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MudRace, Single Event Fundraising WordPress Theme

October 17, 2018

Mud Race is a really interesting theme, I haven’t seen one quite like this in all of my time reviewing or press teams. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of different themes that don’t require coding, that offer premium sliders, have a perfectly responsive design and include a drag-and-drop page builder to help you craft a great-looking template. And certainly I’ve seen themes with gray support and unlimited color and font options I’ve even seen themes that offer all of this and support eCommerce plugins like woocommerce.

No, there’s something a little bit different about Mud Race the WordPress theme. What’s different about it, this is a single event fundraising theme similar to the events put on by the Tough Mudder series. There are a few other of these types of companies, I can’t exactly work all the names right off the top of my head, but they are growing in popularity. There’s something about a frog in one of them, I think. I think they sponsored a bowl game a few years back and I never heard of them, but now I have.

Anyway, that’s not exactly the point. If you’d like to set up a single-event fundraiser, a Race for the Cure, mud run for any sort of online charity, this could be a good theme to help get you started.

To be perfectly honest, any general purpose WordPress theme could do the trick for this type of website, but it’s sometimes nice to have something that is purpose-built to allow you to get cracking on building your website and attracting contestants or Runners to your Mud Race.

So, let’s have a look at the front page of the Mud Race WordPress team. I think that it’s a very nice looking template, the images are going to be very important to helping brandy or particular fundraising event.

Mudrace WordPress Tough Mudder Style Theme

So, that’s it for Mud Race. We’re still working on building a great collection of Charity themes, so you’ll have to check back later if you would like to see more themes like this one. We will be back shortly to review even more great templates, so check back often.

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