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December 5, 2018
simple and beautiful food blog themes can be found here

Masak Mak is a food blog theme that knows there’s nothing better than a fresh squeezed glass of orange juice with your finely crafted food blog theme in the morning.


Are you seeking out a delicious, nutritious, creative and ingenious food blogging theme for WordPress?  A novel looking WordPress theme with a sparkling layout – simple to navigate, with detailed help files and outstanding technical support, offering you a surprisingly simple, intelligent and classical design, astonishing, expertly crafted, clean code that is razor sharp and countless functional, strong customization choices?  Then MasakMak could be what you’re looking for, a wonderful food blog theme that will really attract attention to your food and recipes.  With a simple, modern design and a highly functional layout, your recipes take center stage for all the world to see.
Masak Mak was created by a theme developer named widhy980 and this is part of their description of Masak Mak.

MasakMak is a WordPress theme that can be used for food bloggers or Food Recipe, MasakMak designed for recipe web template to presentation how to cook and the ingredient of the food. this theme has design modern and minimalist and easy to customized. you can change color scheme or change your own color.

Okay, that’s fine.  One question though, why is this theme so wildly unpopular?  It’s been downloaded only seven times in the last year or so.  That’s poor.
Well, I looked into the comments section on ThemeForest and found this, from one of the rare confirmed purchasers.  There are (almost) dozens of us!  (Almost) dozens!

Hello! Thanks for your template. I notice some translation issues. For exemple, I post a recipe, and those words are not translated (from top to bottom) : “by” author name …. XX “views” XX “servings” “prev post”
I attempt to update the masamak.pot with poeditor without any success. For exemple, the key “&s servings” in “featured_post.php” is not find. But the key “&s serving” (without s) is ok.

Now, the developer fixed this issue, but it shouldn’t have been an issue to begin with.  The purchaser shouldn’t be bug checking your theme for you, that should be fixed from the very first download.
Looking at their other themes, it’s more of the same, low amounts of sales, spotty support.  Bottom line is this, I’m not going to recommend this theme.  I doubt it’s around much longer and there are better looking themes around anyway.
This is usually where I show a couple sites that use Masak Mak and let you see the template in the wild, but I couldn’t find any of the seven poor, lost souls who purchased wasted their money on this theme.  Kind of sad.  So, that’s all there is to Masak Mak.  We’ll be back before you know it with more actually good themes.  Stay tuned.
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