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DW Timeline Pro

December 11, 2018
DW Timeline Pro

Flat, cool and fun, Design Wall’s Timeline Pro theme is a ghreat way to present your posts in a timely manner. get it? Cause it’s a timeline theme? Nevermind.

That’s some flat goodness and the timeline style is really going to blow you away.  I love this theme and everything it does.  Your posts will look super cool with this flat timeline style for your blog.

A clean and professional WordPress timeline theme – DW Timeline Pro. Featuring the clean timeline layout from Facebook, DW Timeline Pro is just a perfect WordPress theme for blog and portfolio. The theme is built on Bootstrap 3 with the support of Roots starter theme and Theme Wrapper.

What are the features you’ll get with Timeline Pro from Design Wall?  Well, they’ve adapted the popular timeline layout to create this stunning looking theme, it’s ideal for blogs and portfolios alike.  Timeline Pro is responsive, meaning it adapts fluidly to any screen size.  Any kind of device or browser too and with off canvas navigation, your users will get smooth flowing vavigation on tablets, handhelds and laptops too!  The customization panel is easy to use, user friendly and provides a fun experience for webmasters who need to change certain aspects of their website without learning how to code.  Multiple post formats mean you can blog about anything you want, from images, multimedia files and traditional blog posts.  Galleries, quotes, status and standard as well.  One more great feature, the front end editor for fast publishing of new posts and content.  That supports video, links, photos and standard post types.

Atrtactive and easy to use, Design Wall’s Timeline Pro is a real winner and I can’t wait to see how you’ll use it on your site.

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