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Weh Lite, Free WordPress Theme by ThemesAwesome

September 21, 2018
Weh Lite

Weh Lite is a very simple and minimalist WordPress theme with a fresh and clean design, a solid lineup of features, and it’s guaranteed to be a Time Saver for those who want to set up a very simple blog very quickly. This theme offers several features that you might expect to see, a full theme options panel, this template is translation ready, there’s a custom menu and featured images for posts.

Here’s what the Weh WordPress theme looks like on the front page.

Weh Lite, WordPress Responsive Blog Theme

There are footer widgets, custom backgrounds and micro format options as well. Like all WordPress themes, it offers sticky posts and a very user-friendly environment to do your blogging. Themes awesome is the developer behind this template and they offer several different options for premium templates, and this is probably their best free theme. It’s not particularly popular, which isn’t shopping, it’s probably a bit too simple for many people.

The same as light and simple, suitable for beginners with WordPress and it’s okay for magazines, personal blogs, online journals, news websites and more. I wouldn’t recommend the theme if you are trying to build a large online magazine or business, it’s quite simply too simple for that. That said, we’ve gathered up plenty of other good-looking premium magazine themes that are quite similar to this one. If you’d like to have a look at those, why not take a look at our full collection. You’re almost guaranteed to find something that you love there.

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