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Koop, MultiPurpose Theme with Social Network Feed - ThemeWizz

This is Koop, a theme that seems to believe that social media and networking is about the most important thing in building a website.  Of course for some, that’s probably absolutely true.  For some sites, for internet celebrities, for social networking icons, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, those may as well be on Mt. Rushmore.  What Koop does is this, it allows you to build a page with a specially made social feed plugin that combines all your social network feeds into one spot, a single network stream.  That is you can create a single feed for multiple social network profiles.  Like, for example, you can aggregate every feed from your company or build feeds for other special purposes.

This isn’t to be confused with BuddyPress themes, where you can sort of create your own social network.  That’s different.

Responsive Design

Koop is 100% responsive, meaning your website will be perfectly optimized for every browser, device and screen size.

Custom Page Templates

Choose from a selection of pre-made templates to build your site, including full width pages and contact forms.

Multiple Post Types

Create a content-rich blog and utilize the custom styling for articles, galleries, quotes, videos, and audio clips.

Multiple Blog Layouts

From the Theme Customizer you can choose to display a single column blog layout or a three-column masonry layout.


This WordPress theme is retina-ready, meaning your large, high-resolution images will look great on any screen or browser.

Theme Customization

Use the Theme Customizer to tailor the your site. Simply enter your preferred options and Koop will make the change. – Just another WordPress Sites site

I love the possibilities with Koop.  Here are the various social feeds you can integrate into your site.  Twitter, with tweets, replies and retweets.  Instagram with user video or photo posts.  Facebook, public user or page posts.  There’s Dribbble, team or user posts.  YouTube, add videos from a playlist.  Pinterest, include user or board pins.  Flickr, page photos or user photos and finally, WordPress, where you can include the latest blog posts.

What else can we say about Koop?  It’s brand new in November of 2017, it’s completely responsive, Retina display ready, easy to customize with multiple post types and custom page templates and multiple different blog layouts.

That’s a pretty big way to get the most out of your social networking.

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Waulah, Pinterest Inspired WordPress Blog Theme

Waulah Infinite Scroll Pinterest Style Theme for WordPress

Got a hankering for some Pinterest style goodness? Have a look at the handsome and talented Waulah theme.

This theme is called Waulah, by a developer called uipro.  This theme may look a little familiar to you, particularly if you spend as much time on Pinterest as I do.  That’s probably because it’s clearly a Pinterest inspired, infinite scrolling blog theme. But you’re not locked into that style, while there is the Ajax infine scroll option, you can also use simple pagination or the Ajax load more button option.

This is what the theme’s developer has to say about Waulah.

Waulah is a premium, clean, modern, feature-rich and easy-to-use grid based infinite scroll news, magazine and blog WordPress theme. It is suitable for wide-range of blog niches such as personal blog, fashion, photography, travel , sports, editorial, news, magazine etc.

The theme is very flexible and super easy to use. It is packed with tons of features, including theme options ( with a lot of customizing options ) and custom widgets. SEO base already built-in with rich snippet microdata for articles.

Enjoy fresh responsive design, amazing new features, complete 1-click demo import & regular theme updates and feature enhancements. And don’t hesitate to ask us for help, we love supporting our customers. If you have a great time with this theme, don’t forget to rate it five star!

An intuitive theme options panel helps you navigate the process of updating your site and lets you create a tailor made blogging site that looks just like you want it to look.  Customize the typography, headers, homepage settings, the blog settings and social networks.

Speaking of social networks, Waulah knows how important social media is to marketing your website, which is why they’re made it easy to share content with simple to configure social share buttons for Telegram, Whattsapp, Viber, Pocket, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Reddit Google+, LinkkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Pinterest.

Responsive design, one click demo data import, mega menu support, structured data markup and more make this a full featured, fast loading and user friendly theme for all occasions.

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Genie WordPress Personal Blog and Minimalist Pinterest theme
This theme is called Genie, it’s a well made WordPress personal blog theme that looks as good as anything on the market.  I love WordPress minimalist themes that have as many features as Genie has.

Genie is a simple, personal blog theme with distinctive typography and clean layout. No matter which blog topic you are about to cover, you will find Genie’s features a perfect fit. It is fully Responsive, Retina ready and Easy to customize.  Genie blog theme features 3 different tile / grid layouts + classic layout, 6 different blog post types and unique full screen post layout. Genie adapts to every device, from smartphone, tablet to desktop.  With Genie your personal blog or magazine can be online in minutes while being fully supported by our highly acclaimed team.

Genie could be just what you need to make an amazing WordPress based website for sharing your thoughts, feelings, news and notes.  With a beautiful WordPress pinterest style theme, you get a really unique and fun way to show what you’ve made.
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WordPress Theme Collections

Best WordPress Pinterest Style Themes

WordPress Pinterest Style Themes

This collection of WordPress Pinterest style themes aims to please and we know you’re going to find something you adore.  We’ve gathered up the best themes that have that Pinterest style, you know, a masonry grid that is infinitely loading?  Pinterest is one of the most popular social networks and people love the way the page looks, since all of your content is at the forefront and users can navigate through your content visually, which is a fun and interesting way to make sure your most popular posts get the most attention.

Pinterest is a wildly popular social media network, so having a website with a very familiar look and feel could go a long way to delivering a great user experience, with memorable content and tons of clicks.  That’s what these themes have in mind, a Pinterest style site with similar layout and navigation, incredibly visual the entire way.  With these Pinterest style themes for WordPress, you’ll be building your very own social media network in no time flat.


Ubergrid WordPress Pinterest Style Theme

Ubergrid, exclusively available on ThemeForest, is a retina ready portfolio theme that packs a lot of features into a simple, minimalist design package and does it all at a reasonable price.  This beautiful, reliable, well-built, flexible and contemporary WooCommerce WordPress theme will allow you to market products or create amazing content with a cool Pinterest inspired design.  Building a wonderful, user friendly website has never been easier.  UberGrid comes included with a page builder, a powerful and easy-to-usefront-page manager and theme manager pages.  Infinite scrolling options are handy too, if that’s something you’re interested in.  All this and demo content installed with just one click of a mouse?  Perfect!  Ubergrid is a great theme for all occasions and it’s amazing style continues to win people over even after being on the market for a handful of years now.

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Pin This

Pin This, Pinterest Inspired WordPress Theme

Pin This is, not surprisingly, one of the most popular WordPress Pinterest style themes on the market.  The layout is a dead ringer for one of the most popular social media networks out there and the style is just the beginning.  Pin This offers a lot of the same functionality too, which makes it fairly unique among WordPress offerings.  You want style?  You want customization?  You want features that make it easy for your readers to get access to the content they way?  Well, Pin This is a great solution.  The clean design emplasizes and frames your content properly and this theme is great for any sort of personal or professional photo portfolio, creative agencies will love the ease with which you can create  sharp and easy to manage portfolio.  Designers, illustrators, video photographers and more will all love this theme.

There are several custom post formats for all of your media, social icons for sharing content, incredible support for embedded media or self hosted media for that matter.  It’s Adsense ready and easily customized via the Smart Admin Panel, which is included for free.  Pin This is a wonderful way to get a Pinterest style look for your WordPress theme.

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Pinmaister, WordPress Pinterest Style Content Theme

Pinmaister is, not surprisingly considering it’s name, a Pinterest style WordPress theme that makes an attractive site for showing off content with a Pinterest style infinite scrolling home page.  Pinterest is popular in part because the navigation is so incredibly visual, you can see new, fresh and interesting content with every page you look at.  Pinmaiser is flexible too, you can brand this theme to look exactly as you want it to look, the drag and drop page builder makes it easy to get a perfect layout without the experience in coding that some themes require.  With Pinmaister, your site will rank very well, since it’s SEO optimized and it makes for a fun, user friendly and powerful way to share your content with the world.

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Pluto, WordPress Pinterest Style Magazine Theme

Pluto is a clean, simple and easy to use Pinterest inspired WordPress theme that has a fun masonry grid layout and tons of features to help make your blogging efforts really pay off.  With nearly 3000 sales and a sparkling 4.77 rating on ThemeForest, it’s one of the most popular themes in this category, Pluto is WooCommerce compatible, though it also works well with other eCommerce plugins too.  Add some header advertisements and you can monetize your blog in that way too, to go along with product sales and affiliate marketing.  The menu can go up top in the header area or to either the left or right sidebar, Pluto also has eight great post formats and powerful admin options to make customization a snap.

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Coney, WordPress Masonry Blog Theme

Coney is a beautiful looking theme that we really think you should consider for your next WordPress project.  If you require an upgraded design and style for your site, you might want to think of a trendy blog style theme with infinite loading posts.  It just so happens that that perfectly describes Coney here.  Coney is incredibly high quality, striking to look at and it loads breathtakingly fast.  Coney offers everything you’ll need to make an awesome blog site, beautiful and trendy in equal parts.  There are over 20 different blog styles, 10 header variations and it’s even WooCommerce copmpatible.  The Pinterest-like layout is super familiar and it’s  a great way to highlight all your products, no matter what they are.


Pinstagram, WordPress Premium Quality Grid Layout Theme

On the hunt for a beautiful Pinterest style WordPress theme?  Pinstagram could be the one for you.  MyThemeShop is a wonderful theme maker, one of the best in the business, to be honest.  Pinstagram is a highly customizable WordPress theme and you don’t need to know how to code to get the most out of it.  Pinterest is incredibly popular and part of that popularity is based on the incredible usability.  Folks are very familiar with Pinterest, which means they’ll be immediately familiar with your site based on the Pinstagram theme.  You’ll get tons of widgetized areas, Google fonts and the colors are all changeable too.  You’re going to love the simple layout with traditional Pinterest style layouts and you’ll be able to maximize the amount of eyes on your content.  That helps build user engagement, which can definitely help drive your traffic to levels higher than you could have anticipated.

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Merapi, Pinterest Style Grid Blog Theme

Responsive and ready for just about anything, Merapi is a great looking, well organized blog theme that is a wonderful solution for personal blogs and journals, news magazines and creative portfolios.  If you want to have your content look great with massiv click through rates, the Pinterest style has proven to be a winner.  I love the focus on both typography and mixed media posts.  Merapi is very highly rated too, with over 500 downloads, sparkling reviews, great support and a wealth of documentation to help get you started.

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Pin, Flexible Masonry Grid Magazine and Blog Theme

Masonry has never looked better than with this theme, and that makes Pin one of the best WordPress blog themes on the market. You’ll enjoy the heck out of this personal blog theme, from the design to the features, it’s got everything you need to make a real impact.   Pin is a gentle looking WordPress grid style portfolio theme that’s amusing, clean and absolutely ready to show off your photos and blog posts! Effective for the latest clothing portfolios, ad agencies and more. Maybe a wedding photography company interested in a cutting edge theme to find a new look? The theme’s developer has make sure that the layout is really tightly structured, so simple and it’s deceptively powerful.

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Waulah, Pinterest Style Blog Theme

Clean and premium, feature filled and user friendly, that’s Waulah.  This infinite scrolling theme is ideal for news sites, online magazines and blogs.  Waulah is clean and flexible, suitable for almost any sort of blog site too.  Sports, travel, photography, you name it.  The Pinterest-style layout is familiar to most and it helps make your content incredibly visual and that really lures in your readers, making them click on more of your interesting articles and posts.  Social sharing is also at the center stage here, easily add your social networking accounts for sites like Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more.  With Waulah, you get a strong theme that’s easy to use and it always looks great on every device.

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Accord, Masonry Blog Theme Similar to Pinterest

Accord is a really slick Pinterest style theme, it comes with 9 amazing widgets, a post rating system that helps with user engagement, there are 7 different post types too.  This theme is built on Bootstrap code, so it loads up fast and looks fantastic on all screen sizes.  This theme works just as well for personal blogs as it does for a magazine.  Which one you choose, well, that’s up to you.  Either way, you’ll have a really eye-catching and user friendly Pinterest style layout that’s familiar and unique at the same time.  This simple theme is a real blogger’s delight and the ratings seem to prove that. This theme is popular and well liked, with a really strong overall rating on ThemeForest.  Well worth checking out.

Free WordPress Themes

Pingraphy, Free WordPress Theme by ThemeCountry

Pingraphy, Free WordPress Pinterest Inspired Theme

This theme is a really unique one, it’s got a Pinterest inspired style that allows you to display your posts in a familiar and inviting way, reminding every one of one of the most popular social networks out there, Pinterest. What makes Pinterest so popular? Well, I think that the visual style that is incredibly easy to navigate is a large part of it and that is one thing you certainly get with this template. There really aren’t a lot of things like this for free, though you can find plenty of masonry grid themes that will cost you a little bit of money, but sometimes at the added benefits and features of a premium theme can be worth it. It’s really up to you, how much functionality you need and how much support you’re going to need to use your website.

Sophy – ThemeCountry is the developer behind Pingraphy and this is what they have to say about their WordPress theme.  (That name auto corrected to painful graffiti, what does that say about the same? Probably nothing, but I thought it was funny.)

Pingraphy is a Pinterest-style WordPress theme. The theme is 100% responsive and gives you the ability to run a Pinterest-style blog as well as beautiful photography blog.

Doesn’t work and nothing special, those are two recent reviews of the Pingraphy WordPress theme. I think I’m going to go ahead and say that I don’t recommend this theme just based on those reviews alone, though if you are hunting for a Pinterest inspired WordPress theme, there aren’t that many free options.

Pingraphy, Pinterest Style, Freebie WordPress Theme

So, I don’t know. This themes only been reviewed 4 times and two of them are five-star reviews, while two of them are one star reviews. I think is that it’s really hard to say whether or not it’s worth it, if the style is precisely what you want, I’d say give it a shot and see if you can make it work for your purposes. No matter which pinterest-inspired theme you choose, we’d love to see it in action. If you have another template that you really adore, please let us know and we’ll add it to my work elections. We like to help find amazing WordPress themes and we can only do it with your help.

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