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December 11, 2018
Squares Web Developer Resumé and vCard Theme

Hey there John Doe, let’s get to know you. The minimalist vCard style is impressive and fun, simple to navigate and very user-friendly to customize.  With a theme like this, there’s no reason your site can’t look precisely like you want it to look on all devices, every time it loads up.

This CV theme is alleged to highlight the career and work history, as well as portfolio, of a guy named John Doe.  We all know that’s a fake name, but the effects are real.  Very real.  John Doe, which is actually called Squares by the way since it’s been renamed, is simple, it’s straightforward in it’s design and it’s been one of the more popular vCard or CV themes around for quite some time now.

This Squares theme loads up rapidly and it looks great on all types of devices, since it’s responsive.  There are over a dozen background patterns included, Squares is enhanced with Javascript, but doesn’t get crazy with the effects, so it’s not ‘in your face’.  The page transitions are nice, subtle and add something to the experience.  With a custom made bar graph for displaying skills, a hand made portfolio slideshow, six color presets and a fully functional AJAX contact form, this theme has everything you need to get started down the road to making a vCard theme that you can really be proud of.

Squares hasn’t proven very popular though, I’ll say that.  Just 13 downloads so far.  Ouch!  So if you’re interested in it, you better get it fast because I sense that ThemeForest will pull this theme down any day now.  That’s what they do with themes that don’t perform well.  You know, that’s the deal though, if you like this style, then it could be the one for you.  If not, maybe it’s not a great fit.

Such is life!

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