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Best WordPress Travel Themes, Blogs, Magazine and Travel Agencies

August 17, 2018
WordPress Travel Themes

There’s nothing quite like traveling the world in search of adventure.  Just ask Indiana Jones, right?  Well, if you’re a world traveler and you want to share information about hotels, travel agencies, spas, resorts or other travel destinations, you may be interested in what we have to offer with this collection of the best WordPress travel themes.

The travel industry is big business and people spend more and more money every day to learn about their next adventure.  The travel business is massive, and it’s one of the fastest growing Industries in the world. People are constantly looking for new places to go and new information about those places. With more and more people searching the web trying to find information on destinations, sightseeing tours and other travel-related posts, there are more and more travel-related website springing up to supply this information.  If you want to get into the mix, you better download an amazing theme.  That’s what this list is all about.

Weave try to find the absolute best travel related blogs, magazines and eCommerce sites to help you if you want to build the best possible travel Business site. Every one of these themes has a gorgeous design and responsive layout, they have the functionality you need 2 compete in the demanding and competitive field of travel blogging. Many of these themes have automated booking systems, page types for travel packages and more.


Look WordPress Fashion Blog and Magazine Theme with eCommerce

Look is a WordPress lifestyle Blog theme that I think could be perfect as a travel blog or travel magazine theme as well. I think the overall style of the scene is very very clean and that makes it work for a wide variety of websites. Look is a news and magazine theme, a personal and professional blog and the style is beautiful. There are many travel blog websites out there and if you want to compete with them, you’ll need a great looking WordPress theme and this template certainly fits the bill. Images and text blend perfectly to help you tell a story no matter where in the world you’ve been.  If you’ve been looking for a great travel theme, you shouldn’t be condemned to the sidelines with puny, unsavory themes.  You deserve the feeling that you’ve found a glamorous new home with a classy, perfectly built website.

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Trawell professional WordPress travel theme and mag

Trawell is an incredibly professional WordPress travel theme that allows you to build a beautiful Travel Guide website featuring all of your recent and future travels. Helping people find a new and exciting place to visit can be fun and rewarding. With the Trawell WordPress theme, your travel stories get taken to an entirely New Height. Trawell integrates with Google Maps, you can configure your homepage to look just how you want it and categorize destinations by giving them a personal touch. With banner ads, you can monetize your website and this theme loads faster than any other travel theme I’ve seen lately.  If you want a theme that’s anything but nondescript, you will certainly want to look at the Trawell theme.  Tell amusing stories of your travel, keep your readers safe as they journey through the whole wide world, craft a coordinated experience that is tasteful and fun at the same time.

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NewStar flexible WordPress travel magazine

NewStar is a flexible and attractive WordPress magazine and Blog theme. Many of the demo sites that are included with this theme centers around World Travel, which is why I recommend this as a highly functional and attractive Travel magazine theme. This template was created by bold themes and  they’ve done all the hard work to make sure this responsive at flexible theme fits your needs. If your publishing travel stories, this could be the right frame to make your posts and Pages look great.  If you want to get ahead of the competition, you can’t have a weak and cluttered website.  It’s simply not amusing to have a pointless, scrawny looking website.  You want a brawny, delicious theme to help build a rabid following.  When you’re getting greedy for building your audience, it may be time to turn to a theme like NewStar.  Ambitious travel bloggers around the world are telling wild, successful stories and NewStar helps your site to be successful and handsome.

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Travelmatic Premium Travel Blog Theme for WordPress

TravelMatic is a premium quality, simple and minimalist travel blog theme. The same gives you a way to keep in touch with your family and friends, and even your fans, with a handy travel diary. You can map your travels within TravelMatic  and that’s a really cool feature. There are map drawing tools, you can share your recent activities and there are custom maps tiles too. With variety of homepages you’ll get the look and feel for your website that you have in mind. There’s no need to settle for something that you don’t really like. Since you’re going to be traveling all around the world, you’ll need a responsive WordPress theme and travel Matic is certainly that. It works great on all mobile devices.

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Norway Lifestyle Blg and Magazine Theme

Norway is a beautiful and responsive WordPress blog and magazine theme that I think works very well as a travel blog. This theme has a perfect five star rating on themeforest, thanks in large part to its clean design and minimal look. There’s a lot of flexibility with this blogging magazine theme that helps that work for any sort of website. Whether your travels are personal or professional, this Norway WordPress theme could make your work look better than ever. This theme is very connected with social media, so you can always stay in touch with your friends, family and followers.

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Setwood clean and minimalist WordPress blog and magazine

Setwood is a WordPress lifestyle Blog theme with eCommerce. This theme has, so far, a perfect rating on themeforest and it’s been downloaded nearly 500 times so far. With a clean and crisp Style, tons of features and widgets, set wood is perfect for fashion blogs, lifestyle and travel blogs, food blogs, craft and creative websites and plenty more. With a few handy plugins, you can build an amazing travel site as you globe-trot around the world.

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Travelog WordPress Blog and Magazine for World Travelers

Travelog is a very feature filled WordPress travel blogging theme. This theme sports a perfect five star rating on ThemeForest, and I think that’s in large part due to the sheer number of features this theme offers. The typography is a particularly outstanding feature of this WordPress theme, there’s a live options customizer, featured post sliders, 3 blog post listings and a lot more. There’s a lot of competition in the travel blogging genre so a well-designed and flexible theme is a must-have. This particular template is responsive and looks great on all devices. If you want to appeal to tourists and the tourism industry, this maybe the right vacation centered WordPress theme for you.

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Epilog WordPress personal Blog Theme

Epilogue is a stimulating and intelligent, dazzling and delightful WordPress theme for travel blogs and personal blogs. There’s nothing more annoying than a theme that is not solidly-built, one that’s not Nimble and easy to use or one that has a stale and only design. Fortunately, the epilogue theme has a tidy and beautiful layout, terrific, bright and beneficial features it’s not gaudy but has a Placid and simple look about it. Readers from all over the world will be able to enjoy unabashedly look at your travel destinations that you recommend. This theme is highly educated and it’s never afraid to be ambitious, it’s alert to changes and unyielding and it’s responsiveness. It’s ludicrous How deep the features go with this proud and astonishing WordPress theme.  I think this theme lets you connect, it’s well arranged and can challenge any travel blog theme with it’s user experience and charming style.

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