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Blomma, Creative Portfolio Theme for Agencies

October 30, 2018
Blomma WordPress Theme

I had no idea what a Blomma is, so I looked it up.  Evidently it is a Swedish word for a flower. I’m not sure that that’s exactly what the developer was going for, but that’s okay. I don’t think that this theme reminds me much of a flower, it’s a simple and straightforward creative agency and portfolio theme. The design is anything but clumsy, it does a good job of juggling various layouts and positioning with simple to use customization options. I don’t mean to make. You too overconfident, but this theme makes it very simple to craft a website that does exactly what you needed to do. It’s a scintillating design that has a substantial amount of features that separate it from the competition. There is a wealth of customization options and the treatment of images and text is very clear and certainly not an afterthought.

I always like to let the themes developer take a crack at describing their WordPress template and I will do the very same thing with this Blomma theme. It’s a tidy and classy template that has a mountain of features to let you create a debonair and juicy web page.

Unleash your creativity with our dazzling portfolio theme – Blomma! Designed in modern style and packed with a superb collection of elements, Blomma shines in every detail! With its 15 stunning homepages and a beautiful set of fully customizable inner pages, this portfolio WordPress theme provides you with everything for an impressive creative portfolio. Present your design agency or introduce creative agency in a great style or showcase your graphic design works & branding services with Blomma’s set of portfolio lists and portfolio single templates. If you’re a designer, freelancer, or a creative of any other kind, search no more! Blomma will help you put a spotlight on your design and creative work with ease! Let’s create together!

And of course I would be remiss to not show you an actual sample of what the homepage might look like. I think that this design is certainly not an exotic or fragile, but it is flat and simple and very simpleton navigate. As far as style is concerned, this theme is quite modern, though it blends enough classic design features to make everyone happy.

Blomma - Creative Agency Portfolio Theme

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