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August 25, 2018
Theme Trust WordPress Themes

Okay, it’s time to take a look at one of my favorite theme developers, Theme Trust. Theme Trust has been around for quite a number of years now and they’ve built up solid amount of really good WordPress themes that are generally multi-purpose. Some of their older stuff is a bit dated, but it still might be right for somebody, so I’m going to include everything that they’ve done so far, and you can decide whether or not the look and features of any of these given themes is worthwhile to you.

Theme Trust also offers a range of plugins to help make your blogging life easier. There are several social media plugins as well as plenty of short codes. It should be noted, the short codes that are included are not for use with the Westin, Bramble or create WordPress themes.

Theme Trust also has a handy blog where they talk about all kinds of WordPress related topics that might be interesting to you. One of them has a post about how to find blog topics to write about, which I find particularly interesting, since sometimes it’s a little bit difficult to figure out what you want to say. There’s a recent post about how to get started with affiliate marketing, which is what I’m into, so that’s pretty cool. They discuss different ways to make money online and generate Revenue as a new blogger. You know, it’s a challenge, so every little bit of information that you can get really really helps. There is another post about 7 marketing techniques to keep you up-to-date as well as SEO friendly. And plenty more blog post that I think you could get some use out of.

Theme Trust offers tremendous support for all of their themes and I’ve actually a couple of them and found them. So, the Theme Trust and I will do my best to keep this post up to date if they happen to create anything new.


Trade Feature Filled WordPress Business Theme

Trade is the most recent WordPress theme developed by Theme Trust and it’s all about High Finance. Well, it’s sort of about business to. Trade is a simple and flat business theme that integrates seamlessly with Site Origins Page Builder, which uses a beautiful and intuitive drag-and-drop interface to let you build Pages just like you want them to be built. It just takes a few clicks, a little bit of dragging and you’ll have an awesome looking layout that is totally unique. With just one click, you can import demo content which means you’ll have a big head start in building your new website. No matter what Niche you’re in, Trade is a WordPress theme that can help make your post and your content look great. With every purchase from Theme Trust you get a year of support and updates, a great-looking responsive theme and access to hundreds and hundreds of Google fonts. With the Trade WordPress theme, you got several pre-made demo designs that are already to import, including the images, homepages, about pages and more. Pretty much, whatever you see, it’s in the demo.

Trade has Parallax backgrounds, offers custom color options, has a pricing table widget as well as contact forms included. This theme is WooCommerce ready, has several different blog layouts as well as page options to keep things interesting.. If you want to get started building a website and you want it to look as professional as possible, the Trade WordPress theme could be a good choice for you.  If you want to take your business to another level, check out our full collection of business themes.

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Create 2.0 WordPress portfolio theme

Create is theme trusts all-time best-selling WordPress theme, and it’s plain to see why. This theme blends beauty and functionality in equal measure. Create is both powerful and flexible, built around the awesome page builder plugin from site origin, you get total control over page layout and content creation too. The same also comes bundled with the top slider plugin available, slider Revolution. That’s a $25 value. Create is a multi-purpose theme that allows you to create a website in almost any style you can imagine. With theme trust themes, you get one click demo data import, a beautiful and responsive design that looks amazing on all screen sizes.

You can add video backgrounds to make your site even more engaging and with multiple portfolio layout options, your projects will look just as cool as can be. This is the most popular and best reviewed WordPress name that theme trust has to offer. This theme works well with woocommerce, it has Parallax background images for any section, custom colors are always available and there are numerous page options for posts, projects and pages. This Create theme can be translated into any language, there are unlimited widget to help add stunning functionality and the whole thing is incredibly easy to use, despite how many options there are.

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Weston ultimate Minimalist Style WordPress Theme

Weston is a dynamic and impressive, simple and attractive WordPress theme that uses WP bakeries page builder plugin to give you the power to build content that is precisely the way you want it to be built. Weston also comes included with the slider Revolution plug-in, a very popular and attractive slider option. You combine those two things, you get really great value for your money, considering this theme is only $58. With a Year’s worth of support and updates, you can use the same for as long as you like and at least for that first year, support is on the house. That could be handy if you’re just getting started with WordPress, because there is a lot to learn in a short. Of time. Every little bit of help is, well, helpful.

Westin offers one click demo data import to get you started with any of their beautiful layouts that you see in the demo, no matter which style, it Imports in just a few seconds. There are plenty of different portfolio options, from layouts and effects to basic style choices. Every one of them is built to make your projects looking credible. Weston has video backgrounds and, you’ll have full control over the typography of your website. If you want to sell some products, Weston is fully compatible with woocommerce. That’s the top eCommerce plugin for WordPress and your shop is going to be incredibly simple to set up. There are plenty of other options and I really think this theme is well worth your time if you want to take a look at it.

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Bramble Powerful, Flexible Multipurpose Theme for WordPress

Bramble is the final theme of the four most recent themes created by themetrust. Most of the other ones don’t include a page builder like Bramble happens to. That doesn’t mean the other themes are poor, they’re just a little bit different. Anyway, there are 9 pre-made home page layouts to quickly get your site off the ground. Bramble has a page builder bundled with it, as I mentioned before, and it makes it really simple to create styles that you previously could have only imagined the ability to create. Themetrust offers a year of support and updates for all of their themes, there’s one click demo import to get started with any of the nine gorgeous layouts that are included, there are plenty of different portfolio Styles as well as video backgrounds for all of your posts and pages.

As any good theme is these days, Bramble is completely responsive so that it looks great on all devices. Typography is handled by Google fonts, which gives you hundreds and hundreds of different options to create a custom look for your site. Woocommerce is fully supported by Bramble and that lets you establish a great-looking Ecommerce shop with just a few clicks. You can handle multiple payment gateways, the shop style is Simple and Clean and it’s going to help make your business a big-time success. There are plenty of different page options, as well. This amazing theme can be translated into any language, thanks to the WPML plug-in and you can create even more amazing experiences for your readers and customers.

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Port, Sleek, Stylish WordPress Theme

The internet is a bustling place. If you want your website to be more than just an afterthought, you need to flex your muscle and work incredibly hard to impress and enchant your intended audience. I confess, it took me a long time to learn these lessons. You can do a lot of damage to your site by having a poorly constructed, boring or aloof looking website with feeble features and nebulous style. Fortunately, that’s not the case with the port WordPress theme which is a clean and Jazzy template that is a marvelous way to present all of your content. If you’ve got a creative agency, or if you’re a freelancer who wants a physically beautiful and well coated WordPress theme, Port could be a good choice. I wouldn’t hesitate to use this theme myself if I were creating an online portfolio for any sort of creative agency.

With a bevy of short codes, plenty of theme options and a good old-fashioned, responsive design as well as localization support, this theme has plenty of different portfolio Styles and supports embedded videos as well. There are contact forms and plenty of font choices to keep this theme looking professional and attractive. The cherry on top, a Year’s worth of support from themetrust, who happened to be one of my favorite theme Developers, and that support is steadfast. If you want your readers to be entertained by all of your content, theme like port could go a long way in strengthening your bond with readers and potential clients or customers.

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Swell WordPress Video Background Blog Theme

We’ve uncovered another exciting WordPress theme, this one called Swell. This theme has a gigantic presents from the very get-go, it blends ultimate Simplicity with the power of motion pictures. It really can breathe life into your content and impress your visitors with the dramatic presentation a video in a luxuriant style. The overall note that is struck by the swell WordPress theme is a blend of the dramatic and the Pastoral. Themetrust has created an invention that is highly Dynamic and provides a wonderful experience. It’s going to put a smile on your face, as well as the faces of your visitors.

The Swell theme is completely Dynamic and responsive, perfectly adapting to all screen sizes. You can upload your own logo and swap out colors as well as add custom CSS to give your site and unique look. With tons of portfolio effects, the aforementioned video today.

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Beckett Full Screen WordPress Creative Theme

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Hero Old School WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme

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Infinity Minimalist WordPress Grid Portfolio

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Gear Modern WordPress eCommerce Theme

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Hardy Multipurpose WordPress Blog Theme

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Hayden, Sleek, Clean Creative Agency Theme

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Ink Creative WordPress Grid Portfolio Theme

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Gather Simple eCommerce WordPress Theme

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Mellow, Simple, Clean, Grid Blog and Portfolio

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Filtered Classic WordPress Blog Theme

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Ridge WordPress, Clean, Masonry Grid Design Creative Theme

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Reveal Responsive WordPress Grid Portfolio Theme

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Uber WordPress Theme, Classic Business Blog Style

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Trail WordPress Theme for Personal Blogs and Portfolios

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