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Best WordPress Grid Themes, Masonry, Isotope Portfolio Themes

August 21, 2018
WordPress Grid Themes

More and more people are turning to WordPress grid themes to showcase their artwork and products, as well as to attract potential customers or clients. Some just want to show off their amazing artwork to the world, no matter what your need is, you’ll need a very strong and professional presence to attract the attention of your target audience and to out rank the competition. With this collection of masonry themes or grid-style templates, you give your content a little extra something to set yourself apart from normal portfolio sites. What masonry is, is a plug out based on jQuery code and it allows your images to seamlessly float in the position and position themselves in a natural, attractive grid. You don’t have to do any of the work, the plug-in does it all for you.

I think that masonry grid themes are a particularly trendy and attractive layout style, because they make your website look so organized and clean. Your images will look better together than they do separate. The result is a clean and well-organized layout that makes your images really pop, giving your readers a pleasant user experience. If you’re just getting started with a brand new website or your revamping an old site, it’s always a great idea to have the most attractive and clean-cut layout possible. I think that’s what masonry grid WordPress themes do for you.  If you’d like to see more themes for portfolios, check out our collection of WordPress portfolio themes.  There’s something for everyone in that collection.


Overton WordPress Metro Style Portfolio for Photography

Overton is a multi concept WordPress theme for agencies, Freelancers, artists of all kinds and the Beautiful metro-style gridlayout pictured above, is one of the most attractive things I’ve seen in 2018. This well-documented, responsive agency and branding theme is perfect for digital agencies, photographers, portfolios and projects of all kinds and it creates an online showcase to highlight all of your content professionally and beautifully. If you employ the Overton WordPress theme, you won’t have to juggle the images yourself, the plugins do all the hard work for you behind the scenes. If you want an invincible WordPress theme, with bullet proof styling and a sassy and deeply futuristic style, I think the Overton theme could be a good choice for you

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Vulcano WordPress Creative Portfolio Grid Theme

Vulcano is a grid WordPress theme from Tesla, one of my favorite theme producers. This theme is strong in its style, the grid layout is supple and responsive and it makes for a great way to display all of your content. This remarkable WordPress theme has an elastic style that works for nearly any type of portfolio and with it, you can deliver the kind of user experience you’ve always wanted to. If you’re starting up a brand new website or you are choosing to Rebrand an older site, this theme can produce tangible benefits thanks to its responsive design and political features that make your blogging experience a positive one.

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Ink Creative WordPress Grid Portfolio Theme

Theme Trust’s Ink WordPress theme is a veteran template that’s been around the block a few times, but it still has enough design style and features to prove worthy of inclusion on this list of the top WordPress grid themes. The structure of Ink is highly adaptable and responsive, the grid layout is attractive and easy to use and the zesty style is only surpassed by the plentiful features and the elastic, organic and user-friendly method of customizing this template.  Simple, elegant and clean, this theme makes your content the star of the show and with it’s perfect responsive design, it makes your content shine on every single device out there, no matter the screen size.

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Mellow, Simple, Clean, Grid Blog and Portfolio

Mellow is a remarkable and minimalist WordPress portfolio theme that uses an advanced grid layout to make your content look perfect. To run a successful portfolio, you need to make a great first impression on every visitor to your website. It’s not a question of whether they will enjoy it with the Mellow WordPress theme, this template has a light and Airy style that displays flawlessly on all screen sizes, thanks to perfect responsive-design. It’s impossible to understate how important that factor is, responsive themes deliver a positive user experience on all devices. Considering how many people will a light on, it’s more important than ever that you deliver a marvelous experience for all users, no matter what device they choose.

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Ridge WordPress, Clean, Masonry Grid Design Creative Theme

Ridge is a grid portfolio and Blog theme that was designed with professionals in mind. This portfolio template makes your work the center of attention, delivering a harmonious and hunting experience. This theme is powerful and glamorous, it’s as in chanting to use on the front end as it is on the back. It’s very simple to adapt this template to fit your sights branding, whether you are website is very glamorous or more blue collar. If you’re curious about the features of the Ridge WordPress theme, take a look at the demo sites below and I think you’ll like what you see.

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Huntt, Modern, Masonry Grid Blog Theme

Huntt is a simple and professional WordPress blog theme that has sort of a Pinterest inspired style about it. This magazine theme is all about bringing visual content to the widest audience possible. Huntt is a beautiful and minimalist blog and magazine theme that is highly visually oriented and there’s no clutter to get in the way of your content. I think the Huntt WordPress theme is ideal for online magazines, no matter what topic they are about. Huntt creates a hospitable environment for reader and bloggers alike, there are numerous helpful features to allow you to optimize and customize your website, there are beautiful single page layouts with portrait or landscape orientation, it’s fully scalable no matter how the site is viewed and you can quickly and easily switch up colors and fonts with just a handful of clicks.

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Solar, Grid Blog WordPress Theme

Solar is a very popular blog theme with a beautiful grid-style. This theme boasts of A youthful look, it’s got a roomie design and this theme is very even tempered. If you want to bring the public your content, you will need the proper framework to get the job done and solar is a theme that fits the bill. This theme is suitable for any topic, since it’s got a highly adaptable flat style and you’ll really set the scene with plenty of white space and simple navigation tools.

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Universe Clean Grid Portfolio Theme for WordPress

Universe is a multi-purpose steam with an attractive grid layout to help create an amazing portfolio, agency, business site, photography portfolio or blog. That’s just the beginning, this multi-purpose WordPress theme is incredibly responsive and powered by the Tesla Framework, which makes it load fast and look great on all devices. In terms of customization, Tesla has provided all the tools needed to create a sophisticated WordPress website that is relatively inexpensive to build. If you want to entertain the largest crowds possible on your website, this Placid and full-featured theme is a highly effective way to deliver a great user experience to every visitor on your website.

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Shape Masonry Grid Portfolio and Blog

Shape is one of the most popular themes that teslathemes has ever released. This template is ideal for Creative agencies, whether it’s a digital production house or an advertising agency, perhaps even a PR firm, as well as photography websites, portfolios and blogs. Shape is meant to Showcase all of your work and projects through liberal use of beautiful images. You can see in the example website provided, this template is clear and enjoyable for all readers. And for webmasters, it’s been painstakingly crafted to be incredibly user-friendly and never clumsy and its ability to allow for a tailor-made look for your website.

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