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WP Parallax, Free WordPress Theme by WPOperations

August 30, 2018
wpparallax WordPress Free One Page Parallax Theme

WP Parallax is a one-page WordPress theme wear Parallax scrolling is the order of the day. This theme was released in August of 2018 and it’s proven to be somewhat popular, it has over 200 installations live on The page layout is flexible and with the help of the widget Builder, included in the theme itself, you can craft almost any sort of layout that you could imagine. All you’d really need to do is add an awesome page builder plugin like Elementor or site Origins Page Builder, and you can craft any. This theme support woocommerce as well, so establishing a great looking online shop will be no trouble whatsoever.

WP Parallax, One Page, Parallax Scroller Theme

In the event that you want to WordPress theme with even more features than WP Parallax has to offer, or selection of Premium Parallax themes is where it’s at. We’ve got dozens of amazing Parallax themes that have even more features, even better styling and are even more flexible than this template. Even though I think this theme is a true freemium level theme, the ones in our premium themes collection have even more great features and their support is even better. If that’s an important thing to you, a premium theme may just be the direction that you want to go.

We’re continuously adding to that collection so it’s always worth bookmarking to check in later. We try to add at least one theme for week, but at the recent rate, we’re adding more like two or three per week. Hopefully, that collection continues to grow and grow until it is the biggest and best on the internet and we hope to see you again soon, though hopefully not because you haven’t found an amazing theme and you keep having the search for new ones.  We aim to fix that.

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