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Mins, WordPress Primer Child Theme, Free and Minimalist

August 30, 2018
Mins, Minimalist WordPress Theme, Free and Simple

Mins, Free GoDaddy Primer Child Theme, WordPress

When you’re looking for a great free WordPress theme, primer is one of the better options out there. This full featured WordPress theme has a very simple style and it’s built to work hand-in-hand with the primer WordPress theme. Mins is very simple to install, all you’ll need to do is add the primer theme, then overlay the child theme folder with the files for Mins. The result, a very clean and stylish portfolio and blog that’s great for very simple sites. If you’ve got a ton of products or you got a very large website that needs to scale up, this might not be the world’s best solution for you.

In those cases, we’ve built a huge collection of minimalist themes for WordPress that might suit you better. These WordPress minimalist themes are all very easy use, have great looking styles, but also offer more features than a feeling like Mins. Many of them are WooCommerce ready, which this template simply isn’t able to handle. That doesn’t make it a bad thing, it just makes it a little bit different.

There are tens of thousands of WordPress themes out there and we aim to review each and every one of them. If you run across a great-looking WordPress theme that we’ve missed, we would love to hear all about it.

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