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Florian, Gutenberg Enhanced WordPress Blog Theme

August 25, 2018
Florian Gutenberg Lifestyle Blog

Florian, Gutenberg Lifestyle Blog With Clean, Modern Design

The Florian WordPress theme is a Gutenberg enhanced theme that makes full use of this latest revolution in WordPress design. Gutenberg.  So, this team was built for and is enhanced by the Gutenberg visual post editor, but what does that exactly mean. Well, Gutenberg aims to be as revolutionary for WordPress as the movable type printing press was to mass print the Gutenberg Bible that’s the concept anyway.  For personal or professional blogs, Florian has a lot of style and a tasteful display that is really, really solid.

So, how are people enjoying the new experience of using Gutenberg to create awesome websites. Well, it would be sort of difficult to say that the reviews or anything but mixed. Currently, there have been over a thousand reviews of Gutenberg on wordpress.org and of those, over six hundred of them have been one star ratings. A handful of one-star reviews, I could certainly understand, but it’s for every five star rating, there are more than two ratings of just one star. Yikes!  So, what’s wrong with Gutenberg?

The majority of the low ratings are from people who state that the plug-in simply isn’t ready yet. Many people say it’s garbage, that they are underwhelmed with it and that WordPress should not be Squidoo. To be honest, I’m in agreement. Now, that doesn’t mean that Gutenberg can’t get its act together, but it certainly isn’t ready for the big time just yet.

But what does that have to do with Florian? Well, this theme is tuned to work well with Gutenberg, assuming Gutenberg ever gets his act together. I’m not sure that anyone really needs to have a theme that is optimized for Gutenberg at this point, but I will keep this one in mind if Gutenberg turns the corner and becomes a really premium piece of software.

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