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Boss, WordPress BuddyPress and bbPress Theme from BuddyBoss

December 8, 2018

Boss WordPress bbPress and BuddyPress theme by BuddyBoss
This is Boss, a WordPress bbPress and BuddyPress ready WordPress theme from BuddyBoss, one of the top developers of WordPress bbPress/BuddyPress themes.  Boss unleashes the massive power of bbPress and BuddyPress with a well designed, responsive, intuitive design that lets you take your social networking to the next level.  With Boss, you can create a fun, flexible layout with a fluid style or go more traditional with a standard type of layout.  One click in your admin panel and it’s done.  Not an expert coder?  No bid deal, Boss lets you customize all your social networking efforts with their visual customizer, giving you fantastic results.  Control widgets, logos, fonts, colors navigation and a lot more.  Boss was built to be as flexible, as powerful and as customizable as you need it to be.  Add the social learner add-on to turn your BuddyPress site into an online learning network, with great looking bbPress forums.  Multilingual support, WooCommerce and one of my favorite things, you can replicate the demo site with one click demo installation.  Get started now!
Boss may be pretty expensive, it sells for $129, but it is one of the most powerful and specifically tailored themes for both bbPress and BuddyPress, so for many, it’s probably worth it.
There are tons of great looking plugins by BuddyBoss that you can add to your site as well.  Let your users create their own user blog and create content on their own.  Posts will display in the user profiles and in their central blog.  BuddyBoss also allows you to reply by email.  There’s a BuddyBoss inbox, location autocomplete for BuddyPress, BuddyBoss Wall BuddyPress member types for assigning manager status to some users, BuddyBoss media, so folks can upload images, videos and organize and tag their friends.  Boss works with all these great addons and plugins and a whole lot more.
Not seeing what you like?  Well, BuddyBoss can actually develop a custom BuddyPress theme for you and they do plugin development too.  Pretty cool, right?
Demo Get Hosting

For more bbPress and BuddyPress themes, check out our collections.  BuddyPress themes are right here and bbPress themes are here.
Here are a couple examples of what’s possible with Boss.  This is a technical writing project management solution.
writinglabs.com wordpress buddypress theme boss

Learn how to write more better!

And a baseball team page.  They use this site to allow players to register and chat with each other.  Smart solution.
Washington As WordPress BuddyPress theme Boss example

Feel the burn, blast your glutes, hit some dingers and buy an awesome BuddyPress theme today!

So, that’s it, what do you think of Boss?  I think it could be a good choice if you need bbPress and BuddyPress functionality and you don’t want to spend thousands on a completely custom solution.

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