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Shopsy, Flat and Stylish WooCommerce WordPress Theme

November 30, 2018

Shopsy is a modern, well mannered, even keeled WooCommerce theme with a very different, unexpected style thatwill sweep you off your feet.

Remember when shopping was fun?  Shopsy, the flat and stylish WooCommerce WordPress template sure as heckfire does!
Who am I kidding, shopping has always been fun and it still is.  That said, Shopsy is a Bootstrap 3.0+ page builder WooCommerce template that has a really fun masonry grid product display system.  I think this would be great for products for kids and moms alike, or just about any kind of online fashion store.  Maybe even sell some fun art?  The sky is the limit with Shopsy.
This very flexible, innovative, well made, gorgeous and user-friendly theme allows you to grow your business, promote existing merchandise, supervise delivery and product stock, contact potential customers and market fresh merchandise and more. This premium quality, style-filled flat WordPress WooCommerce theme is awesome.  It’s adaptable, it’s superbly user-friendly.  Shopsy is finely crafted, well made in terms of code and design and best of all Shopsy is filled with features, it’s versatile, search engine optimized and modern, responsive, perfect for computer stores, bicycle suppliers, makeup products, marketing firms or small brick and mortar businesses. Choosing to buy the right high quality WooCommerce theme, like Shopsy for example, may be what you need, since it can really help you create a memorable first impression.
There is some bad news about Shopsy though, it looks like the developers are kind of slow to respond to issues.  One recent review says this.

The theme owners are very difficult to work with, takes them ages to respond on their forum for support.  Their theme has major lack of compatibility with WooCommerce and breaks down at random places. We keep getting major issues with pricing and cart options for display which are problems with the theme and they refuse to update their themes often enough.

Which is a bigtime issue.

***EDIT – And maybe that lack of support finally did them in, because it looks like they’ve gone and pulled the plug on Shopsy and it’s no longer available on ThemeForest.  That doesn’t mean the party has to end though, you can find more awesome eCommerce themes here.

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