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Kazla, Creative WordPress One Page Resumé Theme

November 16, 2018
Kazla, One Page Creative Resume Theme for WordPress

With some truly unique layouts, bold splashes of color, a modern and creative look and some brawny features, Kazla is a full-featured personal portfolio theme that looks great and performs just as well.  This responsive WordPress theme likes to have a little fun.  In fact, here’s a look at the front page, let’s see what you think?

Kazla, One Page Creative Resume Theme for WordPress

Hold your nose, ’cause here goes the cold water.  I’m no longer able to recommend this theme as it’s rating has slipped below 4.  The last two reviews have panned the theme for being buggy and for the support not being there after the fact.  Too bad.  At least the developer offered a refund, which is something, but I don’t get why they aren’t supporting their themes?  Who knows, but it’s bad news for us, befcause I can’t recommend this theme anymore.

Boo Hoo.

Well, if you’d like to see some more vCard themes, check into our collection.  We’ve found a bunch of great stuff you might find useful.

That’s all for now, check back soon for more.

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