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December 10, 2018
Moje vCard Bootstrap Responsive WordPress Theme

Moje is a striking WordPress theme for vCards, with fullscreen design and highly attractive layout, it’s an attention getter that makes your contact information, your education, skills and experiences the star of the show.

Moje is a fullscreen vCard theme for creative people and companies who want a great looking destination for their resumé and portfolio.  Moje has a lot of features that come standard, you know the ones, responsive layout, retina ready image display, single or multi-page layouts, dark or light color schemes and multiple color options.  Created by Theme Bakers, this is what they have to say about their own theme.

Moje is a stylish vCard theme loaded with features which makes it a perfect choice for your resume, minimalistic or even full blown portfolio website. You can either use it as a single page site or multi-page site. It is powered by Bootstrap 3 hence it works from desktops to tablets to smartphones flawlessly and awesomely.

So, functionality is…baked into this theme.  I couldn’t help myself there, sorry.

Moje has been downloaded over 300 times and it has a great 4.5+ rating on ThemeForest.  Really solid stuff.

The resumé builder is easy to use and makes your skills, experiences, education and job history really look good.  With localization support, you can translate Moje into any language really, really quickly.  There’s demo data included and Moje is well supported too and looking at their changelog, they keep up with tons of routine updates, upgrades and all around improvements with this theme.  I think you can purchase this theme with absolute confidence.

***EDIT – please read this before you purchase this theme.

Okay, here we go, the bad news.  So, I’ve been looking into this theme a bit more and there are some issues cropping up.

Here’s a comment from 9 months ago.

Hi there! I own your HTML version and am considering buying the WP version (specifically for the blog template). There are several versions (default, clean, extra, alternative, etc) I can use in the HTML and am wondering if this is also ported to the WP version?

No response.  Now this from 11 months ago, somebody has some pre-purchase questions.

1. The template comes with the demo (template) data? Can I install it with the content (and change everything after?)

2. Is it possible to change the contact part of the template? I don’t like the visitor needs to click on the message icon to open the contact form. Can I put the contact for as a window near to the ‘Do you want to hire me’ window? Or inside that window?

3. Can I change the font types, sizes, colors, icons everywhere? E.g.: menu icons, icons on the pages, contacts fonts sizes, menu text sizes, heading font sizes, and font family etc etc.

4. Can I translate the template? (to Hungarian). Via .po file?

Again, no response.  Looks like this theme is no longer being supported, which is a shame.  So, all in all, I can’t really recommend this theme unless you feel confident that you can support it yourself.  You’re on your own, I guess.

I’ll answer those questions here though.

1. Yes, it includes dummy data you can import.

2. That change would require some coding, it’s not part of the features that can be easily changed.

3. Yes, font sizes can easily be changed, but you’ll need to get into the CSS to do it.

4. Absolutely, all languages are supported, even RTL languages.

Okay, that’s enough for today.  Let us know what you think!

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