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December 9, 2018

Eram eCommerce/WooCommerce Portfolio Theme

Photographers love a theme that steps aside and lets the imagery tell the story, that’s what Eram is all about.

With a dynamic and well arranged grid, you can move mountains.  At least, you can move them to give you a call for their next photo shoot.  That’s why Eram has this amazing grid template for your images, because they really should be the most prominently featured thing on your website.

The theme’s developer is nammed Owww Lab. Dumb name, but whatever.  This is how they introduce Eram, a creative and unique portfolio and photography theme.

Eram is a cutting-edge WordPress theme driven from photographers needs to provide features and designs that a modern website deserves. Providing numerous layouts and options, Eram theme is well suited for a variety of websites including personal, blogging, fashion, agencies, and studios.

So, that’s pretty much it, this thing is all about photographers and making their lives easier.  Lord knows somebody has to do it, it’s tough manning a camera.  Eram has the features that even some much more expensive photo portfolio themes leave out. You’ve got the obvious stuff, like multiple premade designs to help speed up the implementation of your website.  There are other obvious featurs like multiple image gallery styles, WooCommerce for selling digital downloads, prints or other products, detailed lightboxes and more.  Multiple blog templates, fast and mobile friendly load times, password protected galleries, responsive layout, strong support and more.

So, what’s different?

How about direct purchase of images from your site, while the user is browsing your pictures?  Pretty neat, right?

Client management helps your clients check which images they like from your photo shoot.  I’ll tell you, wedding photographers will absolutely love that.  There’s other odd stuff like right click protection, client proofing galleries and more.  This is an absolutely full featured photography portfolio and you’re totally going to love it.

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