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Grace Under Pressure Minimalist WordPress Lifestyle Blog Theme

December 7, 2018
grace under pressure

Grace under pressure is a lovely, minimalist theme that was designed with creative writers, musicians and bloggers in mind.

Grace Under pressure is a high quality touch optimized WordPress theme for authors and writers of all kinds, though it’s particularly well suited as a lifestyle blog theme.  With a massive amount of focus on a beautiful responsive design, Grace Under Pressure was optimized for the most modern navigation choices, swipe and touch mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.  One other nice bonus, Grace Under Pressure includes 6 months worth of support.
You can clearly see the incredible attention to detail that has been given to each and every aspect of the Grace Under Pressure theme.  Why did they call it Grace Under Pressure?  I believe it’s because this theme was designed from the ground up to be the perfect blogging platform for any topic, gracefully handling all types of mobile devices.  I’m not sure about the pressure part but it’s a nice theme anyway.  Maybe it’s a David Bowie reference?
Grace Under Pressure was optimized for tablets of any type, the interface, navigation and typography, not to mention the overall minimalist style, was thoroughly and thoughtfully crafted to be easy to use, and aesthetically lovely for both front end and back end users.

Some of Grace Under Pressure’s Best Features

  • Pure Responsive Layout – Grace Under Pressure has a true mobile-first layout, the theme’s design offers a minimalist and distraction free experience on mobile devices while expanding to a full website on large desktops.
  • Optimized for Tablets and Smart Phones – Grace Under Pressure’s interface, typography and contrast have been carefully researched to offer a pleasant reading experience on tablet devices.
  • Gorgeous Cover Photos – Cover photos expand full screen on mobile devices overlay the article’s title and description in a manner that reminds of quality vintage books.
  • Touch and Swipe Gestures – The theme’s navigation menu is hidden on mobile devices so it doesn’t distract from your content but can be toggled with a simple swipe gesture.
  • Screenplay Format – A unique feature of this theme is the styling of preformatted text in the screenplay standard, so you can just display some snippets or write full screenplays.  Screenplay formatting in a WordPress theme?  Take that, Final Draft!
  • Custom Made Typography – The font families of headings, body copy text and contextual elements can be changed from the customizer and you can select any font from the Google Directory.
  • Lovely Author Profiles – Author post pages show you avatar and your biographical info next to your posts so you can showcase your works like a true writer.
  • WordPress Customizer Friendly – The customizer has been carefully built so that every simple customization can be previewed instantly without the need to refresh the page.
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If you’d like to see more minimalist themes like Grace Under Pressure, check out our collection.  Or maybe you’re looking for more lifestyle blog theme?  Check them out here.
No matter what kind of site you’re building, if you need a mobile friendly theme, this one is a fantastic choice.

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