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Crate, Fast Loading Minimalist WordPress Grid Portfolio

January 10, 2019

neuronthemes.com-Crate – Minimalist WordPress Theme

Okay, here we go, a really deliciously simple portfolio theme, minimalist in style and packed with features that make it among the very best themes around.

I’m telling you, this theme loads up fast.  Crate is absolutely bloat free, Neuron Themes has ensured that the code is completely clean and up to the latest standards of the WordPress codex.  It pays off too, this theme loads up incredibly quickly.

tools.pingdom.com-Website speed test

There you go, just over a half second load time and the page isn’t exactly tiny, those images add up and the total size is 1.3 MB.  So, a great load time, as you probably know, helps SEO with rankings.  That’s awesome and worth it for those who want to rank as high as possible.

Here’s what Neuron Themes says about Crate.

Minimalist WordPress Theme crafted and built with passion from our team, if you’re looking for a clean and simple minimalist theme, Crate is the right choice for you.

So, what do you get with Crate, aside from a fast loading minimalist theme that’s great for personal blogs and lifestyle blogs alike?  Well, this theme uses the native WordPress live customizer, which is great because if helps you avoid theme lock.  That’s when you find it more difficult to switch themes because of things that your theme does that others don’t.

Crate ensures you have the flexibility to change your mind down the road.

Crate is WPML ready, so it can be translated into any language, which we understand is incredibly important and getting more important every day.  One click demo import can help you save time setting up your website.  The unique portfolio types are also very helpful, with different grid and masonry looks.  I mentioned the lean code already, but it’s worth re-iterating.  With incredible support, you’ve got the full package.

A great blog, with great style, an attractive portfolio option and incredible performance.

It’s all there.

Even though it’s a really nice theme, Crate might not be exactly what you had in mind, so two more great themes by the same developer are Mango and Proton.  We hope you enjoy!

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