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Nomos Modern, Mobile Friendly eCommerce Shop

August 29, 2018
Nomos WordPress eCommerce Mobile Friendly Theme

Best WordPress eCommerce Themes for Selling Products OnlineSo, what do we have here? Looks to me like a theme called Nomos. Described as a modern-day Jack’s powered shop 4 SEO friendly and mobile-friendly online stores. Released in July of 2018, this theme has been downloaded about 57 times so far, which makes it a mild hit. So what do you get with the Nomos WordPress theme, well  certainly a simple I’ve certainly seen themes that have had much poorer sales in that first month. With the memos WordPress theme you got a simple and straightforward, stylish and modern e-commerce template and I suppose there are worse things to have.

I just looked up no most and it looks like Nomos is most famous for watches, do you think that’s what they had in mind when they created this theme? I’m not really sure and I don’t think that I’m going to ask. For Amazon affiliates, online commerce, eCommerce, fashion, mobile shopping, multi-vendor sites, online retail stores and general WooCommerce websites, Nomos is certainly a fine option. This theme has one click demo import, can speed up your sales, it has a really nice design that is clean and refreshing and comes with plenty of Premium plugins to save you time and money.

Mid Century Modern wordPress Furniture Store Theme Nomos

So, that’s the look of one of the dozen or so pre-made home pages.

Let’s take a look at the blog theme. Yes, that certainly does look like a Blog. It’s got a well-ordered grid style and could be right for you. I’ll tell you, and this has nothing to do with WordPress, but my cat is staring at me. She has two full plates of food in front of her, yet she’s still staring at me as if I haven’t fed her in days. I think perhaps I have shamed her, because she was now wondering off, probably headed outside to sleep on a chair on our back deck.

So, yeah, what does that have to do with WordPress? Nothing. Then again, what does anything have to do with anything?  I don’t know man, I just review WordPress themes.

Nomos Sample of Minimalist Blog Design

Okay, I think I’ve introduced this theme enough for you to get a decent idea of what it might have to offer for your website. If you’re looking for a responsive, e-commerce ready and user-friendly theme, you found one. Nomos is a cool customer that has enough features to keep you happy. If you end up for you whether there were any issues getting your website setup or customized and how you are liking the performance of your website. All these little data points can help us to provide the absolute best reviews of WordPress themes anywhere. So, that’s all for now, we will be back shortly with even more great WordPress themes.

My cat is back, staring at me again.

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