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Lester Creative, Well Organized and Modern Portfolio Theme

August 12, 2018
Lester Creative WordPress Portfolio Theme

Creative agency, corporate and portfolio WordPress theme Lester

One of the Lester homepage Styles is shown above, it’s bold and powerful and the image and typography perfectly blend together to create a memorable experience.

And below is another example of a homepage. As you can see, it’s pretty similar. That’s the thing with this Lester team there’s not a ton of variation. What is there is nice, but there’s not a lot of differences.

Lester Unique responsive powerful and functional website

This is a theme that doesn’t really have a ton of different stylistic looks about it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing. I like the sleek and professional demeanor of this modern WordPress theme.  They’re all flat, they all have big images and the same great typography.

I think Lester offers a fantastic user experience because of its responsive design and attractive layout. This flat WordPress theme is ideal for Studios, graphic designers, art galleries, freelance artist, creative agencies and any other creative site you can imagine.

There are several different homepage variations with this name, though as I mentioned they’re not all that different from one another. Sometimes it’s the little things that matter and perhaps you’ll find that you like one of these styles a little bit more than the rest. That’s perfect. This clean and creative Blog Page Builder to help you get more bang for your buck in terms of time spent on your website. The Lesser WordPress theme has an ultra high-performance back-end editor called King composer. King composer is a lightweight editor that allows you to visually style your website anyway you want to. That means you can drag-and-drop, sore, render templates and much more. King composer is very smooth and pretty simple to get started with. You don’t have to be an expert to use it.

I suppose I should note that at this time, Lester does not support WooCommerce. I know many people are looking for a portfolio that can handle WooCommerce, but this isn’t it. This is a straight-up portfolio and that’s all.  If you are looking for WooCommerce themes and ended up here by mistake, check out our collection of WooCommerce ready WordPress themes.

The Lester WordPress theme  is meant to be a creative portfolio and I think it does a really good job of it. If you’re looking for other portfolio themes, we build a collection that you might be interested in. I realize that not everything is right for everyone. I do enjoy the same but many of you might not. Some of you might absolutely hate this perhaps because of the stupid name? I have no idea why people hate things. It’s understandable. Anyway, check out that collection if you didn’t see what you wanted with Lester.

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