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IcoTech, WordPress Crypto Currency and App Promo Theme

September 15, 2018
IcoTech WordPress Theme for CryptoCurrency and Apps

IcoTech is an applications theme that also does double duty as a finely crafted CryptoCurrency theme.

IcoTech WordPress Theme for Apps and CryptoCurrency

IcoTech was built to be a cryptocurrency themed first and foremost, though it does also work for application promotions. This isn’t exactly my favorite team, I don’t think it brings anything to the table that many other themes do. I’m not sure why you need a theme that is specifically about cryptocurrency or crypto trading, blockchain blogging, Bitcoin and other stuff like that, a general purpose business theme should work just as well. It’s really a matter of what you’re plugging about, not what the demo site looks like. There plenty of much better themes out there buy more experienced developers that can provide the same sets of features. Personally, I would recommend one of those over this template. That’s not to say that it’s a terrible theme, I just don’t think it brings anything unique or important to the table.

Sometimes, it seems like there is a WordPress application theme for every WordPress application. Or for every smartphone app for that matter. There are tons of app developers out there and each of them has a variety of needs. Not all WordPress themes are going to be perfect for all websites, that’s just common sense. That’s why our collection of app themes is so wide-ranging and why we suggest you head over there if you didn’t like the look of icotek. Will be back quickly with more great WordPress templates, have a great day in the meantime.

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