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December 6, 2018
ID Store Responsive WordPress Theme

Professional and flexible, easy to use and nice to look at, IDStore is an eCommerce shopping theme that’s priced right and really well supported too.

This is IDStore, a respectably rated theme from 8theme and available exclusively on ThemeForest.  I mentioned the rating, it’s 4.33, which isn’t particularly high, but it is in the range of themes I still occasionally recommend.  I reviewed this theme around a year ago and a lot has changed with WordPress, so I thought I’d check into it again.  Let’s start with what the theme’s developer 8theme says about IDStore.

IDStore Responsive Multi-Purpose Ecommerce Theme is a professionally developed, high-quality, functional template for developing sites in WordPress. Image gallery, blog posts and all standard WordPress features are available. The clean and modern layout is well-suited to business and professional web sites, and with the WooCommerce plug-in the site can become a product catalog or ecommerce platform. The powerful and flexible theme has many features that are controlled via the settings module, and much more can be done with HTML & CSS to make your site unique and effective.
Unique and up-to-date design of the layout is good for business sites, and in combination with an effective WooCommerce plug-in – this is the best start point for professional site creation, with the full package of tools for the flexible marketing. Thanks to easy and handy settings in admin module, you may use your store also as a catalogue.

Since I first reviewed IDStore, they went and added support for WooCommerce, which is great.  Probably should have supported it from the very beginning but better late than never, right?
IDStore includes sliders for displaying new products as well as featured items and with a lot of control over images, fonts, colors and layouts, IDStore is a very flexible theme.  WPML is full supported so you can translate IDStore into any language.  Ajax powers the cart and shop pages, so visitors can stay on one page as they add products to their cart.  That’s a nice, user-friendly feature.  The layout itself is very well optimized, which means fast load times, which means Google won’t ding you for a bad user experience.  This responsive theme is multipurpose too, with a handsome blog built in.
IDStore comes complete with a dark version, seen here…

Dark Version IDStore Responsive WordPress Theme

Don’t be afraid of the dark. IDStore is a great theme for building your online business. Retina ready, responsive and fast loading, that’s a great combo. Video tutorials too!

And this light colored variation which is equally stylish and attractive.
IDStore Light Version Responsive WordPress Theme

The light and dark versions give your site a different feel, but they’re both the same high quality, fast loading template you’re going to love.

So, I’ve written enough on IDStore.  What do you think?  Useful for you?  Useless?  I like the design, though it’s not the most full featured theme on the market.  Overall, it’s a good selection for many types of online store.
Oh yeah, almost forgot, let’s see what folks have done with this theme in real life, I love real world examples of highly rated WordPress themes.  This is Avonmore Estate Wine.
avonmore Estate Wine uses ID Shop as their WordPress theme

‘Old Smokey, 1968’ has been compared favorably to a Welsh claret, whilst the Australian wino society thoroughly recommends a 1970 “Coq du Rod Laver”, which, believe me, has a kick on it like a mule: 8 bottles of this, and you’re really finished. At the opening of the Sydney Bridge Club, they were fishing them out of the main sewers every half an hour.

Helen Rosi is a wedding dress designer who also values IDStore.  If you want to see other themes for wedding dresses, check out this collection.  Here’s a look at Helen’s site though.
Helen Rosi uses IDTheme for her wedding dress website

As beautiful as her wedding dresses, this website uses IDStore to create a clean and professional, yet elegant and whimsical website for selling dresses with eCommerce.

Very nice stuff.  I think IDStore definitely has the style, the features and the ease of use to make it great for most websites.  It’s no wonder this theme is such a big hit.
Okay, that’s all for now, more to come soon though!
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