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Kalvi, WordPress Education Theme and Learning Management System

September 3, 2018
Kalvi WordPress Education and LEarning Management Theme

Welcome to Kalvi, a great looking education management and online learning web template for WordPress.  Whether you’re looking for a template to build a website for the world’s best university, a daycare center or online learning environments, this theme has some great looking options and plenty of features.

Kalvi is an Educator’s dream come true, whether you are creating a website for a single online course, and entire Academy, online learning or learning at that actually University, this theme has tons of features. There are a variety of class types including featured classes, on-site classes with location map, classes with a timetable plugin classes with certificates and badges and numerous different registration options. There are a variety of course types as well, course with group, news and events, featured courses, courses for members only, courses with featured videos and a whole bunch more.

You’ll be creating pages with the handy drag and drop page builder setup that is included for free. Drag-and-drop page builders make it simple for a beginner to set up a great-looking website.

You’ll have tons of options for setting up online quizzes as well, there’s a very simple to use quiz form that helps you build very clear and concise tests or quizzes. There’s an intro page and an instant results page as well. This theme comes with the Kirki customizer, which is a simple to use and powerful theme customizer option that’s a turnkey solution to theme options.

Oh yeah, let’s hear what the developer, Design Themes, has to say about their WordPress theme.

Kalvi is a unique looking and highly advanced Learning Management Education System WordPress theme. It is a complete WordPress theme for the education websites. This theme offers numerous awesome features like online/onsite classes, online courses, teacher profile, extended user profiles, lesson management, quiz system, video hosting, ranking/rating system, questions system, attachments, tracking course progress etc.,

Great intro, couldn’t have said it better myself.

You’ve got several different styles to choose from, each appealing to a slightly different demographic.  Here are some of those demo styles.  The first is for online learning courses.

I suppose they don’t actually have to be for online learning courses, I mean who would really know the difference? Whether you’re learning at home or in a classroom, learning is still learning. Anyway, this website is at least attempting to showcase an online learning environment and there are a few features that are very specific to online learning.

Kalvi WordPress Education, Larning Management Theme

This demonstration site is for an International Learning organization, I think the appealing part of this one is at the flat and trendy style. If you’re selling training courses online, tutorials and similar products that you want to lock behind a paywall, I think that a thing like this could be great.

Kalvi WordPress Education Themes

And here’s one for the kids, a kindergarten Style WordPress template that is for daycare centers and other similar businesses.

Kalvi WordPress Learning Management Themes

Here’s a cool demonstration of what a dance school might look like, though I suppose it doesn’t have to just be about dance, perhaps an aerobics class or fitness center, yoga studio or something similar to that? The choice is up to you, the style is a broad base for lots of different kinds of businesses.

Kalvi WordPress Theme for Education, LMS Themes

And finally here is another online education course demo this one having a point system, whatever that is supposed to mean? I honestly have no clue what they’re talking about. I feel a little bit like Bill S. Preston Esquire from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, you remember the scene where they learn how to play guitar real quick? Well, I just went online and try to figure out what an education points system WordPress theme is. But while Bill S. Preston Esquire and “Ted” Theodore Logan or whatever his name was, ended up learning how to absolutely shred guitar, I’m back empty handed. I have no idea what they mean. If I had to guess, I’d say it was about answering questions online and earning points for it? Kind of like answers.yahoo.com or whatever that website is.

Kalvi WordPress Education, Online Learning Theme

So, now that I’ve failed to solve that riddle, I guess I’m just about finished.  If you’re looking for more options for WordPress education themes, check out our collection.  It’s packed with great stuff and I think you’ll really like it. We’re constantly adding a new themes to our website and we plan to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. So, if you didn’t end up liking this WordPress template and you don’t find what you’re looking for on our collection of Education WordPress themes, will be back very quickly to add more great-looking WordPress themes to that, and every election. We do our best to always have fresh selection of WordPress names that you can select from.

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