoupShop Minimalist WordPress eCommerce Theme

The CoupShop WordPress theme is an engaging flat eCommerce theme that has a bold and attractive Style. There is absolutely nothing in this template that will distract your readers. The shop is incredibly simple, and it uses a hidden cart that’s always just a tap away. Perfectly formatted for landscape style or portrait Dimensions, this template has a Blog and portfolio that keep your readers coming back from work. They didn’t forget about typography either, this template has over 800 Google fonts that you can swap out as you choose. Flat themes are a great way to drive attention to your products or pages and with the responsive design, jetpack support, Photoshop files included and all of the great support resources you got, I can highly recommend the CoupShop template.

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Turan Flat WordPress eCommerce Themes

This Ecommerce WordPress theme is called Turan. This bold, masculine theme has they flat style to help make a great first impression on your readers. This flat style lends itself to almost any topic. Whether you’re selling products, blogging or showing all the portfolio of recent work, Turan helps frame everything you do incredibly well. Flat themes are always popular because they work for almost any type of contact. With Turan, they’ve added a few new wrinkles that make the same look a little different than some others. I like the typography and the all-around bold and aggressive style of this template.

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Weston ultimate Minimalist Style WordPress Theme

The Weston WordPress theme is a flat and clean WordPress theme that was created by ThemeTrust. ThemeTrust does a great job with all of their responsive themes and the Westin theme a really great example of what they have to offer. I think this template works great for businesses and blogs, portfolios and even Ecommerce Solutions. Weston was built with usability and sustainability in mind, it’s very simple to adapt this theme to work for whatever website you want to use it for.  I really love everything about this theme.

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Pond WordPress Minimalist Digital Agency Theme

Pond is a fabulous looking flat, minimalist and creative WordPress theme that has the type of design that really helps your website stand out. Pond is a great option for either you’re or your clients website, if you want bold and stylish looks as well as tons of features, this template might just be the ticket. There are several unique features in this flat WordPress theme, viewport borders, split sections, overlay hairstyles, unique pagination, Parallax as well as video backgrounds, easy demo importer, page builder, full typography control as well as free updates and tremendous support from the developer.

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Inverto Clean Modern Minimal WordPress Theme

This theme, Inverto, is a highly rated theme that uses a black and white color palette to tell a story. The story is all about your content, of course. With heavy use of typography and a monochrome look, this personal blog and portfolio theme is very memorable. This template might be too specific for some taste, but I think that it looks great. For a flat, black and white style template, this is among the best choices out there. In fact, there aren’t any other themes quite like this one.

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Divi WordPress Portfolio Theme

It’s no secret that Divi is one of the best WordPress themes out there, it’s well made and completely flexible. You can use the Divi WordPress theme to create almost any sort of website, about any subject matter. Divi uses the ultimate WordPress page builder plugin, the Divi Builder, and it allows you to build anything you want visually. You have absolute control over design layouts, Global elements, colors, fonts, layouts and plenty more. With the Divi theme you can construct a simple, flat and beautiful template. There are even quite a few pre-made layouts that come with the Divi Builder and plenty more are available online.

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Soledad Multipurpose Minimalist WordPress Blog Theme

Soledad is a wildly popular flat WordPress theme that just keeps getting better and better. Soledad is constantly being updated and upgraded, so it’s always got the most recent features available. This clean, creative WordPress blog, eCommerce and portfolio template is truly multipurpose. If you want create a clean and flat blog or magazine site, this template works amazingly well. It’s even got the ability to let you create a flat online store. You can sell products of any sort with a template like Soledad.

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Tabor WordPress Minimalist Home Page Theme


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Elegance Pro

Elegance Pro WordPress Minimalist Blog Themes



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Cobian Attractive Flat WordPress Theme


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Status WordPress Flat Magazine Theme


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LuckyShop Flat Simple WordPress eCommerce Themes


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UX Shop

UX Shop Flat WordPress Theme for eCommerce

UXShop is all about the user experience. That’s probably why they call it UXShop ? This template has been downloaded over 600 times and it still has a perfect rating. That’s pretty impressive, considering nearly 40 people have rated this template five stars. I think these stunning design is a big reason why. This handsome, flat and modern theme uses the visual composer page builder to allow you to construct a site that looks exactly like you want. With all of the flat design elements, there’s no distraction from your products, Pages or posts. This template has all the tools needed to build a really successful Shop with a fashionable, trendy flat style.

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