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December 22, 2018

For some reason, the image for Helme disappeared.  No worries, I found another image here.

Helme WordPress Theme

Helme is a magazine theme with nice looking design and layout, perfect for many types of websites. What can you do with Helme? Pretty much anything you’d like to do.

Helme is a big, bold, cool magazine and newpaper wordpress theme.

It’s also, I guess, no longer available on the Mojo Themes website.  Okay, confession time, I think Mojo Themes, which has now moved over to Mojo Marketplace now, is pretty terrible.  They moved some stuff but not other stuff, a lot of the original site is broken, but it’s still *there*.  So you can access the pages but the images are gone.  Can I buy stuff still?  Who knows, it’s completely beyond me.  I don’t trust them, I guess is what I’m saying.

So, proceed at your own risk.  I’d lay off this theme personally.

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