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December 8, 2018

kontrol is a fantastic theme for DJs

Kontrol is a powerful WordPress theme that was specifically built for Disc Jockeys, musical artists, indie bands, small time, low powered radio stations and basically everyone in the music business.  The music industry is massive and to compete for a share of the profits, you want a great theme.
That’s Kontrol.
Kontrol’s custom made audio player lets your audience listen to your upcoming hits with the most sophisticated custom audio implementation. Soundcloud supported!  Heading out for an around the world tour?  Let folks know by showing your tour schedule on a Google map and share details for each gig.  Show Artists, Discography, Albums, Videos, Photo Galleries, Important Items and Events. A plethora of content awaits.  As usual, Kontrol is powered by our powerful Theme Options Panel. Customize the theme to your heart’s content!
Kontrol has incredible style, tremendous flair, it’s modern, it’s fun, it’s fast paced and delightful, it’s eye candy for the ear, it’s well designed and timely, it’s great for music, bands, DJs and small radio stations.  With setlists, Soundcloud support and more, Kontrol is beat boxing it’s way into everyone’s hearts.
***EDIT – Update, well, say it ain’t so, Kontrol, say it ain’t so.
Well, the time has come to say goodbye to Kontrol, it’s been discontinued.  CSS Igniter has decided to pull the plug on this theme and I guess all good things have to come to an end, so that’s okay.  They’re adding new stuff all the time and I’m sure they’ll have a replacement lined up soon.  Kontrol, thanks for what you did do.
Now, they’ll still support Kontrol in a limited way all the way until November of 2017, but there will be no more updates to this theme, so buyer beware.
For the rest of the CSS Igniter themes, check out our collection.
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