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Best WordPress Restaurant Themes, Cafés, Bars and Bistros

March 21, 2019
WordPress Restaurant Themes

Running a successful restaurant is an extraordinary challenge. There’s so much competition in the food and beverage business, it can be tough for any restaurant to survive. In fact, a very large percentage of restaurants go under in their first couple years of operation. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to create a really successful restaurant business. Your website can be a very important tool and helping to attract diners to your establishment. It’s a critical promotional tool and therefore, it’s very important that you select a proper restaurant theme.

Reaching out to your potential audience can really help to drive business to your restaurant. You need to get out all the information that visitors to your website need to decide whether or not to come to your restaurant. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money developing a website from the ground up, WordPress restaurant theme can be great way to save some money, time and effort. This collection represents the absolute best WordPress themes for restaurants out there, so we hope you find something that you enjoy.


Divi WordPress Restaurant Theme for WordPress

Divi is one of the most powerful WordPress themes available today. Therefore, it’s not at all surprising that there are dozens of great looking pre-made skins for crafting a high-quality restaurant website using Divi. The image above is just one of a number of great looking restaurant themes, each one a child theme that fits right over the top of the Divi page builder. You can build gorgeous food menus, there are numerous different layouts for your website and you’ll always have the flexibility to change things up if you want to. There are a wide variety of templates available, which is why I highly recommend Divi plus one of these great looking child themes.

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Salt & Pepper

Salt Pepper WordPress theme for restaurants

Salt and Pepper is a great looking WordPress theme from teslathemes. Tesla does an awesome job of building easy-to-use and attractive what templates, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that salt and pepper is one of the better restaurant WordPress themes available. One great aspect of Salt and Pepper is the fact that it also allows you to quickly and easily post recipes online, which is a great way to help attract visitors to your website. You’ll need as much attention as you can and building a great looking blog to go with your restaurant website is always a great idea. Tesla offers amazing support and full documentation for all their themes, so it’s really easy to get started with Salt and Pepper.

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Augustan WordPress Restaurant, Wine Bar Theme

Augustan is a traditional and elegant restaurant WordPress theme that was created by Theme of the Crop, one of the best the makers who are dedicated to building better restaurant websites. Augustan is easy to set up, it will make your website look amazing right out of the box. You have the ability to make a lot of adjustments to this template to give the exact look and feel to your website that you want. There are multiple different menu options to create a gorgeous food and beverage menu. For cafes, bars and all sorts of eateries, the posts, pages and widgets provided help making that food menu amazing. You can add testimonials or reviews to your website, you can even accept restaurant reservations, if that’s something that you would like to offer. SEO is more important than ever and that’s why Augustan offers support for Yoast SEO.t All Things considered, this is one of the better restaurant themes available in 2018.

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Luigi WordPress Fresh Theme for Restaurants

Luigi’s is another great looking theme from Theme of the Crop. I believe that they are some of the absolute best at creating incredible. Theme of the Crop firmly believes in giving you I really Dynamic and attractive website that is perfectly responsive, allows for the creation of a flexible and beautiful food menu, let’s see you get into the local SEO game by use of the business profile widget, and all of their themes even allow you to take reservations. You can quickly confirm or even reject bookings as you receive them, send email notifications to remind people other reservation, set booking times and plenty more. There’s an event organizer to create and manage events, weekly discounts, displaying events calendar and even more. If you want to add reviews to your website, you can create a testimonials page to display all of your best, most positive reviews. Luigi is premium quality theme that I think can really help your website look amazing.

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Montmartre, WordPress Restaurant Theme for Upscale Restaurants

The Montmartre WordPress theme is for cafes and restaurants, it’s an elegant and Powerful theme that could be the perfect solution for food and beverage related websites. If you want to, you can use this to set up a classy restaurant theme for a high-end, white tablecloth website, Bistro, Café, a diner or anything in between. The flexibility is amazing. This template has a massive shortcode collection, all of them built specifically for restaurants. You can manage of events with the events calendar Pro plugin, and even build great looking, informative food menus. With WooCommerce support, Montmartre is one of those themes that will allow you to sell products online. There’s even a cool home delivery option, where you can accept food orders online and have that information passed directly to the back of the house so that they can get ready prepping orders as they come in. With a theme like this, I think it would be very easy to integrate with any of the new delivery services that are cropping up all the time. You know, things like Uber Eats, DoorDash, Amazon restaurants or others.


Tavern WordPress Natural Food Related Template

Tavern is attractive, multipurpose restaurant theme with four gorgeous demo styles included. The variety of these for themes is pretty staggering, but they’re all Simple and Clean, great for bakeries, cafes, Food Service and other sorts of restaurants. There’s one called the default demo, which makes sense, right? There’s a raw vegan style, an Italian cuisine template and the bakery theme. Between these four, you’ll get a clean and flat display that is perfectly responsive, a key factor in the performance of a restaurant website. You can integrate Open Table to allow for reservations to be made, there’s a gorgeous food menu page that is stylish and simple and I think you could certainly integrate online food delivery systems like GrubHub or Postmates to allow for accepting deliveries. It’s a smart way to reach the widest audience possible and having a great looking responsive theme can help you make that happen.

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Grand Restaurant

Grand Restaurant WordPress Theme for Restaurants

Grand Restaurant is one of the most popular restaurant WordPress themes ever. This team has sold over 5,000 times and it’s been used for nearly any type of restaurant you can imagine. I’ve personally seen dozens of different demos of what this team can do and I think they are all very easy to use, clear-cut and straightforward. You should know with this template, you’re probably going to need some professional photography to help showcase your food offerings. That’s because this theme is so highly Visual and it Style, small or poorly lit images are not going to do justice to what you have to offer. Grand Restaurant has Google Maps integration, online booking systems, it accepts multiple payment options and even allows for food delivery services. With smooth scrolling parallax, high resolution images and support for the native WordPress theme customizer, this intuitive and simple to use WordPress theme could be an amazing template to get your restaurant website off the ground.

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Capella, WordPress Restaurant Themes

Capella is a delicious and well crafted parallax scrolling food blogger theme with a fun but professional design, flexible features and well over 10,000 satisfied customers.  If you’re crafting a website that’s all about food, recipes and restaurants, then have a look at the features.  Gorgeous layouts for your menu, a reservation form so folks can contact you via your website to reserve a table, events pages with share features and they’re even filterable.  Then, you’ve got the responsive design, searchable documentation, clean design, 20 gallery styles, custom background and header images, lovely sliders, Google web fonts, a drag and drop content builder and more.

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Elixir WordPress restaurant template

Elixir is a wonderful way to create a website for your restaurant, create your menu with ease, promote products with lovely galleries and keep your customers up to date with news and events.  This restaurant template is extremely versatile so that you can utilize it on virtually any web site, professionally designed and responsive so that it looks great on any screen, user friendly with a lot of fantastic documentation, one that delivers a lot of helpful, popular functions and made with a graceful, beautiful style.  A wonderful looking WordPress restaurant theme for noodle shops, fine dining, fast food or fast casual, taco stands, cafes or cultural or ethnic foods like sushi or perhaps Ethiopian are a good way to let your business differentiate themselves from the competition.  In the event you don’t have the time or know-how necessary to make and sustain your own website, you really should choose a high quality restaurant theme to help you save you precious time.

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Café Pro

Cafe Pro WordPress Restauant Theme Genesis Framework

The Cafe Pro WordPress theme is a child theme for the Genesis Framework. Just framework is one of my favorites, it produces fast living and mobile friendly websites, every single time. Cafe Pro combines several elements from two of studiopress most popular child themes, Parallax and Foodie. It creates a great design solution for restaurants and any other sort of break and more business that wants to create a captivating book online. Very simple widgets included to allow you to post all the relevant information about your website, contact info, hours of operation and the street address. That really shouldn’t be overlooked, I see a lot of themes that sort of forget that your location is among the most important. As with all Genesis child themes, you’ll get a fast and user-friendly template that looks amazing on all devices, is incredibly simple to use and will never go out of style.

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Gourmet, WordPress Restaurant Theme

Gourmet is styled as a catering company template, and it’s based on ThemeFuse’s Core WordPress theme. Core has over two dozen different, stylish demo sites to choose from, and this is one of them. I’ve personally tried out The Core theme and I find it to be very simple to use, straightforward and I love that within just a few minutes and a handful of clicks, you’ll have your website set up to look exactly like the demo. So, if you really like the look of this site, you won’t run into any troubles getting it setup to perfectly replicate the look of the Gourmet WordPress theme.

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Pizzetta Pizza, Cafe and Restaurant WordPress Theme

Everyone loves pizza. It’s really true, from kids to grandparents, even great-grandparents, everybody loves to gather around a steaming hot pizza pie and grab a slice. If you’re looking to start up a pizza place, or you are looking for a new website for your existing Pizza Joint, a great WordPress theme like this one could be just what you need. Pizzetta is the name of this template and it is all about pizza pie.

It can be a real challenge to run a successful pizza place, you’ll need thousands of dollars worth of equipment, pizza ovens that can handle enough pizzas at once to keep your business from phlegm during, you’ll also need tables and chairs and all of the other Furnishings that that any modern pizza place needs. Of course, you’ll need plenty of stock and some fantastic recipes. You’ll also need staff that knows how to run the place. Whether you are creating a dine-in, carryout, delivery or take and bake business model, one thing is for sure. You need a fantastic WordPress theme to help you get started. I think that this template could be the right choice for anyone who wants a high-quality website for their Pizza Joint.

There are plenty of other options for restaurant themes, you might be interested in one of those, assuming Pizzetta is not right for you. No matter which theme you choose, if you found it on our website, you can be guaranteed that it is high quality with great support and tons of features. We only select the best themes around and review them to ensure that they are up to snuff. If you’re starting up a pizza place, we’d love to know which theme you selected, so drop us a line in the comments below.

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Carbone, WordPress Restaurant Theme for Cafes

Carbone is a nice looking WordPress theme for cafes, bars and restaurants. Some of the things that I really like about this team or the alive theme customizer, with over a hundred options available, you can configure Carbone anyway you want to. There’s a dedicated menu management system, this template allows you to categorize and price things as you build your menu. There’s page builder support so that you can craft landing pages that look just like you want them to, though that is completely optional thing. There’s an online reservation form that integrates with your favorite reservations service, such as OpenTable. Is SEO optimized theme Lowes up fast and it looks great on all devices, thanks to its responsive nature. This is a very simple wedding theme, but that’s one of the things that I really like about it. It’s easy to use and highly adaptable, fast loading and user-friendly.

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The Flavour

The Flavor, WordPress Cafe and Dining Establishment Theme

The Flavour is a modern restaurant theme that has all the tools, the bells and whistles and the design style to help make your restaurant website great success. The Flavour is highly customizable, background colors and fonts, just to name a couple of things, can be changed with ease. The Flavour is also responsive and retina ready, it looks great on all devices and all of that can help deliver the type of user experience that makes people want to choose your restaurant. There’s so much competition out there, standing out from the crowd is very important. I think that the Flavour is one of those restaurant WordPress themes that can help you achieve your goals.

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Igloo, Food Blog and Restaurant Theme

Igloo gives every one of your visitors A Feast for the eyes, with a beautiful and attractive, flat and responsive website. Great for bars and restaurants alike, this unique WordPress theme has a handy menu management system, you’ll be able to organize starters, main courses and desserts, as well as Beverages, and arrange them how you want, along with showing what the price is. There are four different content types to help you organize your website, the layout is unique and helps to promote your brand in a fun, different way. This theme have legalized on widgets, which is nice, since widget stendhal create faster loading websites period with multiple different color schemes and SEO optimized code, you’re almost assured to get great rankings in Google, Bing and other search engines.

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Daily Dish Pro

Daily Dish, Food Blog and Restaurant Theme

Daily Dish Pro is a high-quality Genesis framework child theme that is great for food blogs, restaurants and anything in the culinary field. Daily Dish was designed to present your content like the most appetizing meal at a 4-star restaurant. This is a real main course of a WordPress theme, just like your content. The words and images, even videos and more, those are what are really matter to your visitors. Presenting your content in the best possible light, that’s the spice of a successful website. Daily Dish Pro is an e-commerce theme that is flexible and pre-styled for WooCommerce, allow you to easily set up shop online. There are multiple theme options, and this handy and user-friendly design looks great on all devices. I really think that you can’t go wrong with a Genesis framework child theme, so you should be able to purchase this with confidence.

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Molino, WordPress Restaurant and Bakery Theme

The name of this team is actually core, but I’ve chosen to show you one of the possibilities with this template. It works really well as a restaurant theme. In fact, there are over 25 different websites included with your download of core. So, this is the bakery style theme and there is another example for a catering company, which you can see if you click on the or information button below. In fact, any of the theme demos can be used as a great restaurant or Cafe website, it’s just a matter of how you lay out your content and which images you choose. All of that is a breeze with this template, the drag and drop page builder that is included is very straightforward and simple to use. I think this is certainly one of the better themes out there 4 restaurants.

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The Spot

The Spot Clean, Modern Restaurant Theme for WordPress

Theme of the Crop is back with another high-quality restaurant theme, this one is called The Spot. The Spot is a vibrant WordPress template for pubs, bars and restaurants of All Sorts. With all of the customization features at your fingertips, you can quickly adapt this template for any sort of restaurant. It’s really all you need to run a restaurant website, considering all the options that you get. You can take reservations, showcase your food and drink menu with several different stylish templates, had a business profile so that you can rank highly in Google’s local SEO search engine, add testimonials and reviews, even organize events and promote them on your site. This template support yoast SEO, the most popular WordPress plugin to help boost your search engine rankings. If you choose to purchase the pro version, you get several additional plugins that are well worth considering. Email templates, food and drink menu Pro and custom booking fields for your reservations system. Check it out.

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Plate Up

Plate Up WordPress Restaurant Template

Plate Up is a fantastic WordPress theme for modern restaurants that want a sophisticated style and plenty of features. It’s all about functionality with a restaurant theme, but the style needs to be adaptive and responsive, making your restaurant look appealing to a wide audience. Simply put, a top-notch restaurant theme is a must-have. Plate Up, created by Theme of the Crop, allows you to build a fantastic restaurant website, even if you are not an expert at WordPress. This theme has a built-in reservations system, a gorgeous food and drink menu creator and your business profile is very simple to set up, helping to boost your local SEO. It will display your contact information like your street address, phone number and hours of operation. It’s all in a very SEO friendly schema.org markup. Add reviews to your website, use the event organizer to create and display and promote events and integrate your favorite SEO plugin for added benefits.

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Piquant WordPress Restaurant Themes

Meet Piquant, a tasty and fun new WordPress restaurant theme that’s a real treat with several separate variations from which to choose.  The main theme is delicious, with a health-food store inspired layout, there’s also a Bar and Grill option, a barbecue joint design, a general restaurant theme and a full screen home page design.  All of them are amazing for entertaining.  This theme has a lot of options for you though and plenty of great features under the hood.  This theme is Open-Table compatible and WooCommerce ready.  If you want a stylish and flexible entertainment theme, maybe you should give this one a shot.  This efficient, trendy, adaptable, easy to use and gorgeous WooCommerce ready WordPress theme helps you advertise existing products, advertise fresh merchandise, communicate with customers, expand your small business and supervise shipping and your inventory and much more.

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Aperitive WordPress Food Blog and Restaurant Theme

Aperitive is a WordPress theme that was primarily built as a restaurant template. I think it’s a great starting point for crafting a nice looking and user-friendly experience for your visitors. I think the cleaning modern style lends itself to traditional and more modern restaurants, as well as bars. This theme is engaging and really combines a slick Style with plenty of features to make it really attractive as a restaurant template. The layout was inspired by glossy magazines, it perfectly Blends images and text to create an attractive look for your site. There’s an online reservations system and a predefined menu page to show visitors what you have to offer in terms of food and beverage. The sidebar is hidden, giving this theme a really modern look. There’s a tasteful blog included to help engage with your audience. Themes Kingdom does a great job of supporting all of their themes and therefore you should feel comfortable purchasing the same even if you’re a beginner to WordPress it.

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