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Stout, Free WordPress Child Theme for Primer

August 18, 2018
Stout Free, Flat WordPress Theme

Stout, Free WordPress Child Theme for Primer

This is Stout, a child theme for another great free starter theme called Primer.  This child theme was also developed by GoDaddy to help skin another of their themes called Primer.

Primer has a slightly different vibe to it, the developer calls it a ‘masculine’ style.  I guess that’s probably true, it’s bold and striking, strong and highly functional.  Like Primer, it’s fast loading and looks great on all devices, since it’s responsive.

Here are a couple of different reviews of the theme.  This is a 5 star review.

No issues at all. Nice for a quick to launch, flexible and attractive site. Good for basic marketing and lead gen/capture. Stable.


And another one, 5 stars just like the first.

This theme is great! It suits the look I’m going for on my website. And it’s really easy to install. Nice one!


I installed this theme just to see how easy it was to set up.  The answer, pretty easy.  Bear in mind, it’s a child theme, so you do have to install Primer first to be able to get this look for your website.  It’s a pretty fast process and using child themes is generally a great idea.  So, I think that if you’re looking for a solid, dependable WordPress theme and free is what your budget is, this theme could be a pretty good option.  There it is.

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