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WordPress Landing Page Themes

A lot of times, I landing page is going to be the very first thing that you see when you visit a new website. That’s why it’s so critically important to have an amazing first impression waiting for your visitors. We’ve gathered up so incredible landing page themes that are great for marketing products and services alike. Some of these landing page templates use just one page to capture your visitors attention, the many of them have multi package options as well.

If you’re launching a product, you know how much hard work you’ve spent crafting it and making sure that it was ready for the market. It’s very important that you give your product or service the best chance of success on the web, and a great looking landing page could be a wonderful first step in building your business. Unfortunately, many WordPress themes don’t work well as a landing page, at least not without adding plugins and add-ons, sometimes those can create conflicts and provide a poor user experience.

But you landing page themes in this collection are a fantastic way to highlight and showcase what you have to offer. You can impress your visitors with beautiful images, informative videos and even user testimonials. It all depends on what you have to offer, and what your marketing strategy is. These themes are flexible enough to work for just about any sort of product, sending your visitors into a sales funnel that can really convert. I think that the use themes in this collection represent the absolute best landing page templates around, hopefully you find something that you really enjoy.


Divi WordPress Landing Page Theme

Divi is certainly one of the most well-known WordPress themes around. There are hundreds of pre-made templates or skins for this WordPress theme, each one can give your website a slightly different look. It’s no surprise to find that there are plenty of different landing page options that make use of Divi and the powerful Divi page builder. I’m not linking to Divi itself here, this is a write up of several great looking landing page themes that are available from a variety of different sellers.

This is one of a pack of 8 great WordPress landing page layouts for Divi.  These are all relatively cheap and you can see all 8 of them if you click the demo below.  I think it’s a really great resource for landing page themes.

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Techstore, WordPress Tech Landing Page Themes

This attractive WooCommerce enabled WordPress design, called TechStore, is a fantastic and smart way for you to get started with a web business, even if maybe you’re not a skilled professional in coding, since it can be very easily changed to fit your needs. And at a very reasonable price, you won’t break the bank getting your site online.  This streamlined style looks incredible on each and every kind of computer since it’s designed to be responsive. When you are creating a web business, clients are plainly vitally important so permitting them to gain access to your web site at any place at any time is essential.  I really like this Techstore template for a landing page, though it is a full service WooCommerce theme too.

WooCommerce provides all the tools you will need to set up a venture swiftly and well and this lovely, well put together and cool eCommerce template is the 1st step on a route to setting up your own company. If you’re promoting boots and shoes, garments, devices, downloadable goods like films, videos, mp3s or software, this great looking theme is a good option because it is so versatile.

With a great WooCommerce template you may make a site to market clothing, shoes or boots or anything else. High tech goods and gadgets will work especially well, though the choice is obviously yours.  There are lots of advantages that will assist you market your merchandise in incredible style, such as galleries, menus and a range of templates to choose from that offer your website a wonderful appearance. The assistance offered with this template is second to none, so you can feel confident when you come across problems you are going to have assistance as needed.

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Materialism WordPress all around multiuse theme

Materialism is a material design style WordPress theme for landing pages. This template allows you to promote products or Services, applications and software alike. There are tons of user engagement features, subscription and contact forms, pricing tables and a call to action promo block. This is the perfect combo of modern design with stylish, material design properties. There are plenty of powerful features and the code is incredibly professionally written. This responsive and multipurpose one page WordPress theme is ideal for Creative agency landing pages. This theme is totally responsive and looks great on all devices, which is of growing importance in the new world of mobile devices.

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Oriox WordPress Landing Page, Software theme

The Oriox WordPress theme is a brand new landing page template that was released in August of 2018. I really like the clean and flat style of this template, I think it’s perfect for promotion of software, applications and startups. I landing page theme like Oriox is the first step in building your online business. If your product is modern and professional, clean and well designed, you’ll need a WordPress theme that reflects all of those qualities. Oriox is one such theme, this app showcase is great for SaaS products, software, digital marketing and more.

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Landkit, WordPress Landing Page Builder Theme

If you want an incredibly high performance landing page template, LandKit is an intuitive and Powerful Landing Page Builder theme. This bootstrap paste theme is ideal for high traffic websites where you are bringing in tons of new users every day. With a professional Style and tons of market research that went into its creation, is popular landing page theme is ideal for squeeze Pages, e-books and white papers, lead generation Pages, webinar registration, professional Consultants, product launches, applications showcases, online services and computer software, just to name a few. LandKit is a responsive and well-documented theme, so you shouldn’t run into any problems creating your website. If you have a digital agency and you’re launching a new product, I think that this eCommerce ready landing page theme could be a great solution to your problems.

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Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro WordPress Material Design Portfolio Theme

Hestia Pro was built from the ground up to be an elegant and Powerful one page WordPress theme for businesses who want to make a splashy first impression. I think the same is quite well built and considering the fact that ThemeIsle build it from the ground up with one-page functionality in mind, this isn’t just a cobbled together theme that lacks the features and functions you would hope that it might have. While some of the themes in this collection are based on multi-page themes, this one is not. You should certainly keep that in mind when checking out the demo, one page themes are not necessarily right for everyone. But, if you want a professional and slick way to promote a single service or product, Hestia Pro is certainly a theme to consider.

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Pergo, WordPress Flat Business Theme

Pergo is a multipurpose landing page theme for start up companies, creative websites and Freelancers. This theme does double duty, it’s ideal for personal or corporate websites, it can even be used as a sort of online or resume. With 18 ready-to-use demos and 60 reusable user interface blocks, as well as 8 pre styled inner pages, the Pergo WordPress theme has everything that you need to make a fantastic first impression. When you’re launching a product, you only have one chance to make the right first impression and a modern and stylish WordPress theme like Pergo can really help make the difference. While most people will probably enjoy one of the 18 pre-made layouts Isles, you can always create your own, thanks to Visual Composer, the premium drag and drop page builder, which is included for free.

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Lunatic, App Landing Page Theme for WordPress

Sometimes names can be misleading. You might expect lunatic to be a chaotic and Messi WordPress application landing page theme, but this is one of the cleanest and flattest themes that I’ve run across lately. It’s important for a planning page themes to perform as well as they look. Lunatic as fast loading times, it supports multiple languages, there’s one click demo insulation and a dragon drop page builder that makes it effortless to create an awesome looking landing page. For mobile apps, software-as-a-service, SEO Services, digital downloads and more, is creative and attractive or Christian is a one-stop-shop for creating an amazing looking website.

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Themeify.me, WordPress Drag and Drop Landing Page Theme

Landing is an aptly named WordPress theme, it’s all about letting you grab more subscribers, gain at social media followers and increase your overall traffic to your website. No matter what your main objective is, I hope landing page theme like Landing, can help you design a very effective front page that can convert visitors into action events. If you’re selling products, Landing can really boost your click-through and conversion rates. There are 25 different pre-designed layouts included with the Landing WordPress theme, and I think each one of them has a unique style, so there’s plenty to choose from. For agencies and portfolios, splash pages and even coming soon pages, this attractive landing page template is a fine choice.

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Fortun Full Screen Photography Parallax Portfolio Theme

Fortun is one of the most highly-rated WordPress themes you’re ever going to see, it has a perfect VyStar average on themeforest. I think that’s in large part due to the responsive and versatile nature of this template. The offer is 18 modern demo Styles and the visual composer plug-in is perfectly supported to allow you to create as many layouts as you could possibly want. The theme developer claims that they have a fastidious attention to detail and I can’t disagree, I haven’t found anything wrong with this theme yet, and neither has anyone who has purchased it to this point. This theme offers a very unique look and style and I think you’ll really love the stunning landing page options that are at your fingertips should you purchase it. Almost everything in the Fortun theme that can be customized to fit your needs, it’s really a great feeling to have all of that power in the palm of your hands.

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Ananke WordPress Video Portfolio themes

Ananke is a one page Parallax WordPress theme that I think should be on any short list for people who want a great-looking Parallax landing page. Ananke has powerful theme features, built-in page builder, unlimited layouts and colors and it’s incredibly simple to customize. With both light and dark layouts, the gorgeous Parallax effects can help make your content look fantastic. This responsive and well-documented theme is great for Freelancers, designers, corporate websites and creative websites alike. It’s a great way to make wonderful first impression and I think it could be an awesome landing page theme for your WordPress website

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Aryo, Clean, Flat, Stylish WordPress Landing Page Theme

For online marketers who want to develop a compelling landing page website to promote their products, Aryo is a stylish and attractive option. This theme is clean and flat, it’s incredibly modern and it has quite a number of pre-made demo sites to help you show what this theme can do. I think that for any business who is attempting to promote an online product, the competition is so incredibly high. It’s very important to have a theme that easy to use for your end user, one that looks great on all devices and one that has every feature necessary to promote your products and turn visitors into customers.

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LeadX WordPress Theme for Lead Generation, Apps

LeadX is a marketing WordPress theme and landing page theme, all wrapped into one. This responsive landing page and lead generation theme Works hand in hand with WordPress to help you sell products or Services, maximizing your potential income with it’s incredibly easy to use interface. This is a user-friendly theme for both developer and end user alike. You can craft amazing looking landing page templates and just a few moments and that can really help start the flow of weeds that are the lifeblood of any business. I think that LeadX is incredibly it stylish WordPress template and I feel like it’s going to be very useful for a lot of different types of businesses.

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LaunchKit, WordPress Startup App Promo, Landing Page Theme

LaunchKit is a WooCommerce ready WordPress landing page template that has proven to be quite popular on themeforest. This theme has been downloaded over 2,000 times, its rating is nearly perfect at 4.93 and it is a stylish and easy-to-use template for building a launch page or landing page. When you’re promoting a brand new product, presentation is everything. This is a complete landing page solution and you’ll be able to launch your next service or product with style, presenting your products advantages in a clear and professional way. That can really help convert visitors into buyers. This theme has a refined Style, unlimited color schemes and as many options as you could possibly want to build a great landing page site.

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Monochrome Pro

MonoChrome Pro WordPress Landing Page Theme

Looking for a gorgeous one page WordPress theme with a landing page template built in?  Well, if you’ve been searching for the best minimalist landing page theme, you may have found it.  To think, all it needs is one page to create such an incredible impact on your readers.  I think Monochrome Pro is a gorgeous, simple and clean theme with outstanding typography, a spotless and well-defined layout, with a bountiful amount of other outstanding features. Monochrome Pro lets you sell products on your very own site, since it’s WooCommerce ready.   That’s a big advantage for people who want a temporary landing page theme, since you won’t necessarily have to switch themes once your site goes live.  If you’re simply using Monochrome Pro as a one page ‘splash page’ theme, well, that works great too.

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Pillar, Clean, Friendly WordPress Landing Page Theme

The Pillar WordPress theme is a very popular template for folks who want to build a great landing page website using WordPress. Four agencies and corporate sites, for Creative businesses or portfolios, for digital marketers and Freelancers, this bootstrap coated, WooCommerce ready theme is an outstanding option. There are 26 stunning home pages, so far, and they keep adding new ones all the time. With a hundred and forty unique content blocks, you’ll never run out of options for how to promote your product or service. There are multiple headers, multiple menu layouts and with a true point and click page builder option, it’s all very straightforward and intuitive to make any edits that you might want to make. This is a fast loading landing page theme that I think could be one of the best ones on the market.

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Fusion, WordPress Squeeze Page Theme

This theme is called Fusion, it’s a fast living landing page theme for online applications. This handcrafted template is built for mobile app developers, design agencies and other businesses where great first impression is very important. This theme is modern, it’s got a clean typography and an elegant design. There are two different homepage styles to choose from, each one offering something slightly different to help showcase your product or service. For mobile apps, marketing, Android and iPhone apps, startups and digital agencies, this template has everything that you need to build a quality landing page website and to build it fast.

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Stratus WordPress App Landing Page Theme

Stratus is a powerful WordPress theme for Tech startups, app promo pages and software-as-a-service companies. When you want a great looking landing page theme, this should be one that is on your short list. This is one of the most powerful and popular landing page templates on themeforest, it’s great for lead generation, you can develop a microsite within just a few months, promote mobile apps, SaaS, startups, technology and other digital products or services. It’s effortless to get set up, you’ll be online in under 3 minutes, that’s what themes developer promises. For entrepreneurs, Kickstarter campaigns, online shops and product development, not to mention lead generation, product showcasing and more, Stratus is a one-of-a-kind and Powerful theme.

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LandKit, WordPress Landing Page Builder Theme

Landkit, WordPress Landing Page Builder Theme

Looking to craft a flexible and attractive landing page?  Well, LandKit gives you a righteous set of tools to make it happen.  LandKit is a simple to use theme, it’s got high performance code, it’s intuitive and simple to use and comes with the Hybrid Page Composer to help you get the job done.  Not an expert in coding?  No problem, that’s what Hybrid is there for.  This theme uses Bootstrap code, a great code base for high traffic websites and it can really ease the burden on your server.  For squeeze pages, for eBooks or whitepapers, lead generation pages and webinar registrations, this theme is a full service starting point.  There are over 70 page elements, a dozen header styles, mega menu support and full page layouts too.  This theme is well documented and well supported, so building a landing page for your website is absolutely easy, even for beginners.  This theme also has a perfect 5 star rating on ThemeForest, so people are really hailing the quality of this theme.

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Ensconce, WordPress Video landing Page Theme

Ensconce yourself in an awesome premium video landing page theme with a unique fullscreen HTML5 video header, 50+ theme options with live preview, filterable portfolio with video support, numerous shortcodes, Ajax contact form and Google Maps support, MailChimp integration, one click demo data import, and more.  Perfect theme for a sales pitch to sell your app or web based service.  Bootstrap powered too!

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Honshi, WordPress One Page and Multi Page Parallax Theme

Honshi is a digital agency WordPress theme that can work very well for a landing page website. On she has one click installation, there’s a powerful page builder included and you get an incredible amount of the theme options. The documentation is extensive and thorough, and if you happen to run into problems, the support team is there to help. If you want to simple and fresh multi-purpose theme for your business, Honshi can certainly get the job done. With visual composer, each and every element of your site can be changed at a win. One thing I really like about this theme, it loads up fast, which is not the case for all themes that use visual composer. I think that that really help separate this template from some of its competitors.

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So, that’s it for our collection so far. We will be back shortly to update this collection, like we do to all our collections. So, what did you think? Do you see something amazing that you want to use for your next project? Or did you not see exactly what you needed? If you’re looking for more theme inspiration, you might be interested in our collection of great looking one page WordPress themes. These themes are a great option if all you need to do is promote one product or service. We also have assembled a nice looking and growing collection of WordPress Parallax themes that might interest you. So, no matter which one you selected, if you’re going to get a great-looking theme, because all we do is review high quality and professional templates here on Templified.

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