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December 9, 2018

Feminine WordPress Themes

Sandy is a gorgeous, well made and truly premium feminine theme for WordPress.  What Sandy does is nothing short of amazing.  It’s incredible looking, fantastically simple to use and the list of features is long and strong.

For premium themes like Sandy, price can occasionally be a big factor, perhaps even dissuading you from purchasing the theme.  Sandy isn’t like that.  This feminine theme offers a great looking web template at a completely reasonable price.  There are a bunch of great features that make

Th Sandy theme is a premium quality, somewhat feminine style women’s WordPress theme that offers up a ton of different, powerful features.  Every one of these features helps to make it a snap to craft a new website. If you’d like to unleash your creative powers on the world, then Sandy may be the right theme for you.

With hundreds of downloads to it’s credit, Sandy has the right options, the flexibility and the support to be a premium theme with a relatively low price tag.

Impressive stuff.

Sandy uses a unique page builder plug-in and a brand new framework that helps the pages load quickly with no extra fat.  Retina display and, of course, responsive design means user experience is going to be unforgettable.  Sandy is quite easily customized too, so if you see something you’d like to change, it’s a breeze to make alterations.

***EDIT – Well, it was probably inevitable, but they’ve pulled this theme from ThemeForest, so Sandy is no longer available for purchase.  Luckily, ThemeForest adds new themes basically every day, so you can find something incredible for your website without much trouble.

Okay, that’s it for now, we’ll be back with more awesome themes before you know it.

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