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December 19, 2018

If you want an absolute winner of a WordPress website, you may want to consider a Studio Press child theme for the Genesis Framework.  Genesis Framework child themes are super popular and only growing in popularity and I’ll get into why here in the next few paragraphs.

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the planet and it’s only getting more popular as time goes by.  It’s a great time to blog, to create a magazine or to sell products and WordPress is often times the most popular vehicle for accomplishing those goals.  There are tons of amazing plugins, web templates, code snippets and more that can help you create a website to do almost anything you want to do.

But there are drawbacks to having such a massive amount of options, some people find themselves falling into the old trap of ‘paralysis by analysis’.  By that, I mean there are so many themes out there, so many theme frameworks, which one is the best?  With so many themes, theme makers and options all competing for attention, where’s the best place to start?  I can honestly say, Studio Press is definitely one of the very best for many people.  They’ve sold around 200,000 themes and they have dozens of themes to choose from, so it’s clear that a lot otf folks do really value what Studio Press has to offer, but that really makes me ask a key question to myself.

Why is Studio Press such a great choice for building a website with WordPress?

Studio Press created the Genesis Framework, which as got to be among the most famous, most popular and most flexible frameworks around.  Basically, a framework is a code base that integrates your WordPress installation with the theme you choose for your website.

Studio Press describes WordPress as the engine to your car, it’s what makes your website run.  They describe Genesis Framework as the body and the Studio Press child theme as the paint.  It’s the flash, it’s what you see and it’s what gives every car a distinctive style.  Genesis is  the basic appearance of your site, the overall design and if you look at it, it’s not much to look at, it’s very boring because it’s completely unstyled.  Now, that design can be altered by adding a child theme built on the Genesis framework.  There are tons of theme to choose from, each offering a different ‘paint job’ to make your site look unique.  Then, you can further customize your site with widgets, by adjusting fonts and colors and adding plugins to add features.

What are the main advantages of a Studio Press and Genesis Framework child theme?

Genesis child themes are very fast loading, which is an advantage in SEO.  Plus, who wants a slow site, right?  Faster is better.  The security is incredibly solid, because Studio Press ensures there are no backdoors, no exploits available for hackers to get into.  Each Genesis child theme is completely responsive, looks amazing on all devices.  There’s no code bloat, the code is crystal clear.  The user experience is great for webmasters because you don’t have an infinite amount of customization options, it’s pretty much an off the shelf product, though there is still plenty of optional stuff you can add and adjust.

Overall, it’s a great choice and I’ll be back to add to this description later, but for now, let’s take a look at some themes!

Elegance Pro

Elegance WordPress Photography Theme

Simple, clean, professional and beautiful, that’s what Elegance Pro is all about.  This Genesis framework child theme is a great all-around theme for blogs, magazines and businesses.  Refined and polished, this third party genesis theme was created by Stephanie Hellwig and it’s user friendly as it is attractive.  Genesis is a framework that’s so rock solid, perfect for SEO and stable performance.  Of all the Genesis framework child themes, this one is among my favorites.

Demo Get Hosting

Aspire Pro

Aspire Pro WordPress entrepreneurs business theme

Demo Get Hosting

Interior Pro

Interior Creative WordPress Theme

Demo Get Hosting

Hello Pro

Hello Pro Personal Branding Theme for WordPress

Demo Get Hosting

Milan Pro

Milan WordPress fashionable magazine theme

Looking for more amazing magazine themes for WordPress? 

Demo Get Hosting

Maker Pro

Maker Pro WordPress Blog Theme

Demo Get Hosting

Wellness Pro

Wellness Pro WordPress Health Blog and Parallax Theme

Demo Get Hosting

Brunch Pro

Brunch Pro minimalist WordPress recipe blog theme

Demo Get Hosting

Glam Pro

Glam Pro WordPress feminine blog theme glamourous

For more WooCommerce themes, check out this collection.

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Smart Passive Income Pro

Smart Passive Income WordPress Business and Marketing Theme

Demo Get Hosting

Market Pro

Market Pro Feminine WordPress Genesis blog theme

Demo Get Hosting


Jessica Pro WooCommerce theme for Genesis Framework

Demo Get Hosting

Simply Pro

Simply Pro WordPress minimalist Themes

Demo Get Hosting

Divine Pro

Divine Pro WordPress recipe and general purpose theme

Demo Get Hosting

Pretty Creative Pro

Pretty Creative Pro WordPress theme for creatives

Demo Get Hosting

Pretty Chic Pro

Pretty Chic Pro WordPress feminine Genesis theme

Demo Get Hosting

Atmosphere Pro

Atmosphere Pro WordPress minimal blog template

Demo Get Hosting

Workstation Pro

WorkStation WordPress minimal minimalist theme

Demo Get Hosting

Whitespace Pro

Whitespace boxed WordPress minimal blogging theme

Demo Get Hosting

Ambiance Pro

Ambience WordPress grid portfolio and blog theme

Demo Get Hosting

Remobile Pro

Remobile WordPress responsive blog theme

Demo Get Hosting

Author Pro

Author Pro WordPress writers blog theme

Demo Get Hosting

Altitude Pro

Altitude Pro WordPress creative fullscreen theme

Demo Get Hosting

No Sidebar Pro

No Sidebar WordPress minimalist Blogging Theme

Demo Get Hosting

Modern Studio Pro

Modern Studio Minimalist Creative Agency Theme

Demo Get Hosting

Foodie Pro

Foodie Pro WordPress recipe blog and food blog

Demo Get Hosting

Daily Dish Pro

Daily Dish WordPress recipe blog theme simple clean

Demo Get Hosting

Minimum Pro

Minimum Pro WordPress minimalist blog theme

Demo Get Hosting

Agent Press Pro

AgentPress Pro WordPress real estate property sales theme

Demo Get Hosting


Centric Pro

Centric Full Screen App Theme for WordPress

Demo Get Hosting

Beautiful Pro

Beautiful Pro WordPress feminine blogging theme

Demo Get Hosting

Wintersong Pro

Wintersong Minimalist WordPress blog theme

Demo Get Hosting

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