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Ink Creative WordPress Grid Portfolio Theme

August 30, 2018
Ink Creative WordPress Grid Portfolio Theme

Ink Creative WordPress Grid Portfolio Theme

Ink is a very simple WordPress theme that has a delightful grid layout for the homepage. This WordPress portfolio theme is amazing for highlighting your creations and connecting with your readers, thanks to its integrated social media functions. Themetrust has created a wide range of WordPress themes and ink is one of their most popular things. I think it’s sort of understated and simple, but it still has a lot of features going for it that make it a good option for many websites. It’s clean, it’s simple and elegant, it’s totally responsive so that it can adapt to any screen resolution and you can set full screen background images to give your projects, pages and post their own unique personality. That’s a really nice touch and I think it goes a long way to making this a highly successful website.

There are plenty of short codes included with all theme trust downloads, there are tons of theme options where you can set your own logo up, add your custom colors and customize the CSS. There are plenty of other options too, all of them built to help you achieve a unique look for your website. This theme can be translated into the language of your choice, thanks to localization support. The portfolios have several cool effects like Smooth filtering and hover effects, that can make your portfolio projects look delightful. Thanks to video support, you can embed videos from any of your favorite video websites. That means, YouTube or Vimeo or Dailymotion or anything else you can possibly imagine. Oh, that allows you to rapidly deployed a contact page to keep in touch with your readers. Ink takes advantage of the hundreds of Google fonts to allow for nearly Limitless typography options. I think that all in all, this theme has plenty going for it and you may agree or disagree. That’s what makes a horse race.

If you’re looking for other great WordPress themes with a grid layout, we’ve built a massive collection of some of the very best and I think you might really enjoy one of them. Not all themes are perfect for all uses and that’s okay, that’s why they make so many WordPress themes. And that’s also Why We Gather so many WordPress themes up in our collections. Anyway, I’ve said enough about the ink WordPress theme, hopefully you have enjoyed your time on Templified.

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