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Christopher, Creative WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

September 3, 2018
Christopher, WordPress Creative Photo Portfolio Theme

Themes come and themes go, many of them claiming to be ‘unique’ or ‘different’ than the rest.  Christopher doesn’t just promise to be different, it delivers.  This theme is different than anything I’ve seen this year.

Brand new in September, 2018, Christopher is a photography portfolio theme that has a unique, weird style and big, bold drop shadows.  There’s no attempt to soften the design and it’s really striking.  For some, this look will be too harsh, maybe even remind you of brutalist architecture.  For some, it will be troubling and you’ll want to cover your eyes and go running for the hills.  Maybe not that bad, but pretty bad.

Then again, for some of you the look is going to be a perfect one. I think that it’s going to take a special type of Photography to stand up well to this unique and daring portfolio theme. If you’ve got the type of portfolio of images that can go toe-to-toe with this clean and creative Gallery template, then I think it’s something that you should go for.

Anyway, here’s the front page demo.

Christopher, Unique, Vivid, Bold Photography Portfolio Theme

If you’ve been searching for a great-looking portfolio theme for WordPress but Christopher is not the right fit for you, we’ve got a large selection of great looking WordPress themes that might be better for your needs. We continue to add new WordPress themes to all of our Collections and we’ll be sure to add more to that collection quite soon. If you run into a great-looking WordPress theme that we’ve missed out on some out, please let us know all about it and we’ll add it in our next update.

You shouldn’t have to wait too long, we are updating our theme collections constantly and adding new, great stuff on a daily basis. So, stay tuned and will add even more awesome stuff in the near future.

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