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Best WordPress Magazine Themes for Telling Amazing Stories

August 28, 2018
WordPress Magazine Themes

If you’re looking to get into the world of magazine publishing, you’re going to want to have a look at this collection of the best WordPress magazine themes on the web.  We’ve found some incredible themes as we’ve gone on a hard target search for the very best we could find.  Every single one of these themes uses WordPress as the platform to help you create a really great user experience for your visitors.  WordPress is the best content management system for blogging and that carries over to magazine type websites too, which makes a lot of sense, since the two are very closely related.

But where do you start?  There are thousands of magazine themes for WordPress out there.  Some are fantastic and others, not so much.  Sometimes it can be difficult to pick the good from the bad, which is why we’ve created this collection of the absolute best magazine themes anywhere.  Some of these themes are geared toward entertainment news, some for politics or sports stories.  Some are fashion magazines and some are simply for gossip or viral content.  What they have in common is this, all of these themes are completely responsive and completely customizable, even for a beginner.  The vast majority offer hundreds of font choices, unlimited color schemes, widgets, plugins and addons to help make your experience a rewarding one.

Extra Elegant Themes WordPress Magazine Template

Extra Personal Blog and WordPress Magazine Themes

Extra, by Elegant Themes, is a WordPress magazine theme built with the Divi pagebuilder plugin and it’s one of the most popular themes on the market.  Extra is clean, classic, has an alluring flat style design that causes your articles to practically jump off the page.  With Extra, you get the power of the Divi page builder too, allowing for infinite variety to your page layouts.  Just drag and drop content blocks where you want them to find that perfect design.  Finding the proper theme, that can be a challenge when you’re starting your new eMagazine website.  I think that any high traffic website could benefit from Extra, since it loads so fast, looks great on all devices and is extremely flexible.  With thousands and thousands of downloads so far, Extra has proven itself to be incredibly popular and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

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Newspaper WordPress News Magazine Theme

Newspaper Most Popular WordPress News Magazine Themes

If you want to have a look at the most popular magazine and newspaper WordPress theme available, this is it, Newspaper.  With a staggering 60,000 sales and counting, this theme is the best selling magazine theme ever on ThemeForest.  With a 4.84 rating, it’s really highly regarded as well.  Newspaper helps make your blogging efforts easy and rewarding too.  With a theme like Newspaper, you can get started generating traffic and revenue quickly and efficiently.  I’m not going to say it’ll be easy, blogging can be hard work, if you want to succeed.  But with a theme like Newspaper, you’ll at least have the theme part of the equation out of the way, since it’s one of the most efficient on the market.  Newspaper strikes a fantastic balance between advertising and original content, which is critical.  If you want to monetize your site, you need to make it seamless, which Newspaper does a great job of.

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Soledad Premium, Highly Rated Minimalist Magazine Theme

Soledad WordPress Highly Rated Magazine Theme

You’re looking at Soledad, one of the highest rated magazine themes for WordPress on any marketplace.  Clean and creative, Soledad supplies you with a very clean canvas to apply your posts and pages.  It’s rangy, can be used for a wide variety of content from travel and fashion magazines to sports and entertainment.  No matter what kind of content you create, Soledad has the design and the features to make it more popular than ever.  Soledad has hundreds of customization options, so your blog or magazine will remain unique.  That can help deliver the kind of user experience that readers crave and keep them coming back for more.  With over 200 different demo sites, you’re bound to find a style you love with the Soledad theme.

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Ultra Magazine WordPress Theme for Creative Websites

Ultra WordPress Magazine theme for gaming

Ultra is the most powerful and flexible theme offered by Themify, which is saying something.  Themify is known for making high quality themes, supporting them well and giving webmasters enough options to do just about anything under the sun in terms of creating a tailor made look for your website.  The Ultra WordPress theme gives you full control over the header to the footer and everything in between too.  Ultra has several attractive demo styles you can peruse before you buy the them, which is nice.  There are demos for an agency, restaurant, fitness club, wedding planners, gaming sites, eCommerce and lots more.  While people often think that Ultra is more aimed at designers, the possibilities for a great looking magazine website are endless.  You won’t need to learn to code, since all adjustments to the website happen in the admin panel.  It’s really a solid setup.

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Collecto Minimalist WordPress Magazine Themes

Collecto WordPress Minimalist Magazine Themes

Since Collecto was inspired by modern, stylish design magazines, I thought it might be worth including this theme in our magazine themes collection.  Collecto is part blog, part portfolio and it’s oozing modern, clean style.  Collecto is a grid based newspaper theme with an elegant, minimalist design ethic that looks incredibly contemporary.  Collecto has a very legible style, the white space reminds me of design magazines like Luxe Interiors.  I think a lot of people really value that clean, stylish look and that’s why this theme has proven to be so popular.  Collecto’s dynamic grid system perfectly arranges your content in easy to access sections.  The multi-column style really does remind me of a magazine.  Since this theme is responsive, it works perfectly on all devices, even tablets and smart phones.  Let’s see a print magazine do that!

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VLog WordPress Video Magazine Theme

Vlog Personal Video Blog Podcast Magazine

I figured I had to put a great looking video magazine theme in this collection and here it is, Vlog.  This video blog or video magazine is stunning.  It’s simple and fresh, exciting and inviting too.  With Vlog, the focus is on videography, but that helps complement the needs of a complex magazine website.  If your content is heavily into video, whether it’s travel or sports, fashion or something else entirely, Vlog is a great fit.  WIth Vlog, video blogs and video tutorials are equally well supported.  You’ve got full compatibility with Daily Motion, YouTube or Vimeo.  On top of that, you can self host your videos to control how your content is delivered, if you should choose to go that route.  There are tons of options available and Vlog is optimized for SEO too.  All things considered, I think this is the best video magazine theme on the market.  Vlog is also in our collection of WordPress video themes.

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Zox News Modern WordPress News Magazine Theme

Zox News Clean Modern Magazine Theme for WordPress

Zox news could be the key to starting your media empire online.  That’s a bold statement indeed, but I think it might be true.  I really like the look of Zox News and in fact, I’ve used this theme in the past.  I found it to be very easy to set up and customize and it’s so visually enticing, it makes for a really eye-catching website.  Zox News is constantly being updated, as recently as July of 2018 and that means it keeps staying fresh.  One really positive thing about Zox, it’s support for AMP or accelerated mobile pages.  Zox News’ AMP pages load up lightning fast but the look and feel keep with the site’s branding, which is really nice.  WooCommerce is supported as are tons of great plugins like Theia Post Slider, Theia Sticky Sidebar and more.  A total of $78 worth of plugins.  One thing I really like is that it doesn’t rely on Visual Composer for the layout, each design is created with widgets, which tend to load faster.  This is a real high performance theme.

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CoupShop Minimal WooCommerce WordPress Magazine Theme

CoupShop Minimalist WordPress eCommerce Theme

CoopShop is among the cleanest WordPress themes for a magazine.  The design leaves plenty of room for white space, a true sign of modern design.  With bold, elegant typography and a real eye for an open, inviting look, ThemesKingdom has created theme that reminds me of a modern design magazine.  This theme is stylish, it’s got a decidedly mid-century modern style.  As for features, CoopShop packs plenty in it’s sleek package.  For one, CoopShop is WooCommerce compatible, so setting up a shop with your magazine, it’s easy as can be.  There are multiple layouts available with CoopShop and swapping between them is very, very easy to accomplish.  CoopShop has a built in blog and portfolio too, all with the same great style  This theme is very typography centered, with over 800 Google fonts at your fingertips.

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Authentic Minimalist Blog and Magazine Theme

Authentic WordPress Personal Blog and Fashion Blog Theme

While this Authentic theme is  billed as a lifestyle blog theme, it works just as well for an online magazine.  With a trendy, slim style and tons of white space, it’s modern and elegant at the same time.  That’s a nice combination.  Authentic is well documented, the designer offers friendly and thorough support and the theme is responsive too.  As a fashion magazine or travel mag, Authentic practically performs miracles, making your images and posts look attractive and fresh.  There are multiple header and footer options, tons of widgetized areas to help add even more functionality, smart adaptive images for better performance in load times.  The best thing, Authentic is built to scale up quickly in terms of traffic.  The most popular blog using Authentic drives over 200,000 visits per day and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  This is a very high quality magazine theme for any purpose.

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Lucid Clean Blog and Magazine Template

Lucid WordPress Personal Blog by Elegant Themes

Lucid is a great-looking material design style magazine theme from Elegant Themes. Elegant Themes is among the leading developers of WordPress themes and they’ve developed a rabbit falling. Each one of their themes is superb, never sloppy and each one brings a strong set of tools to help present your content in a professional and succinct way. With gorgeous responsive design, your content will look amazing on all devices. The theme options panel is helpful and packed with tons of features, there are multiple shortcodes to help organize and create complex layouts with just a few clicks. There are several different page templates included to make your life easier and I encourage you to take a deeper look at the lucid dream because it is one of the better magazine themes around.

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Aesthetic Minimalist WordPress Magazine Theme

Aesthetic Personal Blog, Beauty, Feminine and Lifestyle Blog Themes


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Divi WordPress Portfolio Theme


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Milan Pro Genesis Framework Magazine Theme

Milan Fashionable Magazine Theme for WordPress

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Cool Magazine WordPress Theme

Cool Personal Blog Magazine WordPress Themes

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Ad-Sense WordPress Adsense Optimized Magazine Theme

AdSense WordPress Multipurpose Magazine Theme

Packed with tons of incredible features, Ad Sense is one of the better looking, easiest to use and user friendly news and magazine themes on the market.  With Ad-Sense, you get a them that strikes the perfect balance between generating revenue and supplying a great user experience with your content. Ad-Sense lets you build listicles or list articles, which is among the most popular ways to create content.  After all, that’s what Templified is doing right now!  Ad-Sense offers tons of tools to make that job a little bit easier, helping you generate lists fast.  Every advertising location in the Ad-Sense WordPress theme was carefully tested to make them convert at a high rate.  The entire theme is just a pleasure to use, both front and back end users will rejoice.

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Moment Unique WordPress Magazine Themes

Moment Magazine Theme with Funky Clean Minimal Design

With a dazzling, unique layout, a variety of magazine article layouts, SEO optimization and lots more powerful features, the Moment WordPress theme is ready for it’s moment in the sun.  This theme by CSSIgniter is one of the boldest, most unique magazine templates around.  Moment is inspired, it’s different and catchy, I think people will really react positively to this theme.  It’s probably not going to be right for everyone, but if you’re looking for a theme to help you stand out from the crowd, I think Moment gets the job done.

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Mallow Magazine Theme for Women and Fashion

Mallow Feminine WordPress Personal Blog and Fashion Themes

For fashion magazines, Mallow could be the right fit.  Minimalist but polished, Mallow is great for magazines, lifestyle and personal bloggers and more.  Your readers will go wild for the style and since Mallow is so clean in it’s design, it’s very easy to find anything you’re looking for within just a few moments.  It’s highly visual, I think that’s what does it as much as anything.  Mallow is responsive, it’s SEO optimized for fast loading times, there’s a child theme included to help establish your website and keep it safe from WordPress updates.  Social media plays a prominent role, as it should, with placement in either header, footer or sidebar widget.  hey, why not all three, right?

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Okay, that’s all we have for now, but we’ll be back very soon with more amazing themes for magazines.  If we’ve missed a great looking template, be sure to let us know and we’ll add it to the collection just as soon as we can.

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