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Best WordPress Fullscreen Themes, Wide Screen, Full Width Portfolios

WordPress Fullscreen Themes

Each and every one of the themes in this huge collection is designed to be a great looking WordPress fullscreen theme. Fullscreen WordPress themes are built to make your images look dazzling, utilizing the full width of the browser or to deliver a great impression to every visitor. If you want to maximize the impact that your images have on your readers, a full-width template is a great solution.

Each and every theme in this collection is built to be eye-catching, easy to use and easy to customize. For portfolios, blogs and even eCommerce websites, many website owners, artists and developers love the full-screen style because it is stylish, swanky and cool. These themes give you the ideal template to craft an amazing portfolio website, making your images or even videos look fantastic. Some of these themes have background images, While others have slideshows, including the Ken Burns style slideshow, While others are perfect for fullscreen video clips.

No matter what type of full screen templates beautiful the interest of. If you are prospecting for new clients, fullscreen. Hopefully, you can find at least one or two themes that are just what you’re looking for, but as always, we’ll keep searching for amazing new themes as they’re released, so this collection is worth coming back to again and again.

CoupShop, Fullscreen WordPress Theme with WooCommerce

CoupShop Minimalist WordPress eCommerce Theme

This theme is called CoupShop and it’s a really nice choice for fullscreen eCommerce sites. This theme has a very clean and minimal style about it, but that hides a great secret. The secret, all of the amazing features that help to make it one of the better. Rainy Commerce teams out there. You really should take a few moments to explore what is possible with this template. CoupShop offers multiple layout options, anywhere from two to five columns can be set up with just a few clicks. That’s great if you’ve got quite a number of products to promote. The shopping cart is always just a Tap Away, prominently placed and easy to find for all users. This theme includes a Blog and portfolio, necessary components to building a successful business. The typography is handled by Google fonts and since it’s in this collection of full screen themes, the full screen layout is stunning and impressive to say the least.

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Elison, Clean, Modern Full Screen WordPress Theme

Elison, Responsive, Multipurpose WordPress Fullscreen Theme

Elison is a retina ready multi-purpose fullscreen WordPress theme with tons of great features that really elevate it from an average theme to one of the best templates available. Elison support WooCommerce , there are great looking and smooth operating animations, this theme is great for artists and displaying artwork using the full width of your visitors browser. If you want to add background videos, this theme is a clean and creative way to harness the power of fullscreen design and since it’s a multi-purpose theme, it’s not just about portfolios. Elison offers Parallax scrolling options and this theme is completely responsive so that it looks amazing on every device. For those who want to create a sort of panoramic feeling to their website, Elison is a theme that delivers a lot of style and even more features.

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Scene One, Full Screen WordPress Portfolio Theme

SceneOne FullScreen Photography Theme for WordPress

This theme is called SceneOne, it’s a beautiful photography theme for using the full browser with to deliver Maximum Impact for all sorts of creative content. This digital agency theme is great for full-width image galleries, it offers Parallax scrolling and it can even double as an attractive personal blog. For photo bloggers or photographers, graphic designers or videographers, this template is a great option. You don’t need a ton of experience to use SceneOne, there are photo proofing and client management galleries built in, there is a fully stocked photo gallery to help get you started, this theme integrates perfectly with many popular plugins including WooCommerce, Yoast SEO and MailChimp. This template also includes Revolution slider and it is highly SEO optimized theme that really makes full screen images look great.

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Joker, Video and Photo Portfolio, Fullscreen

Joker Photography and Videography Full Screen Theme for WordPress

Joker is a photo and video portfolio WordPress theme that has fullscreen options for both photos and video clips. For personal blogs, photo albums, photography galleries, photography and video portfolios, this highly rated and professional WordPress theme presents a beautiful style, retina ready and responsive display as well as over a dozen fresh and Majestic home page layouts. They’ve created tons of different layouts, many of which utilize fullscreen style, though there are several grid portfolio options as well. Whole experience of this template is going to be delightful for every visitor to your website. If you have been looking for theme to help deliver an incredible impact, Joker could be a great choice for you.

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Flashlight, Flexible FullScreen WordPress Theme

Flashlight Image Portfolio Theme for Full Width Images

Flashlight is a fullscreen background portfolio theme that is among the most popular fullscreen themes in the history of themeforest. With nearly 5,000 sales so far, this theme doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. This SEO friendly theme is going to blow you away with six different Gallery Styles, fullscreen of course, masonry Grid, in line slideshow, classic three-column, default WordPress style as well as inline attached galleries. You can add a slick-looking online shop with the power of woocommerce and on every page, you will have the ability to deliver a great user experience by dazzling your visitors with amazing fullscreen Images.

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ePix, Full-Screen WordPress Photography Portfolio

ePix, Full Screen WordPress Photo Portfolio Theme

Are you a photographer or do you have a Showcase of amazing images that you want to promote on the internet? If so, ePix is a great option to create a perfect-looking WordPress photography portfolio website. This template is great for photographers or other sorts of creative professionals looking for the best way to Showcase their work using the full width of the visitors browser. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fashion designer, wedding photographer or a creative agency or Studio, this feature packed WordPress theme is a splendid and helpful ways to make your images and projects look incredible. You will be showcasing your work in no time with the visual page builder, one click demo install and you can even sell products, thanks to perfect eCommerce integration. If you want to multiply your business quickly, a great-looking fullscreen theme like ePix is a tool that can really help achieve your goals, no matter what you’re doing.

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Altitude Pro

Altitude Pro, WordPress One Page, Full Screen Parallax Themes

Altitude Pro is a cool looking, parallax scrolling fullscreen WordPress theme that’s going to knock your socks off.  With smooth scrolling parallax design, the impact of this site is incredible, it’s eye catching and memorable, it frames all your posts, images and products with style and graceful functionality.  Grab your reader’s attention and never let go with Altitude.  Great for showcasing images, products and more, this Genesis framework theme loads up fast and right every time.  Altitude Pro was built with precisely one purpose in mind, to show off your content in a very professional way that makes your content practically jump off the page.  Your online business will really benefit from this kind of parallax theme.  For those familiar with Genesis Framework child themes, you know that they make updates to WordPress incredibly pain-free, since there’s no chance of your site breaking when you update.  Genesis is also completely and utterly responsive, making for a great user experience on all kinds of devices, large and small.  Altitude Pro wouldn’t be complete without an online shop solution so the theme-makers have included a great looking shop powered by WooCommerce or the WordPress shopping cart of your choice.

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Photonic, WordPress Photography Portfolio with Fullscreen Layout

Photonic, Gorgeous Fullscreen WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

Photonic is another grateful screen photography theme that has a feature-rich environment for adapting this template for almost any sort of use. For visual artists, professional or amateur photographers, photo enthusiastic or anybody else who needs to create a website that is centered around photography. This theme creates a harmonious environment for photographers to create a start-up website, a complete and full-featured business Solution for freelance artists, it’s great for wedding photographers who want to show off their previous work and it’s even great for Creative companies who want to have a successful and dazzling business that lures in new clients all the time. There are 10 different fullscreen image layouts, for header pipes and this theme also offers photo proofing, which is always a great idea for any professional photographer.

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PhotoReactive, Full-Screen Photo Portfolio Theme

Photoreactive, Fullscreen WordPress Wide Frame Theme for Photography

PhotoReactive is a great-looking WordPress theme for  fullscreen photography portfolios. This template offers woocommerce support, it’s wpml ready and that means it can be translated into any language on Earth.  With a very solid 4.62 rating on themeforest and well over a thousand sales, this has been one of the most popular creative agency themes that offers fullscreen  background images on every page. WordPress is always a great way to go when you’re creating a beautiful, ethereal and amusing looking website and this template can really help you achieve your goals. For Creative agencies, this lyrical Beauty can help you use the entire width of the page to give a beautiful and influential experience to all your viewers.

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Darkroom, WordPress Theme for Photographers

Darkroom, Full Width Image Portfolio and Gallery Theme

This theme is called dark room it’s a fullscreen photography studio that is minimal, responsive, offers fullscreen slide shows as well as fullscreen videos. Darkroom is woocommerce ready, so configuring a beautiful and gigantic online shop should be no problem at all. It’s a real Breeze, using I’m customizing this template. Visitors have the option of toggling full-screen mode to display background slideshows, images and video on each and every page. I think that’s a really cool feature and it’s part of what sets this great-looking agency and creative theme apart from others. There are Ken Burns slideshows, this minimalist portfolio theme is great for photography or graphic art logo design or wedding photography. I think this SEO optimized theme should be one that you consider if you’re looking for a fantastic full width WordPress theme.

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Twofold, Clean Fullscreen Portfolio Theme

Twofold WordPress Theme for Fullscreen Images and Videos

Twofold is a clean and minimalist premium photography theme that is one of the highest rated themes on themeforest. With the full-screen slider, you can even put thumbnails off to the side to preview what’s coming next. There’s a Ken Burns style slideshow, Cube affect, you can showcase your images with two columns splits or even split one image into two columns. It’s a little different, you’ll have to take a look at the demo. There are vertical Parallax scrolling features, split titles and a beautiful looking fullscreen video option. Is theme can be used as a one-page template or a multi-page template. No matter what you choose, this creative fullscreen theme is great for personal blogs, photography blogs Golf tographer and it’s going to make all your images look incredible.

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Kinetika, Popular Fullscreen Studio Theme

Kinetika Fullscreen Video an Photography WordPress Theme

Kinetika has all the options you could possibly want to create an amazing fullscreen photography portfolio. There’s a fullscreen slideshow, fullscreen photo wall and Carousel, slideshows with audio, you can  add YouTube or Vimeo fullscreen videos, there are page background slideshows as well as page background videos. This responsive and retina ready theme is a marvelous solution for photographers who want to add woocommerce support as well. There are photo proven galleries, tons of different portfolio showcase functions and what sets it all off, the gorgeous. Reen photography style. If you’ve been looking for one of the more popular full with themes, Kinetika is it. This template has  been sold over 4,000 times and it’s got us strong 4.62 rating on theme of forest.

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Fortun, Beautiful Full-Screen Photography Portfolio

Fortun Full Screen Photography Parallax Portfolio Theme

If you want to wow your visitors with eye-popping images and graphics that practically jumped off the screen, this theme is a great place to begin. This Fortun photography theme is suited for creative agencies and professional photographers, it has a huge amount of layout possibilities, there are multiple different image galleries that you can choose from.  And the features don’t stop there, this theme is incredibly personable and versatile, it has 18 different modern and stylish, easy to use and powerful demo styles. Don’t see what you like? Well, Visual Composer is included so that you can create your own if you don’t see something that you love right away. The customer support is fantastic, the documentation is thorough and with a perfect five star rating on ThemeForest, this theme is certainly well worth considering for a full screen photography portfolio.

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Vignette WordPress Fullscreen Video Theme

Vignette, Fullscreen WordPress Video Theme

Full screen themes aren’t just about images, they can be great for showcasing video as well. Vignette is one such theme, it has a brave and noteworthy design that helps place your video content front and center, utilizing the full width of your viewers browser. It’s impossible to look away from stunning and captivating experience like the one provided by this theme. I think that this theme is very simple to use, Easy to customize and it is generally well made. This is one of the most popular themes in our collection of video templates, so it shouldn’t be right at home here in our full screen theme collection.

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Aagen, Full-Screen Creative Digital Agency Theme

Aagen, Creative Agency Material Design Theme

Modern and adventurous, visually appealing and highly detailed, this WordPress theme is a full screen template that is ideal for all sorts of businesses. Creative agencies and startups, digital agencies, consulting firms and marketing companies would love this well-made theme. It’s a great way to have a very productive website that helps your visitors to make the decision to do business with your company. This is a sparkling and attractive, delightful and well-crafted template. The features are not just an afterthought, this theme uses of visual composer to help you develop a breathtaking and attractive layout with all the features your website needs. This template comes with numerous different pre-made styles and an ocean of amazing features, each one simple use and simple to customize. There’s social media integration, this highly SEO optimized template offers fantastic support and it’s gotten rave reviews on ThemeForest.

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Eram, WordPress Photography Theme

This is Eram, it’s creative, it’s unique, it’s a great solution for those of you looking for a well made, feature filled, user friendly grid layout for your WordPress portfolio.  You can set up a modern, artistic portfolio with just a few clicks and Eram makes that process effortless, which means you’ll make a great first impression fast.  Eram is well made, well built, incredibly easy to use, spectacular looking in it’s design and functionality, it’s filled with easy to use and creative features.  Eram is solidly coded, dynamic and flexible visually, perfectly responsive, ideal for wedding photographers, big and small advertising companies, boutique-shop design firms, online marketing companies (no matter the product) or any sort of designers. Everyone knows, to show off your portfolio well, you need a theme that’s superlative in design, has a graceful style and one that delivers a lot of helpful support and documentation.  Eram is all of that and more.  Eram is responsive so that the grid portfolio page looks amazing on virtually any device.

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