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Empic, Modern WordPress Fashion Blog and eCommerce Shop

September 11, 2018
Empic WordPress Fashion Shop Theme with Beautiful Blog

Using the power of Ajax is often a great idea, since it provides a wonderful user experience and a ton of great features that help to make your Ajax powered blog and eCommerce site really, really special.

This template was certainly built to be an online fashion store, though I think there are plenty of things that it would excel at. Oh sure, they’re all still all eCommerce sites, but as a gift shop selling handmade Goods, a modern furniture shop, perhaps selling stuff like mid-century modern designs, 4 a shoe store or something else where the clean and minimal style can help say your content apart. No matter what you choose, I think this template could work perfectly for your needs.

Here’s a glance at Empic.

Empic Clean, Interesting Looking WordPress Fashion Theme

The themes developer didn’t really give me a lot to go on in terms of describing the same, which I suppose could be a bit of a concern, so I’ll just sort of Riff on other things that they’ve done. It would appear that they’ve never received anything but a perfect five star rating on any of the themes that they have created. With only a handful of sales, 220 as of this writing, they’ve gotten 17 Perfect 5 star ratings and nothing even one star below that. It’s a really good record and something that does seem to indicate that this modern, multi-concept WooCommerce theme could be a great hit. Perhaps it is not quite the right word, but it could be critically acclaimed at least. Honestly, I think the design is to specific to become one of those ubiquitous templates that you see all over the internet. But, that can be a good thing too, since if you like the design, you won’t see a lot of other sites using it.

Now, this will Commerce template is a really unique and cool looking thing, but you might have a need for a more traditional-looking WooCommerce theme, which is why we built a collection of doesn’t very best templates or rent. You know our collections, you’ll find high-quality templates that are easy to use and have plentiful features. So, much like Empic, you’ll have a great-looking template that perfectly fits your needs.

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