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Novum, Gutenberg WordPress AJAX Powered WooCommerce Theme

September 11, 2018
Novum, WooCommerce WordPress Theme with Gutenberg Support

Gutenberg powers this WordPress theme and it’s a new, novel and interesting way to help fine tune your website to get the proper look for your website.

Novum is cleaning flat, beautiful in Middle s, it’s a woocommerce theme that is powered by a Jacks and it supports Gutenberg. This responsive theme has deep integration with Gutenberg, is it allows you to fine tune your website to perfectly reflect what you want to accomplish. You can really extend the native capabilities of woocommerce with the Novum WordPress theme, it can help you drive sales and increase Revenue. With a beautiful built-in blog, Novum gives every one of your visitors a gorgeous reading experience that they will never forget. The contrast is very high, there’s Dynamic font sizing and even a reading progress indicator, which is a cool feature that can increase engagement with your content.

Let’s get a look at that front page, hmmm?

Novum, Clean, Modern WooCommerce Gutenberg Theme

In terms of speed and SEO, this beautiful template recognizes that a website is only good if your visitors are able to find it. Ranking highly in the search engines is a critical component of building your website. Novum was built from the ground up with speed and SEO at the front of its mind. There’s minification, schema data, micro formats and the themes developer has a custom-made SEO plugin to help it all work together perfectly.

What about support? Well, this is a very well supported and well-documented template that uses WordPress best practices, the highest quality coding standards and Native WordPress functionality. It’s fast and intuitive, user-friendly and it’s got every feature you could possibly want to build an outstanding website.

There are plenty of WooCommerce ready WordPress templates out there and this particular template might not be perfect for your needs, which is why we’ve gathered up dozens of the absolute best in Harwood Commerce themes collection. If you see a theme in that collection, you can be certain that it works well, has tons of features and is stylish and presentable. We do our very best to find all of the best tablets out there and we keep adding to each and every one of our collections on a weekly basis. So, that’s pretty much all we have to say about Novum, what do you think about the same? Is this a woocommerce theme that you trust? I think that it quite possibly should be.

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