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El Colegio, WordPress School and Education WP Theme with LMS

October 11, 2018

El Colegio, that means ‘the college’ in Spanish. But you shouldn’t confuse this with being a theme that is only for colleges, it’s suitable for all levels of Education institutions. Universities and colleges, sure that goes without saying, but it works great for high schools, elementary schools and even kindergarten classes. If you’d like a theme that works even just as well for continuing education and online education courses, El Collegio fits the bill. This theme has compatibility with the very popular time table plug-in, though that does need to be purchased separately and is not bundled with this theme, but that allows you to schedule classes and other activities.

Just like all human beings need air, water, food and shelter to survive, not to mention human connection, we all feel a deep and burning need to continue learning.  It’s what makes us human, the ability to take on new information to help us grow and thrive in an increasingly complex world.  Education is that important and El Colegio is a theme that can help us to learn, grow and make our lives better.

With a gorgeous and perfectly responsive layout, this theme works great on all devices and that is more important than ever these days, considering how many people will be accessing your website on their smartphones or other mobile devices.  No matter the screen size, this theme adapts to perfectly, smoothly fit the screen.  It’s a nice feature, but it’s really necessary these days, so don’t take it for granted.

Here’s a look at the front page of the El Colegio or pressing. I think that it does a great job of presenting that the content and straightforward way.

El Colegio WordPress Education Related Theme

For more WordPress education related themes, our collection is among the best and most comprehensive ones out there.  You’ll find tons of options for creating an amazing platform for helping educate the masses.

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