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Clovemix, Free WordPress Theme by FlyThemes

September 21, 2018

There are so many different restaurants out there, I think that I’ve chosen to review this mean because it could be absolutely perfect for at least one of them. This theme is simple, it doesn’t have a lot of flashy extras, but it is a fairly successful looking restaurant theme for WordPress. Now, there are some problems with it that I need to get into, but I’m going to review it fully anyway. But first, this is what the developer says about Clovemix.

Clovemix’s developer, flythemes, says this about their handsome restaurant theme.

Clovemix is a multipurpose responsive restaurant WordPress theme also you can cater to all kinds of industries like corporate, business, portfolio, blogging, personal, non-profit or any kind of websites. Google mobile friendly theme comes with a default slider and an easy to use customizer. Documentation of this theme is also available.

Here’s the front page of Clovemix.

Clovemix, Free WordPress Restaurant Theme

Now, the bad stuff.

This theme has received a 2.8 star rating out of 5 Stars on That’s a bit of concern. One reviews suggest that this theme is completely unusable without paying for the premium version, another states that once you pay for the theme, there is absolutely no support to be had and yet another person gives it one star because of typography issues. Considering this theme has only gotten 6 reviews total and half of them are one-star reviews, I’d say that’s not a very good ratio. This makes me concerned that the quality of this theme is not there, particularly in terms of support and documentation. That said, I don’t recommend this theme.

If you do want some restaurant themes that we do recommend, check out our full collection. We’ve gathered up dozens of the best restaurant themes around and insured that they have great support, great features and you will be able to set up a successful online business rapidly. These flexible WordPress themes are certainly worth the $40 or $50 that you might spend on them.

Of course, some cost more, such as the Augustan theme.  Sometimes though, you get what you pay for.

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