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PlayerX, WordPress Gaming Magazine Themes

September 13, 2018
PlayerX WordPress Gaming Magazine Themes

PlayerX is a fascinating looking WordPress gaming theme.  It’s all about letting loose and having some fun, which is something we all could use a little more of.

It’s more than just a feeling I get, this theme is a really amazing games magazine theme and I think you’re going to love it.  Lose yourself in the features and close your eyes, imagine creating a hugely popular and successful gaming magazine website.  It’s more than a feeling, you’ll be laughing and dreaming about more traffic to your site.

It’s going to happen too, believe me.  Oh yeah, before I forget, here’s a look at the PlayerX theme.

PlayerX, Gaming Magazine WordPress Themes

It’s as clear as the sun, as clear as a summer sky.  This theme has everything to help your site look great. Thanks to it’s responsive design, PlayerX has proven to be quite popular too, rocking a 4.88 average rating on ThemeForest and racking up nearly 200 downloads.  I’ve seen WordPress themes come and go, but this one is here for the long haul.

Gamers have a certain set of skills, sure, but also a certain set of needs.  One, clear and concise presentation of content.  For eSports news sites, game reviews sites, magazines for gamers, streaming games, MMORPG game reviews and more, PlayerX is a grand and well designed theme that you’ll cherish.

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